boat ship

I mean I love all kind of ships so much ??? Like I don’t care if it’s two women two men or a man and a woman and anything in between, if it’s cute and healthy I’ll probably ship it I just love reading about two (or sometimes more) people just loving and caring for each others, it warms my heart


Port of Amsterdam

Dazzle Ship

Victo Ngai

I am very excited to share with you my debut children’s book, Dazzle Ship, authored by Chris Barton and published by Lerner Book. 

Dazzle Ship is the story behind the thousands of war ships painted with bold colors and crazy patterns during WW1. 

Sounds interesting? You can get a copy anywhere books are sold in American or online here

Big thanks to Chris Barton, AD Danielle Carnito and Editor Carol Hinz for getting me acquainted with this colorful piece of history and being so wonderful to work with! 

Video and photos by Munira, Music by Bensound.