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I read what happen in episode 6... and so? Why Jonsa fandom is so helpless? This and boatbat MUST happen or Jonsa would be paralyzed forever 'cause they believe they are brothers. Let's remember, once again, Jon doesn't know nothing: Dany is his aunt, he doesn't know she deliberately kills Sam's father and brother. He doesn't know Dany is a dictator exalted and obsessed with betrayal. Daenerys is same as Cersei. In season 8, Jon will finally know everything...

I agree, anon. Right now, the Jonsa fam is panicking and that’s completely understandable. As much as we know in our heads that boatbang is happening, it’s still a shock to have to see it onscreen. 

In my other fandom, there were meltdowns all the time. They are a normal part of the fandom experience. As is shipping, HATERS! But what fascinates me is the cycle of reactions. When the meltdown-inducing events take place, there are going be tears, there will be frustrated yelling, there will be slamming doors, there will be angry posts. All of that is normal. But then people sleep on it and have time to think rationally and discuss with friends, and usually, in a day or too, everyone is on much calmer ground and is ready to think logically. And that’s when the fun begins! I can guarantee that you’ll be seeing lots of long, detailed metas in the next few days on why what we saw cannot be the end of the Jonsa ship, and I AM HERE FOR THAT!

Right now, Jon has no idea what D is. He doesn’t know that she bbq’ed his BFF’s family or anything else that she has done. Right now, she just saved his life. Additionally, D has dragons. Dragons breathe fire. Fire kills wights. You do the math.

But waaaiiiittt until things start coming to light in a little bit. Then there really won’t be sunshine and rainbows for Dragon Mama and Broody Snow Boy. And I AM HERE FOR THAT TOO!