boat ship

When I saw that Super Mario Odyssey E3 trailer my jaw pretty much dropped. Everything that I thought the game was gonna be was that, plus more. Nintendo seems to really be taking risks with these new games and it’s paying off. So much so that it inspired me to draw this thing, and has probably sold me on a dippy-switch. 

I love the whole dress shirt/ fancy clothing thing going on in the trailer and thought it’d be cool to give it a shot. I kinda went for a slight “Trigger” edge to it as well, cuz it’s kickass.


This is how I describe viktuuri and otayuri ship lately since wttm

Also actually I only watch wttm once since the teaser came out. I’m SO happy it’s scare me idk how to describe my feelings. Like I might die from happiness because I keep holding my  scream and i can’t stop my tears. I’ve been waiting for wttm skate for months and never ever expected Beka officially included in Yuri’s EX. It’s, again, like a dream come true.

Otayuri is a ship with a taste of fanfiction.


Port of Amsterdam