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abeam aft aground aircraft carrier aloft amphibious vehicle anchor astern bail ballast barge barque bathyscaphe battlecruiser battleship beam bearing bilge boat boater boating boat lift boatswain boom bow bowsprit bulkhead buoy    cabin cruiser canoe capsize caravel cargo ship carrier cast off catamarin clipper cockpit container ship convoy crew crow’s nest cruise cruiser cruise ship current cutter Davy Jones’ locker deck deackhands destroyer dinghy displacement dock docking dory draft dreadnought drift drydock dugout    engine engine room escort ship fathom ferry figurehead fireboat fishing boat flat-bottom boat flotilla foremast foresail freighter frigate funnel furl    galleon galley gangway gondola gunboat gunwale halyard headsail helm helmsman hoist hoovercraft houseboat hull hydrofoil hydroplane ice  breaker inboard motor jet boat jib junk kayak keel keelboat ketch knot landing craft lanyard larboard launch league leeward lifeboat lifeline limey lines listing log mainmast marine mariner maritime mast mizzen mizzenmast mooring motorboat motor launch narrowboat nautical nautical mile naval navigate navy nun oar ocean going ocean liner offshore oil tanker onboard outboard motor outrigger canoe overboard paddle passage passenger pedal poat pennant personal flotation device PFD pirate police boat port porthole powerboat propeller PT boat punt raft rigging riverboat rocket boat rope row rowboat rudder runabout sail sailboat sailor schooner scull seafarer seasick ship shrimp boat ski boat skipjack sloop speedboat spinnaker starboard steamboat steamship stern stow submarine submersible swift boat tack tanker tender tide tiller topsail towboat transom trawler tug tugboat u-boat umiak undocking vessel voyage wake warship water-borne watercraft waterline water taxi whaler wheel wheelhouse winch windjammer windward yacht yawl  

You’re A Part Time Lover And A Full Time Friend

They weren’t always friends. She was more of Yassi and Andre’s friend and he was more of… well, James.

So the first crucial question to ask is when did they become friends?

October 2014 started it all.

They had to make the decision. Diary ng Panget made it big. James was with Ericka, Nadine was with JC. They both had to pull a Leah, aka be assholes and break two good people’s hearts so they can have their career together.

That made it even more difficult because already, what they were choosing was ultimately, each other. Ericka may have said it was for James’ family that he was breaking up with her but ultimately the choice was between her and Nadine because to be honest James could have had a career without Nadine. He was being offered a serye by ABS, with a different person. He would fly solo, and he would be free to stay with Ericka but he chose to stay with Nadine.

Nadine was in the exact same boat. She could have chosen to fly solo but she chose James. Inevitably they chose each other and they became friends after the fact.

Just friends.

Because they didn’t want to complicate things?

Or because they acutely felt the guilt that they were looking at the person they were going to love for the rest of their lives and they had to hurt 2 people to get each other?

Either way, I think that was the clincher. DNP was over, they were entering pre-prod for a new movie and they just hurt 2 people. They were in a whirlwind and everything was changing and then one morning Nadine plays a song, it’s the same song playing through his ears, and he smiles for the first time in days.
Later that day when she grew tired and all the sadness she kept at bay was creeping through her cheerful facade because she was too tired to keep it up? He plugged his ear pods in her ears and she grins. And the rest was history.

Maybe they became friends because they only had each other.

In a world that wants so many things from them, ratings, favors, fame, etc etc etc… maybe they were the only two people in the world who genuinely cared for each other.

And so she sits close to him. As close as she can be. Because he’s the one thing she’s sure of. He’s her safety, her anchor. He’s her best friend, and she can tell him anything.

Maybe that’s why I think she fell first. I think girls pick up on these things faster than boys. It’s a physiologically proven fact that the pre-frontal cortex of girls, which controls emotions and perceptions of emotions are larger than boys giving them greater appreciation for sarcasm, humor and yes… love.

So maybe she knew first. She knew when he was still a boy who was having the time of his life partying around with his friends.

So she buried that knowledge deep inside her brain, so she can be his friend.

The caring friend who showed him nothing but unconditional love. She’ll never fall in love with him, she tells everyone who asks, even Robi Domingo during the Star Awards. Never. Not a million years. They were just friends. At least until he was ready.

But her actions betrayed the finality of her words.

She lent him her pillow and her blanket when she saw him struggling to fall asleep in his chair.

She stood in front of a chair for thirty minutes before Yassi convinced her that buying him a chair was too much.

She settled for an Adventure time pillow, blanket and plushies.

The large hug he gave her after was enough to melt her but she gave herself a mental slap. Just friends. Nothing more. Just friends.

