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12 (greg)

What was your last dream about?

It was actually weirdly vivid, and ddadds related. 

I dreamed that I was working at a bookstore. I was sorting books in the back when I heard someone come into the shop. It was Joseph, and he told my coworker (who was a fairy for some unknown reason) He was looking for a book on ropes. The conversation went something like this.

Joeseph: “I’m looking for a book on tying ropes.

coworker: “Oh for boats? boat ropes?”

Joseph: (completely matterafactly with no shame) “No, ropes for tying up people.”

coworker: “Oh, Greg would know where to find that. Greg come help out this man!” (no clue why dream me knows where these books are.)

*I wonder out of the back*

Me: “Tying people up like bondage? we have those books over her-”

Joseph: “no, no. tying up people like murder.” (still completely matter of fact)

Me: (completely unphased for some reason) “Oh! We have the books about how to murder over here sir!”

*then he buys the book and leaves, myself, the coworker, and him acting like this is completely normal.* 

I’m not entirely sure what this whole thing says about me, but it certainly was an interesting dream.

Stranded {Part 1}

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Female Identifying)

Series: Stranded

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Merman Bucky AU: You find yourself stranded on a desert island no thanks to a stupid group of pirates…you happen to make a friend, however, who’s determined to show you how to survive.

Part 1 X, Part 2 X

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the houses as things in summer
  • hufflepuff: sundresses, big straw hats, strawberries, soft serve ice cream, sunflowers, fields full of lavender, pink sunrises, carnival rides, camp counselors, sail boats, rope swings over lakes, flip flops, collecting seashells, baking pies, drive in movies, lemonade, sleeping in a t-shirt, fresh whipped cream, sitting in a park, bumblebees
  • ravenclaw: summer thunderstorms, kayaking, reading on the beach, long drives, the smell of the ocean, lilacs, curtains flowing in the breeze, blackberries, black iced coffee, rocky coast lines, ferry boats, starfishes, watching the stars, jean jackets, picnics with wine, fishing boats, pressing flowers
  • slytherin: big sunglasses, cut off shorts, sitting on your roof, sneaking out at night, fog over the ocean, camping, plums, lighthouses, barbecue, powerful waves, skipping stones, biking at dusk, white sneakers, dirt roads, beach houses, wooden docks, river banks, convertibles, forests, beach volleyball
  • gryffindor: bonfires, jumping off of docks, fireworks, popsicles, sunsets over water, music festivals, roller coasters, carnival food, running down hills, bare feet, hiking, blueberries, swimming in the ocean, climbing trees, blasting music through open windows, diners, freckles, baseball games, s'mores