boat of the year

me and my dude Steve Hackett chillin’ on a boat, four years ago today (or tomorrow actually i forget lol)

Steve is literally the sweetest most polite person I have ever met im not even kidding a little bit !!! and sorry if i look awkward but i was like, jumping out of my skin with excitement, so, yeah


Gorgeous series of Aurora Borealis arcs over Tromsø, Norway - and I think based on the waves that all these clips are real time.
Chris Evans Talks Fatherhood, Says He ''Wants to Be a Daddy Someday''
Captain America star is already an uncle a lot of little nieces and nephews

Watching Chris Evans in his new movie Gifted, one can’t help to think of what he’ll be like when he has his own kids.

In the Fox Searchlight film, the Captain America star plays a boat mechanic raising his six-year-old math prodigy niece (Mckenna Grace) when his overbearing mother (Sherlock’s Lindsay Duncan) takes him to court to gain custody of the young child.

At one point, Evans breaks down in tears.