bob & doug


“Band of Brothers’ actors singing drill songs at the Bastogne War Museum”

“Doug had a hit record (“She’s About A Mover”) and I had a hit record (“Like A Rolling Stone”) at the same time (1965). So, we became buddies back then, and we played the same kind of music. We never really broke apart. We always hooked up at certain intervals in our lives.” - Bob Dylan

anonymous asked:

Who do you think are the Tier 1 and 2 Emmerdale characters? Where do Robert and Aaron sit?

Hahahahah okay so! I love this question because I literally just made this distinction up in my head! BUT. LET’S DO THIS!!!!!! 

Tier 1: a popular, beloved character, almost always central to the village, has had multiple major storylines, rarely used as a plot device

Aaron, Cain, Chas, Debbie* (not so much since she came back tbh), Laurel, Moira

Tier 2: decently popular character, centrality to the village comes and goes in waves, has storylines regularly, sometimes used as a plot device

Adam, Belle, Charity, Emma, Jai, Lisa, Marlon, Nicola, Paddy, Robert, Rhona, Ross, Vanessa, Victoria, Zak

Tier 3: fairly visible character with a presence in the village, has regular storylines but rarely of any consequence, used as a plot device regularly

Carly, Chrissie, Diane, Eric, Finn, Jimmy, Kerry, Leyla, Megan, Pearl, Pete, Priya, Rebecca, Sam, Tracy

Tier 4: may feel external to the village or like background furniture, storylines for this character are rare, short-lived, or non-existent, mostly show up in the background or to move along the plot for other characters

Bernice, Bob, Brenda, Doug, Harriet, Lawrence, Rishi, Rodney, Ronnie, Sandy

this is not to be taken seriously at all feel free to jump in and disagree because obviously categorizing things is never perfect and the above is obviously tainted by my specific view of the show