The Noid infected pop culture so much in the ‘80s that he crossed into the realm of t-shirts, toys, and video games. But he mercifully disappeared from our TV screens by the '90s, not because the ads weren’t selling pizzas, but because of the kind of public relations nightmare that only a mentally ill gunman could create.

In January 1989, a man carrying a .357 Magnum revolver broke into an Atlanta Domino’s restaurant and held two employees hostage for five hours. 

Eventually, the hostages escaped and the man was apprehended. His name? Kenneth Lamar Noid.

That was no coincidence. Kenneth Noid had been suffering from a dark carnival of brain problems that led him to believe that the bombardment of TV commercials inviting pizza fans to “avoid the Noid” were making fun of him, personally. The advertising campaign drove his psychosis to the point that he believed the Domino’s Pizza Illuminati were breaking into his apartment while he was away to monitor him.

5 Dark Real-Life Followups To Movies And TV

AU prompt: In a world where Kaiba digs around for some 3000-year-old DNA remnants and bio-engineers the ultimate duelist spawn.

Kaiba Yuuitsu (遊獝 play devil). Nicknames are: you eat too, U1, YuuEats. Pun on yuitsu (meaning “the only one″). 

A quiet duelists who eats a lot. Isn’t particularly unsociable but doesn’t like to talk. If she had to open her mouth, she’d rather chew on something tasty. Uses other means of communication besides verbal speech.

Other than food, she is interested in games. Although normally kind, she turns into a devil when challenged. Likes to play around with her opponents before finishing them off like a cat with a cornered mouse.

Inherited Kaiba’s bad sportsmanship but Atem’s helpfulness. (2am notes)


# name a cuter man i dare you (you can’t)   —   for @connrbrowns

  • soo ho: you know, if i were han sung, i would haunt this place.
  • yeo wool: you know what? i would too. him dying so young is bull shit. he didn't deserve any of this.
  • soo ho: han sung, i hope you're riding a speed boat in heaven.
  • yeo wool: oh, you know he has a great speed boat.

anyway the reason I said scorpios can’t be a ‘hoe’ is because scorpio is one of the clingiest signs. Theyre a water sign thru and thru and become emotionally bonded with those they choose to open up to. If they don’t open up to you then you ain’t getting NOTHING from them. They’re literally 0 or 100 with someone.