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Hi! i really love your art! And you make me ship BBKO sooo hard! If i can request and if doesn't bother you how do you see the human version of Grimlock? I really love him and i think however you do it will be awesome!

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YOO YOUR BLOG IS WONDERFUL HON !! can we get some hcs on how kaminari, fumikage, and todoroki would react to their s/o hiding how smart they are ? like they would ramble on and on about a subject but would immediately shut up and get embarrassed?

THANK U HON!! also i relate to this omg ;;

Kaminari Denki

  • He’d grab his s/o by the shoulders and say “tell me more, that was really interesting!” I can see Kaminari being in a similar boat, he’s smart about some things that interest him but aren’t necessarily what he needs to focus on.
  • He’d always encourage them to continue with what they were saying because he loves hearing his s/o talk!

Tokoyami Fumikage

  • He finds his s/o’s rambling to kinda soothing actually, he loves hearing people talk about something that they’re really passionate about! So when his s/o stops abruptly, he’d reassure them and say something like “Keep talking, your voice is nice to listen to.”
  • He’d remind his s/o that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to loving something! He himself has many eccentric interests so he’d encourage them to be passionate about their favourite things together!

Todoroki Shouto

  • He’d ask his s/o why they stopped talking, since they seemed so excited about it! After hearing they’re embarrassed, he’d tell them that he likes listening to them talk and would love to hear what else they want to talk about!
  • He loves learning about things with his s/o as well as learning what his s/o loves so he’d quietly encourage them to talk about their interests! He wants to know more about them!
Lucas.. Are you a naughty boy?

This is is no order at all. I have written things as I have remembered them.

Alison was seen torturing him , calling him Herme, saying he had both “parts”. Lucas says to Mona afterwards “one day she"ll get what’s coming to her”

In the first secret he was seen wearing the same costume as A was wearing.

When Toby is undercover as an A helper he tried to run Lucas over in a SUV. Lucas was skateboarding and wearing a hoodie and all black. Was that Toby acting on information he had worked out?

Mrs Grunwald says one of you has been touched by the one Ali fears the most. This could be Emily being massaged by Lucas. Mona told the girls that it was him. After the massage he marked her glass with an -A.

He is very tech smart.

The boat out on the lake with Hanna was when I think he snapped. He had been calling a support line and if you listen to what he was saying it related to A team things. It was after the girls got their hands on A’s phone and he says

“I almost got caught tonight , I was asked to do something important, and I tried my best, but I screwed it up. You don’t understand, it’s gone and I can’t get it back. All I could do is shut it down. They are never gonna forgive me. They’re gonna make my life a living hell. I might as well be dead”

I truly believe he was going to confess to Hanna at that point but she was so scared and wanted to go back. That was his breaking point.

The boat in the dollhouse reminded me of him playing with a boat in a flashback at the lake once

Lucas gives me the feeling that he’s just a big kid. He loves toys as we have seen in his room and listened to Caleb talk about when he was staying with him.

His bunk beds make me wonder. He doesn’t have many friends and siblings have never been mentioned. Maybe there was a brother or sister and something happened to them?

We saw him visiting someone at Radley when Hanna was leaving one time. At the time it was insinuated to be Mona.

In the dirty little secret episodes Lucas seemed to be more in charge than a helper. Especially when he tells someone who gives him a mystery delivery in the change room “next time put it in an envelope”. Also the footage A goes into the costume shop to erase featured a lot of Lucas

Gottesman is German and means Man of God
Uber is a German word. In the dollhouse the greeting Willkommen was used which is German.

His bag that was at the photographers contained the same kind of pills that drugged Emily.

I think the business he was conducting with Jason on the Halloween train was the delivery of Ali’s body. I think that’s who called Jason with the tip off who then paid him the reward. .

Jenna looked down at one point and we see that Lucas had left his camera behind. What was he doing? I still feel the voice we hear whilst Aria is struggling in the box is Lucas. Wilden was seen on the video but I think Lucas was definitely there also and that its him who she stabbed. That will be why he was limping . Toby didn’t actually hit him on the skateboard so I doubt it was that causing him to limp.

Marlene said the return of Uber A would be in 3x1 and Lucas was back in that episode.

“Charles” in the dollhouse has the same hair. I have trouble believing that was Charlotte. Why would she dress as the part of her that she no longer was. They buried Charles and I have a very hard time swallowing that she would be him again in any circumstance.

When going into creepy Harold’s office at the school the girls are beaten to it by -A. Hanna confronts Lucas and tells him she recognised his shoes. He admits to it.

He has the knack of being able to make someone believe he is afraid. That’s a great cover up for the one who they should actually fear.

His hair has always pretty much stayed the same and looks exactly like the Charles in the dollhouse

He was seen out late the night Emily was found at the graveyard by Hanna and Aria

5 years later he definitely has money.

His alarm in his apartment is identical to the dollhouse.

He is slim and slightly feminine and his arm movements look like the ones we see in the end scenes.

There’s so much more but I just wanted to point out how involved Lucas really is when you look over past happenings.

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Sometimes I suspect there are people in the MCU fandom who still can’t tell the difference between Steve catching up with modern technology (which he’s clearly done just fine by the time TWS rolls around, even if he’s not a technical genius any more than the average person) and Steve catching up with seventy years of pop culture (which might take him a little longer).


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Carmilla as a ravenclaw because she's ancient she has got be like super smart and clever.

There’s a lot of you here for Ravenclaw!Carmilla and I agree with whatever floats your boat ! She is hella smart but also hella broody and her classmates are like “how the fuck did you end up here” but she had so many years to study things she just doesn’t care anymore.

Personal headcanon because I can : As a ravenclaw, she bonded with Fleur Delacour during the Triwizard Tournament and they were the worst yet best duo ever. Sassy buddies.