While regular, land monsters were a pain in the ass to kill; water monsters were about 10 times worse. When Dean announced that you three were going on a boat to hunt the SOB down, you begged him to let you stay on land; but he insisted they could use your help.

You never told the Winchesters that you couldn’t swim. There was never a topic that brought it up. But you didn’t tell them, even as you were leaving the docks. What’s the worse that could happen?

Apparently, the worse that could happen is the water monster could slam itself against the boat and send you flying into the lake. Water instantly filled your eyes, your ears, your nose, and blocked out all your other senses. You heard a muffled version of your name, but the fear pumping in your veins distracted you too much. Not only were you drowning, but there was a big, scary monster somewhere in the water.

Despite the crazed kicking of your arms and legs, you were sinking beneath the surface. You would have sunk all the way if Sam hadn’t wrapped his arm around your midsection and pulled you up. You still couldn’t see or hear, and panic made you kick even harder.

“Relax, Y/N! I got you!” Sam voice rang in your ears. His voice brought an instant comfort, and you trusted the younger Winchester enough to stop thrashing. Minutes later, you were back on the boat, breathing heavily in an effort to catch your breath. Sam had his hand firmly planted on your back, trying to ease your breathing, while Dean whooped in victory at the dying water monster that nearly drowned you.

“Are you okay?” Sam asked, and for the first time, you looked up into his eyes. His hair was spiked, clothes clinging to his body. He looked cold and uncomfortable in soaking wet clothing, but his eyes were full of concern for you.

You gave a numb nod and leaned into the hunter, too tired and scared to speak. Sam knew you were expressing gratitude, so he pulled you into a hug. The sturdiness of his body was calming after the craziness of drowning, so you allowed yourself to stay in his arms. And Sam didn’t letting go.


Going on a plant hunt!

Air boating on the St. John’s River in Florida.

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gh0sttrick replied to your post:is there a website anywhere that just has tons of…

don’t forget p&a - i’m currently working through the puzzle boat with a couple other Test Solution, Please Ignore members!

Oh, hey, I see your team on the leaderboard! You guys are doing very well c: 

I soloed the entire thing in late 2005/early 2006 - took over a month with lots of hinting from someone I knew on another team. During that time I realized I lacked crossword solving skills, so I bought a subscription to NYT crosswords after finishing.

(I avoided mentioning P&A because it costs money for the magazine and Puzzle Boat 2, but the first Puzzle Boat is still free and available!)

bamberga replied to your post: “mabelific replied to your post: of course he wasn’t, but to bring up…”:

i remember hearing that line and being like…what the fuck stanley? i guess the rationale is that he was so afraid of losing ford but didn’t know how to communicate that

Now THAT is his saving grace. His intentions might have been selfish, but he was just afraid of losing his brother. Doesn’t excuse it tho.

Theme - Boats

As I stated after last week’s final entry, I am working with a budget of $129.00 this week. With a scorching week on the horizon, I predict a lot of water activities this week!

Beach - We will start our week off right with a trip to the beach. The beach that we go to is right by the inlet and two drawbridges. It is really exciting to watch the boats go through the little channel some big enough to raise the bridges. It might be fun to try and predict which boats will need to raise the bridges or what types of fish the big fishing boats are hunting.

Homemade Boats - Here is a link to some homemade boa crafts. I am planning on trying the cork design since we will be by my parents house and my dad likes to make wine.

Paper Boats - I think the art of folding paper is so cool so this activity of making folded paper boats will be lots of fun!

Row Row Row Your Boat - We can practice singing the song as a round with the whole family and we can act out the song using couch cushions as our boat and pantomiming the oars.

Lighthouse Craft - We can have a talk about lighthouses and how they help boats. We have been to several and they have great memories of seeing them so this craft will be an exciting addition to our boat day!

Free Painting - It would be interesting to see the types of boats they could create freely and how their boats would sit in an ocean. Painting an ocean is so fun as you mix blues and swirl them around. Adding many brightly colored boats on top or just one big boat would make for a beautiful sea picture.

Budget - $1.00 (Beach was Granny’s treat! Posterboard was the $1.00)

Down by the bayou…

Southern Louisiana had been home to the Herron family for eight generations. Surrounded by historic plantations, vegetation, wildlife, and the occasional hurricane, the ever-changing geography was exciting to Zac and his family who spent much of their days on boats as they hunted for alligators. The alligator business paid well, well enough to keep owning the land they lived and worked on. It was invigorating for Zac to catch and tag a new gator but best of all, the land gave him room to practice and grow because the small Louisiana town all knew the Herron gator hunts were just a cover up. The Herrons had a secret. Zac Herron | Thirty-five | Organic Chemistry | Lakeview Residences


As the youngest of four brothers, Zac was always picked on. He was the smallest of the lot but the quickest. He wasn’t the strongest, or sometimes the smartest, but his reactions were fast and fast was valuable. At the ripe age of eight years old, Zac was on the back of the family’s boat, rifle in hand, ready to shoot at whatever gator his father and brothers brought in. He loved the adrenaline rush, the team work, but best of all, the ability to take a life or in some cases give it back if the gator on the line was too young.

