boat voyage

French Travel Vocabulary


le voyage - journey

le bagage - luggage/baggage
le valise - suitcase
le sac à main - handbag
le sac à dos - backpack
le carrousel - baggage claim

le passeport - passport
le visa - visa
la carte d'identité - ID card
les documents de voyage (m) - travel documents

l'avion (m) - airplane
l'aéroport (m) - airport
le vol - flight
la porte - gate
l'arrivée (f) - arrival
le hall d'arrivé - arrival’s hall
le départ - departure
la salle de départ - departure lounge
le guichet - ticket desk

le train - train
la gare - train station
la gare centrale - main train station
le quai - platform
le billet - (rail road) ticket
le guichet - ticket counter

le bac/le ferry - ferry
le bateau - boat
le port - port
la croisière - cruise

l'hôtel (m) - hotel
l'auberge (f) - hostel
la nuit(ée) - overnight stay
la réservation - booking/reservation
le changement de réservation - transfer


voyager - to travel
aller à l'étranger - to go abroad
changer de l'argent - exchange currency

voler - to fly
dédouaner qc. - to pay duty on something

prendre le train/aller en train - to take the train
rater le train - to miss the train
changer de train - to transfer to another train
arriver - to arrive
partir - to depart

conduire - to drive
attendre - to wait

passer la nuit - to stay overnight
coucher à l'hôtel - to spend the night at a hotel
réserver - to place a reservation/to book
découvrir - to discover

se perdre - to get lost


en retard - late
ras(e)/ annulé(e) - cancelled

réservé(e) - reserved

quelques phrases qui pourraient aider/useful phrases:

“Où se trouve…?/Où est…?” - “"Where’s..?”

“J'ai perdu mon passeport.” - “I have lost my passport”

“Sur quel quai part ce train?” - “On which platform does this train depart?”

“Rien à déclarer” - “Nothing to declare”

“Combien coûte le/un billet?” - “How much does a ticket cost?”

“À quelle heure arrive le prochain bateau?” - “When will the next boat arrive?”

bon voyage! - have a nice journey!

(This is my second vocab list, aka the German one just translated to French, again if you have any recommendations to improve it, please tell me! And if you want me to do any vocabulary lists on certain topics in either German, French, and maybe Italian, then don’t hesistate to ask. I hope you all have a nice weekend!)


Un Nouveau Voyage cast at Tokyo Toy Show 2015  

Highlights (summary)-  

Shiori Venus: The 5 of us didn’t meet the rest when we did this photo shoot. 

Satomi Moon: Ah I did! Uranus, Neptune and Saturn ARE SO beautiful!   

Yu Jupiter: Who is your favorite character in Sailor Moon? 

Satomi Moon: Definitely Mamo-chan! And.. Demande-san and.. Seiya-kun xP My heart wavers between this 3 guys 

Momoyo Mercury: I like Yaten Kou from Three Lights but I also like Saturn. She’s mysterious and I want to meet her (Karin) soon. 

Kanon Mars: *points to Yu* I like Mako-chan best! - Yu Jupiter: I like you too! 

Shiori Venus: Me? Mars! 

Yu Jupiter: I like Sailor Pluto very much but since young, I really like Sailor Uranus and Neptune too.