boats and watercraft


Bonny Scotland by Frank Pickavant
Via Flickr:
Cottages on Loch Carron, Plockton. 

Super rough sketch of my next illustration project: my favorite orca family, the CA51’s! :D

These transient orcas travel up and down the California coast all year round, and are often spotted in Monterey Bay and around Los Angeles. They’re known for being quite friendly and curious of humans, and will regularly approach idle boats or small watercraft. The matriarch, CA51 Star, has been observed approaching boats for over 20 years.

At the bottom is momma Star, her four year old daughter CA51D “Comet”, her younger son CA51C “Bumper”, and her oldest CA51B “Orion” at the top.

psa from ur friendly neighborhood emergency call girl

happy memorial day weekend, i hope it rains a bunch and nobody can go on the water bc it seems like all beach/lake/etc-based Holiday Funnin’ ends in everyone trying to like die in inner tube mishaps or get in drunken boat fights with passing watercrafts, which makes my job extremely terrible and annoying.

stop!! stop it!

when you’re cracking your 19th smirnoff ice and thinking idly about trying out the children’s-only water trampoline or hassling a dolphin, think instead about me, and how an equally wasted person will be screaming descriptions of your mangled body at me 15 minutes later, and how much of a bummer that will be for me, because “middle of the ocean” does not map right on my computer and it just becomes a whole thing.