But then the seeds of doubt were planted in her head when he still siddled up to her chair and steal her own blanket and her pillow while her gifts replaced them on her chair.

“Why do you use mine?”

She asked him once after a tiring shoot and she just wanted some shut eye and peace.

“Smells like you.”

He said simply before inhaling her pillow and promptly falling asleep.

She let him use her things without qualms after that.

She got him vitamins one day after he had a terrible cough.

She gave them to him after his lunch.

She also got used to packing snacks for 2, after seeing that James only ate when food is around and starved in silence when there wasn’t. Probably why he was so sullen, she thought.

“Anong gusto mo?”

That became her standard question to him and the crew got used to the unusual situation.

She never realized that one day when she would casually ask him as she rummaged in her bag for her phone so they could order food in, he would quietly whisper you.

She took care of him even though they were just friends, and that carried over, from TBYD to PSHR. Until the day they signed their ABS contracts.

She just… took care of him. No questions asked.

He was her person after all, and you always take care of your person.

He couldn’t know that he was ready the minute he chanced upon her picture choosing a leading lady for his music video and a part of him just said “her, she’s the one.”

Maybe he was scared of it? Maybe he wasn’t ready. Maybe the James then wasn’t meant to fall in love with her yet because he needed to go through things so he can be the James of today. The James we know deserves Nadine.

So he parties around.

Kim Chiu’s sister.

Princess Snell.

That girl from Sinulog.

Ellen Adarna.

Elisse Joson.

The Brazilian Model.

And the list goes on and on.

Through it all they remained friends.

3 AM phone calls of “Nadine, I fucked up, I’m sorry.”

And through it all she had one reply. “We will get through this. Together.”

Maybe it’s the fact that she understood him.

Maybe it’s the fact that she never judged, blamed or pointed fingers.

“Malaki ka na, kaya mo yan. I will always support you. I know you’ll do the right thing.”

Maybe it’s her unwavering faith in him, that he was a good man, that he deserved her trust that slowly changed everything around him.

Suddenly the bright lights in the big city were just dull, dim and just useless, not when he compared it to her beaming smile when he’d remember to bring her coffee after Kris Aquino chewed his butt out.

He hated the sound of clubs, because it drowns out her voice over the phone when she calls to remind him to sleep, of their call time and to drink the vitamins she placed in his bag.

He was still the same person he was.

He was James, he loved to party, he loved friends and people. But everything around him changed and the party scene was not the party scene he wanted. Parties now became video game nights at her house. She was his friend. She was his person.

So maybe that’s why he said no to Julia Barretto when she made the move on him in the movie.

But Para sa Hopeless Romantic ended and they had time before they began filming for On the Wings of Love and she tells him “JC and I, we’re giving it a shot again.”

They were going to Hundred Islands. That was their place. His and Nadine’s. On the trip that created Bonfire Lovesong. That was their place and…

Maybe it was the thought of losing her, maybe it was the thought of JC getting her back.

That was when things started to change for him. 

Maybe it was the knowledge that his chance was slipping away and he had no one else to blame but himself that pushed him into action. He won’t lose her. Not now. Not ever again.

To be fair to her she tried to bring it back. This was the JC that she loved and let go because of her career.

But all the while she can only think of James.

She was here, in this island, and all she can think about, all she can focus on was whether he ate, whether he slept and who he’s with.

“Damn it James.”

She cursed for the nth time as he didn’t pick up his phone. She was afraid he was lying in a ditch in a pool of his own vomit, dead and the dread settled in her stomach and she had to sit on the boat or risk keeling over.

“Hey, what are you doing, we’re going snorkeling!”

JC approached her and she forced a smile aiming to stand up but a day of boating and jet skiing and all the while thinking about James was taking a toll and then her phone rang.

It was flashing Bret’s number and she quickly answered it, her voice louder and screechier than it ought to have been.


Woah, calm down! What are you talking about? I was just calling to ask you about the guest list for the party? You asked me to get it?”

The cold settled into her bones once more and she gripped her phone tighter.

“You’re not with James?”

No. I haven’t seen him in days because I’m running around in circles trying to fix the party you asked me to help you out with then you leave it all to me. And Yassi. Who is basically useless thank you very much.”

“Bret. James told me he was hanging out with you. At your house. Yesterday.”

“Naddie he never came to my house. You can try Tom, maybe he-”

She dropped the call and felt cold all over, so cold she started to shiver. She knew it, her gut was telling her something was wrong and she did nothing. What would she do, how could she live… James. She needed to find him.

She tried calling him again she couldn’t get a call through.

