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tattoos for the signs

ARIES: classic heart with scroll that reads “mom”, pin-up girl, knuckle tattoos that say “dumb luck”, a cross, a memorial tattoo for a loved one, tattoo of a 90′s cartoon character

TAURUS: their favorite food, song lyric/bible verse/other quote, where the skin is ripped to reveal something underneath, sports team logo, superhero logo, a rose, something from a movie

GEMINI: anything in typewriter font, a compass, their favorite animal, “ and “ on either wrist, something they saw on the wall of the tattoo shop and liked, a knife through the skin

CANCER: a word or phrase they really like, their pet, an anchor, a matching tattoo they got with a friend or special person, a keyhole, a key, an important date, anything that reminds them of something meaningful, black work tattoo

LEO: superhero/comic book logo or panel, a butterfly, song lyric, childhood cartoon character, something video game related, sexy looking lady/guy and a saucy-worded banner, anything sailor jerry style

VIRGO: knuckle tattoos “sink/swim”, praying hands, something that reminds them of a goal or accomplishment, their favorite band logo, something they found on the internet they like, their main in smash, any kind of animal, an interrobang

LIBRA: any kind of traditional tattoo with flowers as accents, candy ice cream and stars, laughing skull, anything that inspires them, a portrait, jack skellington, dotwork tattoo

SCORPIO: an hourglass, knuckle tattoos “love/hate”, something in a loved one’s handwriting, a spider or snake, bows on the hips, claw marks or a paw print, anything with a skull, a memorial tattoo, a gravestone

SAGITTARIUS: any kind of flash piece, a boat steering wheel, something that makes them laugh, bigfoot, a map, a blackout tattoo with geometrical shapes, a simple band, a bleeding eyeball, praying hands and rosary beads 

CAPRICORN: wolf eyes, song lyrics, mark or symbol from their favorite book or show, japanese style koi, neck tattoo, a swallow, boat with “safe seas never made a skilled sailor” banner, monster girl/boy, something dark and cute

AQUARIUS: mandala or other intricate geometric tattoo, space tattoo, stick and poke done in your best friends garage, ouija board marker, anything from their favorite video game franchise, 

PISCES: watercolor tattoo, infinity symbol, song lyrics, magic/pagan/wiccan symbols, anime tattoo, nautical star, skull and cross bones, knuckle tattoos of different little things, small plants, simplistic tattoos

Fic: Let Me See Those Baby Blues

Ack - I wrote a second fic for the “eye contact” prompt for the @olicityhiatusficathon organized by the wonderful @thebookjumper! I realized I hadn’t written a post 5x23 “how they got off the island” fic, so here is my attempt! Hope you enjoy! Read it on Ao3 or below. 

Let Me See Those Baby Blues

Regrets…she had told Oliver she had so many before she kissed him and said their goodbyes on the island. He said that they would talk about it when they got home. But now, laying dehydrated on a raft in the middle of the ocean staring up at the night sky – she had nothing but time to think about those regrets.

Everything that both he and she had done wrong. All the time they had wasted before they even got together, and their last year apart. So much time wasted when they may never see each other again. Felicity peeked over at Curtis, who on the other side of the raft was trying in vain to fix the communicator that shorted out when the she had been knocked into the water.

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Day 1. Free Space

Della has always loved adventure, even before going on them with Scrooge. She learned how to crawl first between the two which then quickly turned into walking; it made putting and keeping her in bed a bit more of a hassle.

Everywhere they went, she’d love to explore. Hortense would put them in the play pin, and you bet when she’d come to check on them Della would be trying to climb the coat rack. Quackmore would have the kids helping him in the backyard, he’d nearly have a heart attack when he see’s Della almost over the fence near the road. Grocery shopping? Well, both Donald and Della liked to run from the cart and come back with loads of things that they couldn’t all afford.

Della loved the sky. She loved the airplanes that would race through the sky every now and then. When they would drive somewhere Della always wanted to be by the window closest to better see the never ending blue above. She would drag Donald outside and race him around the yard, arms spread out on either side like plane wings. They would run around until either Donald fell or they both ran out of breathe, falling onto the grass and giggling all the while.

Della would bounce on the couches and beds, making whooshing and air plane engine noises as she ran around the house. Donald would use pillows or couch cushions as his boat and steering wheel, pretending to sail the seven seas. Della would pounce from the couches armrest onto the unexpecting duckling, laughing at the others surprised squawk. They’d playfully tussle on the ground, usually with Della being the winner, before laying on the ground staring up at the ceiling. Beyond the ceiling was the awaiting sky.

“Donnie. One day I’m gonna be a pilot!” Della would say. “I’m going to explore the sky and the world. You’ll be my sailor partner in crime!”

Donald would grin and nod.

They’d be the best pilot and sailor duo Duckburg ever saw.

Some Extra Care [Part #1]

(A/N: I think I might just turn this in to a mini series! And from now with my stories I’m going to try to add an image to them, whether it be related to, a picture of the boy or an edit I made.)

