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Calling It Quits. - Bucky x Reader - One Shot

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A/N - Another Angsty one, unfortunately not so happy endings here. But I do enjoy Angst requests considering I find it my weakest spot. Thanks for the request @the-craziestone - I hope you enjoy it! Any requests or ideas you may have please feel free to comment or PM me.

Bucky x Reader - You know where he’s been. You know the smell of that perfume, the kiss marks he’s forgotten to hide on his neck. You have pretended for too long now. You’ve had enough.

Warnings: Just sad angst really.

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Elegy With Lies 

This lost person I loved. Loved for a hundred years.
When I find her. Find her in a forest. In a cabin
under smoke and clouds shaped like smoke. When I find her
and call her name (nothing) and knock (nothing)
and build a machine that believes it’s God and the machine
calls her name (nothing) and knocks (nothing).
When I tear the machine down and she runs from the cabin
pointing a gun at my memories and telling me
to leave, stranger, leave, man of hammers.
When I can’t finish that story. When I get to the gun
pointed at my head. When I want it to go off.
When everything I say to anyone all day long
is bang. That would be today. When I can’t use her name.
All day long. Soft as cotton, tender as kiss. Bang.

Bob Hicok


I live for this