“James please please, sagutin mo yung phone. Please.”

She tried his house, and still there was no response. Finally, getting the courage to do so, she dialled Tom.

“Hey Nadine, what’s up.”

“Tom, are you with James?”



“Okay why are you screaming?”


“Uh… I don’t know he’s supposed to be with Bret right.”


In frustration she dropped the call and tried dialling James again.

Dark thoughts were running through her head now, him in an accident, him having an asthma attack… 

“Nadine, stop calling.”

She blinked and looked down to check if he was indeed connected and the relief tilted her world on its axis before righting back up and allowing the anger choking the worry twist her way in her brain.


“I’m at home! I got the flu I didn’t want to go out last night and I want to sleep. So will you please stop calling me!”

“You have the flu?”

The worry came back full force. Flus and asthmatic boys do not go well together, especially James who is very bad at taking care of himself.

“Yeah. So just let me sleep, still alive, and stop harassing my family. Tom is here banging in the kitchen, mad at me for not telling him I was sick, you pulled my dad from his trip because Tom called him and chewed his ass out for not watching me and now Bret is on his way too because you made him think I was dead.”

“That’s all the people you have taking care of you? Tom, your dad and Bret.”

“Yeah Nadine, it’s just the flu-”

“I’ll be there tonight. Make sure they don’t kill you with love.”

“What no- It’s just the flu-”

“I said I’ll be there tonight. If you don’t have the decency to tell me where the fuck you were and refuse to answer my calls you will damned let me take care of you or I swear to God Robert James Reid you will never have children. Ever.”


“I’ll be there tonight.”


“Okay. Damn you. You scared me. You scared me James, don’t ever do this again.”

“i’m sorry.”

“You will be when I feed you spoonfuls of Oregano. See you in a while.”

“No, no, Nadine don’t-”

She cut him off and for the first time felt the silence in the boat and the many pairs of eyes trained on her back. 

It was then she realized that she’s been sobbing, frantically trying to find James.

She turned her swollen eyes to JC who was looking at her with a sad smile.

“We’ll turn around. You can be on the road in an hour. Enough light to make it back to the city.”

“JC I-”

“He’s waiting.”

The fact of the matter was she knew it and it pained her to acknowledge it.


“At least I know. Alright guys, let’s turn back. Baka lumangoy pa pabalik sa sobrang worry.”

Because he knew. Hell, everyone knew.

She cared for him, in a way no one else can.

San Francisco changed everything.

Suddenly there was an unspoken agreement.

I’m yours. You’re mine, this thing right here, it’s exclusive.

Cherry Pie was the first to pick up on it.

“Kayo ba? Bakit lagi kayong magkadikit?”

And that was when Just Friends was born.

They were just friends when he fell asleep on her shoulder and she’d tuck him in with a blanket.

They were just friends when the jet lag made him grumpy and she’s singing Taylor Swift songs in the van and he’s annoyed so he plugs in his own music in his ears but she pokes at him and pokes at him until he’s smiling too.

They were just friends when he meant to go around San Francisco, but ended up going with the crew to the set so he can watch over Nadine, make sure someone was there when she gets too tired or too overwhelmed.

They were just friends when he personally made the two hour drive to Napa Valley in the convertible with her, just them singing random songs on her playlist when a certain line catches his attention:

Slow down, so I can follow you.

He turns to look at her and he grins and in her embarrassment she snaps his photo.

Her fearless soul, who makes her brave too.

They make it big without them knowing they would.

Suddenly people from all over the world knew their names, who they were, what they were doing and the name Jadine became legend.

But she was still the same person she was when it all began.

She still wanted the quiet nights, the video game time with friends, except this time… she wanted James with her.

And it was difficult, trying to keep him for herself, when all these other girls were basically banging at his door. And when management would go tell him to give them a bone.

“Sige na James, para sa career niya naman, besides maganda naman diba, oh, eh single ka naman eh.”

That was the one thing that would irk him. Single ka naman. 

Because she wasn’t ready to admit that she’d gone and fallen in love with her good friend James who can at any time leave her when he’s bored of her and he resented her for it.

So he punished her with Julia. Then with Debbie.

And then he appeared at her condo at 4 AM, wasted out of his mind in tears in Tom’s arms.

“What do I have to do? What do I have to do so you’d believe that I’m in this with you?”

And Tom sent her a poisonous look or stringing his baby brother around and they left.

So she left too.

Korea was her game changer. 

She said it again and again.

She won’t give in to James. He may like he now but once he has her there is no telling what he would do.

Once a playboy, always a playboy.

“Nadz, keep telling yourself that.”