{ I dedicate this to @bushprincess89
who sent in the first request, thank you so much! 💋}

“Look Dad, they’re only staying for a few weeks and once we know that you and mom are A okay then they will leave and we will be all by ourselves again. Until then, I’m going to be in charge and I say this is what is best for the family right now.” Bam explains to Billy; the whole family is sitting round at the solid wooden table.

“Dad, he’s right were afraid something might happen to you guys and we can’t afford for anything like that to happen, especially with winter fast approaching.” Gabe adds.

Billy scratches his face, thinking, he wants nothing more to have his freedom, no rules or restrictions but he knows Bam’s right and it would only be for a little while, “some extra care,” he called it.

Billy and Ami had recently fallen to bad health and the whole family had been worried sick for them, both of them have been starting to heal up but everyone decided extra help to look after their parents and to make sure they’re resting would be nice while all the Brown children got things prepared for the winter.

“Alright.” Billy agrees, Ami grabs his hand intertwining it with hers.

The boys make the trip over water to Hoonah, to pick up the in home medical staff. The boys tie up the boat and hop off walking up the dock and the hill to meet them on the other side.

“Hi, you must be the doctor going to take care of our parents ” Bam says shaking the main doctors hand.

“Yes hello, I’m Doctor Caulfield, and my assistant (Y/N) is on her way back, she’s picking up some medical supplies.” He reaches out his hands to shake each of the boy’s hands.

“I’m Bam, and these are my brothers, Matt, Bear, Gabe, and Noah, I can’t tell you how great it is for us to have you for the next few weeks, we really need the extra support for our parents, both of them being down and out at the same time.” Bam explains.

Just then you came trudging down the hill making your way down the dock with 3 heavy plastic suitcases one of them occasionally clipping your ankles or getting stuck in the soft earth.

You’re breathing heavy when you reach Dr. Caulfield, “Whew, jeez that was quite a trip lugging these things.” You laugh, looking up meeting the amused gaze of 5 men.

“I’m so sorry, I’m (Y/N) Dr. Caulfield’s medical assistant.” You say, taking in the looks and faces of the five standing before you, before any of the other boys can go to shake your hand, the one with circular glasses, black leather jacket and wet curly hair takes your hand first, holding it with a firm grip,

“Bam.” He announces, shaking his head up and down. Peering down at you through his eyelashes.
You nervously smile, blush and look away letting all the other boys introduce themselves.

After you start to walk to the boat. You’re wheeling the luggage down the dock, still partially struggling, but the boys and Dr. Caulfield were all walking ahead oblivious to your complications, you try to pick them up by the handles only to result in you dropping one again. One of the boys looked back to make sure you were keeping up.

“Need some help girl?” The one who was Bam inquired.

“No!” You squeaked. One of the wheels got stuck in a patch of wet dirt. You dropped the other two to pry the one from out of the mud.

Bam stopped walking again and turned around watching you, entertained by your stubborn struggle. Unknown to you, he started walking your way.

He pulled the suitcase out of the mud with one tug and took the other two and slung one on either shoulder and continued walking toward the boat. Staring amazed, you cleared your throat and wheeled the one suitcase behind you to the boat.

After loading everything and checking everyone was on board Bam started the boat, while the boys took you and doc on the deck telling you stories and explaining the sights. Its been a while since a visitor came to the island, so the boys were excited to have new visitors to Brown town.

“So how many people have you revived?” Noah asks the doctor, you step your way out of the group conversation and go round the boat admiring the lush setting flying past you.
You traced the boats railing leading you inside the boat cabin. Where Bam stay standing up focused on where he was going.

“Can I sit in here? it was getting a little chilly for me out there.” You ask in a quiet tone. Awaiting captain Bam’s response.

“Of course.” Bam says taking his eye off the wheel for a moment to look at you.

You took off your jacket and readjusted your sweater. You pulled an old stool a few feet next to him steering the wheel. You lay your arms in front of you staring out the big window. Occasionally taking a peak at Bam, finally he catches you.

“What?” He chuckles.

“Does it make you nervous steering the boat, the wheels pretty big, yeah?” You ask.

“Not really, it’s real easy, done it since I was a kid.” He explains, a small smile growing on his face. thinking of his fond childhood memory.

“Mmm.” You agree keeping you embarrassed gaze out the window.

“Come here, try it.” He says, you snap your head up, reading his face to see if he’s serious. You see his eyebrows raised, his facial expression ready and willing.

You get up and stand in front of him. “I don’t even know where to start or hold it Bam.”

“Like this.” He grabs your hands within his own. He places one hand on a peg and the other on the opposite peg having you keep the wheel straight.

“See it’s easy.” He looks down at you, still holding your hands with his.

“And to turn, you let it glide through your hands, like this (Y/N) ” He moves closer to you, his chest pressed against your back holding your arms so the pegs gently slip through your hands. All your thinking about is his rough hands holding yours, his curls tickling your cheek, and his warmth caressing your back.

You look up back at him, “I did it!”

“Good job, you’re officially a captain.” You both laughed in response.

“Bam, what the Heck, you barely anyone near the wheel!” Bear shouts barging in, unintentionally embarrassing his brother.

“Bear.” He growls under his breath.