boat people

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  • White Person: *watches Family Guy, South Park and other shows that constantly have a white protagonist make racially stereotypical jokes* "You don't get it, they are just pointing it out, they don't believe in that stuff, it's for laughs. "
  • White Person: *watches Blackish and Fresh Off The Boat where POC characters express their frustrations in a world catered for white people* "Uh white people are portrayed in a very negative light here, I'm so offended. We need more positive white characters."

Vietnamese people form Germany’s largest group of resident foreigners from Asia. Federal Statistical Office figures showed 83,446 Vietnamese nationals residing in Germany in 2005 (not included are individuals of Viet origin or descent who have been naturalized as German citizens - between 1981-2007, 41,500 people renounced Vietnamese citizenship to take up German nationality). A further 40,000 irregular migrants of Vietnamese origin were estimated to live in Germany, largely concentrated in the Eastern states.

The Vietnamese community in Western Germany consists of refugees from the Vietnam War. The first boat people who fled the country after the fall of Saigon, consisting of 208 families (640 individuals), who arrived in Hanover in 1978. None spoke German. They received official aid such as social benefits and job placement assistance, as well as societal support for their successful adaptation to German life. By the eve of German reunification, West Germany had roughly 33,000 Vietnamese people, largely consisting of boat people and their relatives who were admitted under family reunification schemes.[

East Germany began to invite North Vietnamese to attend study and training programs in the 1950s; cooperation expanded in 1973, when they pledged to train a further 10,000 Vietnamese citizens in the following 10 years. In 1980, they signed an agreement with reunified Vietnam to provide training. The East German government viewed industrial trainee programs not just as a means to increase the labor supply to local industry, but also as development aid to the poorer members of the Socialist Bloc. By 1985, Vietnamese, along with Africans from Mozambique, comprised the main groups of foreign laborers in the DDR. From just 2,482 in 1980, the number of Vietnamese residents grew to 59,053 by 1989. Communities were concentrated mainly in Karl-Marx-Stadt, Dresden, East Berlin, Erfurt, and Leipzig. Their contracts were supposed to last for 5 years, after which they would return home. 

After Reunification, the government sought to reduce populations of former guest workers in the east by offering each DM 3,000 to return home. Tens of thousands took the offer, but they were soon replaced by a further influx of Viet asylum-seekers who had been contract workers in other Eastern European nations. Throughout the 1990s, German attempts to repatriate the new immigrants back to their country were not very successful, due to both Berlin’s reluctance to forcibly deport, and Hanoi’s refusal to re-admit; however, nearly 4/10 were barred from permanent residency. 

Today, about 10,000 Vietnamese people live in Berlin, of whom roughly 25% consist of Hoa (descendants of Chinese immigrants to Vietnam). Vietnamese, along with Koreans, form one of the only Asian groups in which men and women migrated to Germany in roughly equal numbers, at least among legal residents - in contrast, there are far more Thai and Filipino women than men in Germany, while the reverse holds true for Chinese and Indians.

Studies by German education experts show that Vietnamese children are among the highest performing pupils in Germany (50% gaining entry into Gymnasiums). Vietnamese students in Eastern Germany who grow up in poverty typically outperform their peers, such as Turks and Italians. Notable people from the Viet community include Philipp Rösler (Vice-Chancellor of Germany, Federal Minister of Economics & Tech & chairman of the FDP), Dang Ngoc Long (composer), Marcel Nguyen (Olympic gymnast & silver medalist), Minh-Khai Phan-Thi (actress & former presenter for German music channel “VIVA”), and Phạm Nguyễn Lan Phiên (piano prodigy, youngest piano student accepted at the Frankfurt College of Music).

Some stories that leak into my brain like chemical spills, piss me mightily.
As I meander through the news of the day, the issue of ‘the boat people’ is one such story.
Why is it not just written as it is?
Unfeeling cruelty towards others has traditionally been called 'Evil’. However, in this country we call it 'policy’.
Empathy has been excised from the hearts of our political leaders.
Do you think you can vote it back in?
—  Stephen Cuthbertson 27/07/2013

White man
no call himself

White man
steal land,
call himself

White man
kill people,
call himself

Coloured man
steal bread,
get punished.

Coloured man
kill people,
coloured man
lose life.

Coloured man

White man
no call himself

Came on
same boat.

—  Nav K, By Bodies of Water

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They might flirt… A little… Or a lot, actually… A crap ton… Constantly.

This isn’t even all the flirting that did/do. This is a small portion. Every monster that was around them for more than a second tended to receive one of Chara’s many pick up lines, and their ghost companion Frisk just encourages them. Heck, often times they tell Chara to go flirt with a monster. But that’s because Frisk likes the monster they sent Chara after. Chara just flirts with people for the sole purpose of making them as uncomfortable as possible. Because Chara is a little butt. 

Chara also thinks that everyone wants to get in their pants even if they don’t really understand what that saying means. Or at least they think everyone should. They think they’re hot stuff and smooth as melted butter but Papyrus disagrees. Especially since his brother and himself are victims of Chara’s flirting more than anyone else due to being around them more than most other monsters.     

~ Sol