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The boat race takes place every other year on the Rhine river in Cologne, Germany. It challenges participants to create the lightest and fastest vessel, and race it 200 metres without sinking. The competition allows no other material than concrete to be used. 

Today: ETH Zurich team creates all-concrete SkelETHon canoe built on slender “bones” 

A research team from ETH Zurich used 3D-printed moulds to make the skeletal framework for this all-concrete boat, which won first prize for design innovation at the Concrete Canoe Regatta. 

For their SkelETHon canoe, the team from ETH Zurich relied on research that allowed them to fabricate large-scale concrete building components, casting concrete in any shape using 3D-printed moulds.

“With 3D printing we have an almost unlimited geometrical freedom for making formworks, which was not available to concrete so far,” said the team’s Andrei Jipa. “Undercuts, microstructures, high-resolution details are now possible.”

The moulds are made from recyclable plastic, and allowed the team to cast slender “bones” – some of which measured just 15 millimetres in diameter – from steel fibre-reinforced concrete.

Using optimisation algorithms, the team developed a framework that required less material than traditional canoes but created support through a skeletal structure.

They also designed a textured rough surface for the concrete, which helped maximise the contact area between the skeleton and the concrete membrane that covers it. The minute ridges also aid to reduce the risks of cracks forming along the joints. The entire canoe weighs 114 kilograms.

The canoe was awarded first prize for design innovation at the Concrete Canoe Regatta, which drew over 1,000 participants. This marks the third year in a row that ETH Zurich has won the prize, and the boat is now on permanent display at the Institute of Technology in Architecture at the school.

Guess who’s going to Disney World this weekend?

What? No, not the Chocobros… Me.

(Prompto, sweetie, sit right in the boat or you’re gonna fall out.)


Everything is cool man - Shout these lyrics at the top of your lungs

Slam Seaway ‘’Everything is cool man’’ // Nerve The Story So Far ‘’I can’t pass through Indio without feeling indigo’’ // All You Are Is History State Champs ‘’I swear to you; I’m not getting over this’’ // Kali Ma Neck Deep ‘’Doubt it’’ // Head Rush ROAM ‘’This ones for you’’ // Swords and Pens The Story So Far ‘’Not broke; Just bent’’ // Seventy Times 7 Brand New ‘’I hope you choke and die’’ // Featherweight WSTR ‘’Suh’’ // Quicksand The Story So Far ‘’Everyday not to lose my temper’’ // Eleven Trash Boat ‘’Blegh’’ // Godzilla With Confidence ‘’Covered in the sheets of my bed’’ // Coffee Talk Broadside ‘’Complain about the youth’’ // Can’t Kick Up The Roots Neck Deep ‘’The first time that I got laid’’ // London Lights With confidence ‘’Im a liar; I’m fucking tired’’ // Gobshite WSTR ‘’Miming all the words’’ // Boston Moose Blood ‘’But lay around listening to deja entendu’’ // Cigarettes & Saints The Wonder Years ‘’You can’t have my friends; You can’t have my brothers’’ // Relive the Story As It Is ‘’And he’d never wanna be me’’ // There, There The wonder years ‘’I’m sorry i don’t laugh at the right times’’ // Summer Real Friends ‘’You were heavy on my heart’’ // All hype, No Heart Neck Deep ‘’Go fuck yourself’’ // Untitled Knuckle Puck ‘’I’ve been much better but at least I’m healing’’

More Voltron Characters as Weird Shit My Friends Have Said
  • Shiro: "yeah i'm always dts. down to sleep"
  • Keith: "you're like a deep fried enigma burrito"
  • Lance: "if you're gonna make bad decisions you gotta commit. no fuckin half steps"
  • Pidge: (about the amount of time she spends in her workshop) "i'm the resident cave gremlin"
  • Hunk: "i'm gonna do a study on how well i can do on engineering exams with out studying"
  • Allura: "what were they doing on a boat for 7 years?" "tryna get somewhere"
  • Coran: "therapy bees"

Gorgeous series of Aurora Borealis arcs over Tromsø, Norway - and I think based on the waves that all these clips are real time.
Chris Evans Talks Fatherhood, Says He ''Wants to Be a Daddy Someday''
Captain America star is already an uncle a lot of little nieces and nephews

Watching Chris Evans in his new movie Gifted, one can’t help to think of what he’ll be like when he has his own kids.

In the Fox Searchlight film, the Captain America star plays a boat mechanic raising his six-year-old math prodigy niece (Mckenna Grace) when his overbearing mother (Sherlock’s Lindsay Duncan) takes him to court to gain custody of the young child.

At one point, Evans breaks down in tears.