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Bonny Scotland by Frank Pickavant
Via Flickr:
Cottages on Loch Carron, Plockton. 

Tre Bellissimi Eventi

Tre Bellissimi Eventi (Three Beautiful Events) Why three, you ask? Well, that is easy!

1) Angelina turns 43 2) Ana turns 23 and 3) Our amazing friendship and sisterly bond! That in itself is reason for celebration!


Must be following both Ana and Angelina

Choose 1 prompt and 1 place - then choose 1 preference OR 1 prop (something from either decade). See? 3 things ;) Kudos if you choose all four

Because of the sick, twisted and fabulous bitches that we are - This is basically ANYTHING GOES! Any pairing; reader insert, male reader insert or OC, ships - write anything your twisted, perverted, kinky heart desires, as long as it is Supernatural!

We will not be limiting this to one prompt or place per person; we will take as many as we can get! And we are doing this on the honor system kids, so please be respectful and if you sign up to write for this challenge, please follow through with it.

The deadline will be August 23rd (see another 3!) when Ana and Angelina will be together for MinnCon (with sooooo many other amazing bloggers and friends!). Due to the fact that this is also MinnCon weekend, we will not accept late fics.

Add yourself to the list HERE to sign up. You will also add the link to your fic once it is posted.

There MAY be an additional perk here (still to be determined).

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Boat Trip - Jared Padalecki x Reader

Written For: Tres bellissime challenge

Prompt: 20. This face is made for sitting on

Place: 18. Boat/watercraft

Preferances: 25. Hot wax kink

Props: 1. Lip smackers

Warnings: smut, oral sex female receiving, hot wax, language, fingering and outdoor sex

“Here baby let me help you, don’t want you to fall” Jard said extending his arms taking her hands in his, helping her into the boat. “Thank you Jared” Y/n said allowing him to lift her into the boat, he put her on her feet kissing her forehead. “This is beautiful Jared, it’s nice out here” Y/n said pulling her strawberry lip smacker out of her pocket and applying it to her lips.

Jared sat at the drivers seat and turned the key, Y/n sat next to him. Jared docked the boat at a secluded camp site, “wow Jared, I think we’re the only ones here” Y/n said. “Here’s the picnic basket, well bag” Jared said stepping out of the boat and lifting her out. “This was a great idea for our anniversary Jared” Y/n said, “yeah it’s so nice and quiet out here, the boat ride just calms me down” Jared said. They chose a picnic table and Y/n opened the bag and pulled out potato salad and bbq chicken.

They didn’t bother with plates they shared out of the containers. “Mmm that was delicious baby” Jared said, “thank you sweetie” Y/n said. Y/n laughed seeing Jared hold up the candles she packed in the bag, she knew he had one small kink, he liked hot wax. “How about we light this and have some fun” Jared said. “Okay but out here” she said, “there’s nobody else here baby girl” he said. “Plus there’s not much cover on the Y/n” Jared said, she grabbed the little candle, got up and went back to the boat. Jared grabbed the bag and ran to boat and jumped in the boat.

Y/n set the candle on the small table of the boat, she pulled her shirt off as he got in the boat. Jared stripped down to his boxers faster than she’d ever seen, she pulled her pants down with her panties. Jared laid on the bench his legs hanging off onto the boat floor. “This face is made for sitting on” Jared said, Y/n straddled his face sitting on his chest.

He pulled her over so her pussy was over his mouth and he licked up her slit, her hand gripped the side of the boat. Jared slid his tongue between her pussy lips finding her clit. He licked over her entrance, “fuck Jared, yes” Y/n screamed, he sucked her clit into his mouth. Y/n fisted her hand in his hair and he slid a finger into her entrance and thrust slowly.

Jared added another finger and made a scissor motion opening her pussy readying her for his thick cock. As he thrust his fingers harder and faster while sucking her clit her orgasm shot through her. “Ahhh ohh Jared” she screamed. He sucked her clit working her through her orgasm, when she came down from her high he helped her slide down his body.

He picked up the candle handing it to her, she tilted the candle dripping the hot wax down his body. She started at his chest going down his stomach and ending at the skin just above his boxers. “Fuck baby, I need my cock inside you now” he said, she slipped her hand in his boxers. She took his cock in her hand pulling it out, he helped guide his into her pussy. “Fuck Jared, you’re so big you fill my pussy so good” she moaned.

With very little effort he stood up putting his hands under her ass he got on his knees laying them on the boat floor. Jared kissed her lips sticking his tongue between her lips their tongues danced together. He kissed down her neck while his hands massaged her breasts. Y/n thrust her hips up giving him the signal he could move, he thrust his hips into her.

Jared started out slow but set up a brutal pace, his cock hit her g spot with each thrust. Y/n couldn’t say anything the only thing she only moan and dug her nails into his back. Jared slammed his hips pounding into her pussy, he knew he was close, he slid his hand between their bodies. He put his thumb on her clit rubbing circles on it, making her cry out. After one more hard thrust her orgasm ripped through her, she screamed incoherently.

Y/n dug her nails into his back scratching his skin, “fuck” Jared growled as he pounded into her finding his own release. Jared shot ropes of hot cum deep inside her before rolling onto the floor next to her. They both were breathing heavily, Jared recovered first he put his boxers and jeans on. He grabbed a towel and cleaned a mix of their juices from her pussy and thighs.

Ayer they were both dressed Jared was driving the boat and she was relaxing on her head on his chest. “Happy anniversary baby” Jared said, “best anniversary ever baby, you’re going to have a tough time topping it next year” Y/n said. Jared chuckled knowing she was right.


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I’m not trying to sneak in positivism or anything, it seems entirely natural that if someone says “what is an object” that the reply would be do you mean in the actual world, or what people mean when they say object? I mean it is a strictly more ambiguous question than “what is a boat?”

- is it a watercraft as defined by various legal codes
- is it what people intuitively think of when you say the word
- is there some perfect logical definition of boatness

The first thing you would say is “why are you asking?” because the reason you ask determines what kind of answer is appropriate, and the question by itself is incomplete.

Super rough sketch of my next illustration project: my favorite orca family, the CA51’s! :D

These transient orcas travel up and down the California coast all year round, and are often spotted in Monterey Bay and around Los Angeles. They’re known for being quite friendly and curious of humans, and will regularly approach idle boats or small watercraft. The matriarch, CA51 Star, has been observed approaching boats for over 20 years.

At the bottom is momma Star, her four year old daughter CA51D “Comet”, her younger son CA51C “Bumper”, and her oldest CA51B “Orion” at the top.

psa from ur friendly neighborhood emergency call girl

happy memorial day weekend, i hope it rains a bunch and nobody can go on the water bc it seems like all beach/lake/etc-based Holiday Funnin’ ends in everyone trying to like die in inner tube mishaps or get in drunken boat fights with passing watercrafts, which makes my job extremely terrible and annoying.

stop!! stop it!

when you’re cracking your 19th smirnoff ice and thinking idly about trying out the children’s-only water trampoline or hassling a dolphin, think instead about me, and how an equally wasted person will be screaming descriptions of your mangled body at me 15 minutes later, and how much of a bummer that will be for me, because “middle of the ocean” does not map right on my computer and it just becomes a whole thing.