The Herron family was a tight knit family. Their mother, Marie, was an excellent cook but even better shot. She was the one who taught Zac to shoot. Every morning at the brink of dawn, while the men were out hunting and beginning their day, Marie and Zac would head the back of the house and practice. Shot after shot, Zac became closer not only to the target but with his mother. He wasn’t a ‘momma’s boy,’ but he did have an amount of respect for and bond with Marie that none of the other boys possessed. Though he ultimately love the rough and tough of the wilderness and of his brothers, there was nothing like coming home to the sweet softness of his mother and her homecooked wild blackberry pies. Nothing.

Gator business was booming in the high sun of early May. People were happy, money was coming in, and the Herrons were doing well: well-enough. Bills were getting paid and there was a little left in the bank account after each month. They were satisfied.

While his brothers rode with friends home, Zac was left to ride the bus home alone. But that was okay by him. The drone of the wheels against pavement and watching trees and birds fly by as the bus sped down the road, stopping periodically to let people off, was a peaceful transition from sitting in classes all day to going and working the rest of the night. As the bus pulled to the end of the Herron’s gravel drive, Zac hoped off the bus and began to walk home, he saw the family truck screaming down the drive at him. With just enough time to dive out of the way, Zac saw his two older brothers in the front seat driving. Driving? “Mom, Dad, and Axel just got in a wreck. We’re on the way to the hospital. Get in!”

The entire way there, all Zac could think about was losing his mom, his dad, his brother, and his life. Without his mother or father, there was no gator hunting. He would be sent off to a new home. He would lose his entire childhood. He didn’t want to lose morning hunting practices or late night catches. He wanted the same life he’d been leading for fifteen years. And his brother? His oldest brother? Axel had always been the rock of the brothers: a confidant, the stoic, and the advisor. Without the three, who would they have to turn to?

Upon arriving the hospital, Zac could smell blood. It wasn’t the way a vampire might when hungry, it was a terrible metallic smell that stung his nose. He suddenly felt faint. Leaning against the wall, he was spotted by a nurse and a wheel chair was brought in. Zac thanked the nurse but denied needing help yet after being told that it’s better than ending up the way his parents had—in the hospital—he obliged but noted how rude the comment was. The three brothers were sent into the waiting room where they waited without word of how their parents and older brother were doing except that they were in critical condition.

Three hours passed and the clock was quickly chiming eight o’clock. As the clock turned eight o’five, a doctor came in, solemn faced, clutching a clip board. “Boys,” the doctor began, sighing. Zac already knew. He could read the doctor’s face, feel the sadness, and almost hear the slowing of heartbeats. “I’m sorry.” A small, almost miniscule tear dripped from the corner of his eye. So they were gone?

“What happened?” Zac chimed. “How did they get into the car wreck?” He had to know. He didn’t want to know what kind of pain they had been in, or how they looked. He only wanted to know.

“According to what we could get from your mother, who was the only one conscious at the scene of the accident,” the doctor began, “they were on their way home from picking Axel up from school. Axel had reportedly been sick and the nurses there deemed him too ill to remain at school.” The doctor shrugged and pursed his lips apologetically. From his coat pocket he pulled out a small piece of paper and handed it to Zac. “She also asked that you boys receive this and to call the number on there are soon as possible. Again, I’m very sorry for you loss.” So it was over? That’s how they would lose their parents and everything they had? Zac quickly undid the paper. Each of the boy’s names were listed along with wishes that their parents had for them.

Zac’s was to graduate college and get a better life than gator hunting, though gator hunting was his ultimate passion and dream. There was a connection he had with nature when hunting gators and taking the family boat out. He was under the sky, in the depths of nature, and harvesting from the Earth. He didn’t want anything more. But at the request of his now deceased mother, he would.

The boys returned home. The house was quiet, desolate. Zac stood in the doorway staring for a while at the empty kitchen where it stood, lifeless. There was a sense of nostalgia lingering in the house as if it recognized that three members of the family were missing. The fact that there wasn’t any supper sitting on the table was worse but none of the boys were hungry. The entire house was paused from when their parents were last here: a tobacco pipe filled with fresh leaves was left unsmoked next to their father’s chair. Flour and sugar were sitting next to bowls and a tub of butter. His mother was going to make a pie. The parent’s spare car was gone; that was the vehicle they had gone to pick up Axel in. Zac turned to stare out of the door at the empty drive as if his parents could return at any time. But they wouldn’t be.

That night, Zac picked up the phone and dialed the unfamiliar number only to be received by a smooth spoken voice claiming to be their Aunt Darla. Darla? She had been her mother’s sister who their father forbade them from seeing. Their mother had never had any say on the subject. But this is who their mother begged them to call and so they did. Aunt Darla said she was coming over the next morning and to not go to school. They hadn’t planned to anyways.

