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Hey y'all, don’t forget about Dolphin Squadron! I might do a few posts about the making of the tracks on this soundtrack, it was an interesting experience for me as it was a style of music I’d not really attempted before, and I learned a lot of new techniques.

I’ll be working on a bunch of new projects this summer, including the soundtrack to another game from the Dolphin Squadron team (Boatventure 2013), continued work on the Shangri-La OST and starting work on Cloudchasers’ concept design, which I will be continuing as part of my final year of study.


some Boatventure animations from last year. We decided over the summer to move towards animating in Spine Pro (seeing results in the bottom two gifs), and are happier with the workflow that followed. While I usually enjoy animating frame-by-frame more (first gif), production was notably quicker and easier, while still looking quality, in Spine.

(the second two gifs only loop a certain number of times for some reason, refresh if they freeze)