boats and dock

Monterosso al Mare - Italy

Monterosso al Mare is one of five villages in Cinque Terre. It is home to the only extensive sand beach in Cinque Terre. The town is renowned for its white wine, grapes and olives. 

In the past, this area was often attacked by pirates, due to its sea frontage.


Reader x Klaus

The scent. It was the scent of something familiar that was driving Klaus mad. He knew the smell so well that he drew to a stop.

“Niklaus what’re you doing?” Elijah sighed when his brother began to search around for the source.

“You don’t smell that?” He hissed, his eyes locking on a small figure slumped by the docks.

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i. i grasp a branch, protruding from a sturdy trunk like a flower emerging from a root. another, another, wandering fingers, a curious child’s, reaching for branch after branch on a ladder of trembling tree arms leading me into the white clouds, into heaven. into a marina on the horizon, boats docked to fragments of blue sky.

ii. still a guileless child, i stare through the eyes of a god, clear with innocence, from the top of an evergreen tree. staring at my aunt’s lion mane of tightly curled red hair pulled about by the wind, at my great uncle’s feather-soft gray hair and lab coat white like an angel’s.

iii. daughter of gods and deities, hearing the sky song and tumbling down, letting rain splinter my face like pieces of firmament eager to freckle my cheeks. child of the sky and sea and blooming things in between, scraping smooth hands against the rough tree trunk, sliding down into the terra firma and letting it swallow me.

—  an excerpt from a book i’ll never write #321 // youth

Seeing on my dash that apparently Tom Hiddlestone’s connection with Taylor Swift had pretty much ruined his career  (specifically when he wore the I Love Swifty shirt or whatever it was.)  I wouldn’t be at all interested except for the 1D connection.

First of all:  I’m very grateful Harry never wore a Swifty shirt, but left her stranded at sea instead.  (I know, the boat was docked, but I couldn’t resist.) 

Secondy:  Dear Zayn, Your new song sounds 9000% better on the version without TS and she doesn’t seem to have a track record of helping anyone’s career, other than her own.  I’d recommend avoiding any future contact.