That morning a shorter-than-Marie woman arrived at the door carrying a basket of bred and fruit. She wore a white peasant skirt with a blue tunic cut at the shoulders. Her brown hair was pulled back in a messy bun and heavy earrings hung from her ears. She was very different from their conservative mother who was without earrings, tattoos, or other adornments. Smiling from behind the island, she looked at boys and marveled at how old they had gotten. “Boys, I haven’t seen you in years. I’m your Aunt Darla, your mother’s sister, and I’ll be caring for you now.” Zac’s two other brothers rolled their eyes and headed out the door while Zac remained frozen, captivated by his aunts mysticism. There was something different about her and he didn’t know what.

It wasn’t until late August that Zac was out tending the garden with Aunt Darla that he saw something he never thought was real. Aunt Darla was watching him carry a handful of cucumbers as she sped towards him a basket. At first, he thought he was exhausted and seeing things as he entered heat stroke, but what he saw was real: a floating basket. Wanting to believe what he saw was real, he placed the cucumbers in and saw the basket adjust to the weight of the vegetables. He shot a glance at Aunt Darla and smiled, running towards her in amazement. “How did you do that?”

At the question of how, Aunt Darla showed him. And soon, he showed her how he’d progressed. Upon learning that there was a magical gene in the Hillary bloodline (Maire’s maiden name), he discovered that he too possessed magic. His brothers began to call him a freak when Zac approached them with the news but thankfully, they were soon to be out of the house when they turned eighteen and all that would be left was Aunt Darla and Zac. Zac’s two older brothers had quit school to care for the family but Aunt Darla had a savings from an inheritance that she never shared with anyone, not even Zac. With that money, she was able to pay for the two years she lived with Zac and for his first year in college.

Zac was going into college a new warlock and entering a new environment. There would be no gators, no marshlands, no brothers, and definitely not Aunt Darla. But there would never again be a mom and dad and an older brother. Though Aunt Darla had filled the holes in his life as his new mom and teaching him a new trick or two, nothing could ever replace what his parents—especially his mother—had given him. But upon leaving Louisiana via plane, arriving in Boston would mean new land, new territory, and new people. He had to learn to control himself and his powers.

Life on Campus

Dumort University had been a suggestion by his aunt who he now respected greatly and took her advice, though he was hesitant to learn that vampires and werewolves had been real. He then wondered what had been lurking behind him in the woods all those years. Boston was definitely different as well. There was no gators or marshes, no roaring boats or hurricanes. Boston was quaint and never before had Zac ever defined anything as such. But he liked it. He liked the shopping strip and The Open Book where he spends much of his free time along side vampire Lars Erikkson.

As for campus, his rough and tough attitude has gotten him by many times. Life as a gator hunter was never easy: there was new twists and turns to every river and no one ever knew when a gator would attack the boat. Amidst thousands over supernaturals, there was no knowing either. Vampires were vicious, werewolves were agnsty, and there were the incubi and succubi that were just as deadly with their perfect looks and sexual ways. But Zac was watchful. He was no longer surrounded by his brothers who would fight for him. He had to find his own way, his own family, and make something for himself.

Zac regularly attends classes though there are some days better served on the outskirts of town on The Overlook watching the sun rise up with fresh coffee in his hands. If it hadn’t been for his mother, he would be on the marshes with his brother, rifles in hand, shooting gators. But with the respect he has for his mother, there was no way he was going to defy his mother’s dying wish. He’s simply going to have to find some way to make it.


Lars Erikkson: “Afternoon, Zac.” –Zac finds sanctuary in the quiet vampire, though he doesn’t trust him. Most mornings, Lars is sitting in The Open Book with a coffee and book in a seat facing the road as he works and makes an effort to say hello to Zac each time they meet. Zac admires the vampire’s peacefulness in the solitude he finds and marvels in the vampire’s extensive knowledge of the world. However, Zac is careful not to cross him but does not foresee ever getting into trouble with him.

Ana Maria Castillo: “Care to get dinner?” – Ana, though much younger than Zac, was always eager to pal with Zac. She was incredibly fond of Zac’s childhood and Zac enjoyed spending time with her as well. If there was anyone on campus he would like to take to The Overlook, it would definitely be Ana but he doesn’t feel like the two are in a place that Zac would break a barrier and open himself up that much to her in any way.

Art Rowling: “Fellow southern gentleman….” – Zac is extremely fascinated by Art’s kinetic power and relates to him having been from a southern state. When Art and Zac meet, they usually talk about home and hunting, two things they also have in common but Zac is still weary of his new friend’s size and talent. Zac, after all, is a fairly new supernatural.


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  • Eco Friendly Living
  • Animal Rescue Team
  • Archery

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Beds

Fishing for smallmouth bass on beds in Michigan during the catch and release season. rated:4.51 viewed:97113 source

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Last Week of The Atlantis Hunt

So this post is going to show off all the neat decor I found along the way of the Atlantis Hunt. It’s also going to give you an insight as to who I am. I noticed my ‘About’ page wasn’t really forth coming. But this Hunt has given me the opportunity to invite you in one of my favorite hobbies Read more on the website

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Americana Outdoors 2013- Lucas Oil Summer Classic Pro-Am and TBF High School World Finals

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