bob & doug

“Doug had a hit record (“She’s About A Mover”) and I had a hit record (“Like A Rolling Stone”) at the same time (1965). So, we became buddies back then, and we played the same kind of music. We never really broke apart. We always hooked up at certain intervals in our lives.” - Bob Dylan

Post Ep Ponderings March 27

Just a warning that I may not get all my Ponderings in this week. It’s a bit of a crazy one around here.

Anyway, on with the Ponderings!

I think Marlon should go after Carly. Clearly talking to her dad about why she was really running away didn’t help either. And I know, she did already tell Marlon about Billy, but she was still hiding a lot of how she really feels and just how scared she is. I don’t blame her at all, I just want them to work out. Marlon, Carly and April just make a great little family so I hope she comes to her senses and gets help dealing with her issues so they can fight the evils of soap opera land together.

Ashley’s time is coming to an end soon, I suspect. One second Ashley is singing and dancing around the room giving Laurel the sense that maybe, somewhere deep down, he still remembers her, and the next, he’s having another stroke. It just feels like the Pirate ship all over again.

I’m not sure why, but I feel like I’m a bit surprised that Laurel is still so mad at Doug. I mean, I get it, he is the king of insensitivity sometimes, and that might’ve been his most insensitive comment, but Laurel is usually so forgiving. I wonder if that wasn’t the straw that broke the camels back in addition to being awful.

I’m really getting curious about where they’re going with all this Harriet and Cain stuff. It keeps crossing my mind that this could be a rebound, before Cain gets back with Moira.

Bob and Doug McKenzie / Mutants of 2051 II
The Cure / Bananafishbones
REM / Pilgrimage
Devo / Mongoloid
The Splatters (my fake band) / Wipeout
Hoodoo Gurus / Like Wow - Wipeout
French Frith Kaiser Thompson / Surfin’ USA
The Dead Milkmen / Surfin’ Cow
The J. Geils Band / Insane Insane Again
They Might Be Giants / Youth Culture Killed My Dog

Camper Van Beethoven / Turquoise Jewelry
Husker Du / Hardly Getting Over It
The Dead Milkmen / Instant Club Hit
Led Zeppelin / Stairway to Heaven (excerpt)
The Smiths / What Difference Does It Make?
Talking Heads / Memories Can’t Wait
The Sugarcubes / Delicious Demon
Peter Gabriel / Kiss of Life
Husker Du / Folklore
Negativland / Over the Hiccups

Post Ep Ponderings March 16 Part 1

So, since the whole Robron thing fucked me up, I’m doing two separate Ponderings. One for them and one for the rest of the episode. This is the rest of the episode one, so I can get it out of the way before I get angry again.

First up, Carly and Marlon. I fucking love them. Making Carly a slob is a fantastic idea because I’m a slob and you never see that shit reflected on tv. Carly sitting on the couch reading and eating cereal with all her crap piled up around her while Marlon tries to not freak out, that would so be me. I totally understood why Marlon didn’t want to say anything to her about it, but then was so annoyed that he couldn’t help but tel half the village got me too. Actually, my favourite part of this whole bit was that even though they both made missteps, they didn’t get into a huge fight, as is so often the case on soaps. They may have the best relationship on the show right now. And how they used April to tell Carly that Marlon was annoyed was pretty awesome too. April is great.

I really liked how they worked everything out between Zak and Lisa too. I know I’ve said recently that I would be happy to see Lisa on her own again, and that would still be something I’m good with, but what I’ve come to realize is that she’s one of my favourite characters and I just want her to be happy, period. I really liked the idea that what was really putting Lisa off was Zak trying too hard to be someone he’s not. Gotta love the mud fight too. It was just so nice to see Lisa happy and laughing again.

Kudos to Sam for my favourite line of his maybe ever. In talking to Zak about Ronnie fixing the pig pen. The “yeah, but you didn’t, did ya?” Might be the best observation he’s made and I loved it.

Doug was a bit of a dick (again) tonight to Jimmy, Bob and oh god, I can’t remember who the third friend was. Damn. Oh well, anyway, Doug had a point. Ashley was their good friend. Not that I blame them for feeling awkward about going to see him. I wouldn’t have wanted to either, but I’m glad Doug pushed them to do it, even if I now feel like going back and watching some of the pirate ship episodes.

Finally, Faith is a player! Just about died at Rishi and Eric fighting over her. And then getting drunk together afterwards because hey, bros before hoes I guess. I needed this to make it through the rest of that episode. But that’s for my next post.