She turns to look at Yassi who was busy messaging Andre while there were here. Jhelo was passed out in his room and it was just the two of them, settling down with Ramen after a cold day outside.

“What, it’s true, I won’t ever like him, ever. We’re friends, just friends that’s it.”

“Is that why you’ve been glued to your phone all day seeing if he greeted you happy birthday yet?”

“What I haven’t I mean-”

“Your phone dinged.”


She dived across the room to her bed and hastily checked her phone only to find nothing and hear Yassi laughing.

“Just friends my ass Nadine. Ayan kasi, ayaw mo pa, baka nagparty na yun with another girl.”


“Bakit, I’m only telling the truth boys like James they never change, They screw with you for a while then they dump you when they’re done. They make you think they’re different but they’re not, they’re just like every other boy. Lalo na yan si James. How did his ex put it? Fuck boy.”


Nadine screamed at her and Yassi only smirked.

“So sige okay na lang yan na i-deny mo. Sabagay, you’re right. James won’t even stay with you. He’s going to end up some ugly drugged up has been because-”

And Yassi was stunned as Nadine slapped her hard.

“James is not like that. You know nothing about James. Or how kind, how patient, how loving he is. Don’t you dare, speak about James like that ever again. He’s the best man I know and I will not let you insult him.”

Yassi smiled at her and took her hands.

“Nadz, you love him, you trust him, you know him. Bakit ka natatakot? Ano pa ba kailangan niyang gawin?”

And that was it, that was when she realized, he did not have to do anything else but just be James.

Okay to be honest he did have to do something else than just be James.

With sweaty palms he knocked on her door, mentally preparing himself for the task.

Tito, I’m in love…

Sir, I would like to respectfully…

Please help me. I love her and she won’t let me.

Sighing, he took one deep breath and ringed her doorbell.

A few minutes later, her mom opened the gate and blinked up at him.


He mustered up a smile and hoped he was not grimacing.

“Hi tita. Is tito home?”

She beamed up at him, a full megawatt smile reminiscent of Nadine’s and she opened the gate wide.

“To be honest anak, matagal ka ng hinihintay.”

His steps were laden and when her dad asked him to sit down on the sofa, he did so with his tongue feeling like lead and his mouth going bone dry.

“So. You wish to court my daughter?”

He swallowed and found the words stuck in his throat and he swallowed once more and tried again.

“I love her. Tito, I’m serious about her. I really want us to be together. I just have to prove to her that I do. And… I wanted to do it right, by asking you for your blessing because she loves her family more than anyone. And… I don’t want to put her in a position where she’d be forced to choose between love or family because I want to be her family too. So please tito, please, allow me to be a part of your family.”

He waited with bathed breath as Nadine’s father… his future father gave him a hard gaze, before slowly he grinned.

He stood up from the couch and patted James’ shoulder.

“Matagal ka ng pamilya. Ngayon mo lang nakikita. Dito ka na kumain, favorite mo yung ulam and may basketball game, gusto mo manood?”

He swallowed against the flood of tears that warmed his heart and laid stood up as well, grinning at the man who was, for all intents and purposes, the father he never had.

“Okay po. Thank you tito.”

“Thank you rin, anak.”

And arms around each other, they made their way to the den to watch the game with Nadine’s brothers.

She came home in a whirlwind, looking for him immediately and growing more worrisome as he neglected to answer her calls, her texts her anything.

“Ate bakit ba kasi ang tanga tanga ko.”

“Ayan, ikaw kasi, puro ka, hindi ko magugustuhan ever, nung nagpaparamdam na sayo, oh, ano ka ngayon?”

“Ate Biancs naman eh, hindi ka nakakatulong.”

Bianca rolled her eyes and poked Nadine. 

“Eh hot and cold ka eh. Nung nandito inayawan mo, playboy, passing fling lang ang habol sayo, nadadala lang sa eksena, hindi mo type. Sa simula pa lang naman patay na patay na kayo with each other eh. Mga paraan niyo, beso, tickle, best friend. Ano, high school ulit?”

“Ate! Mali nga ako, oo na, pero ang hirap naman kasi magtiwala kay James diba, nakita mo naman, alam mo naman yun. Natatakot lang naman ako, sige, tignan mo, hahayaan ko yung sarili ko na magpadala, eh paano pag nagsawa siya sa akin? Hindi ko kakayanin ate.”

“Bakit? Kasi mahal mo?”

Nadine rubbed her face with her hands and nodded her head.

“Sobra. Sobra sobra sobra. Kaya nga diba, sabi ko hindi na ako magpapaka-yaya, hindi na ako magbibigay ng buong buo, oh, nakita mo naman mga katangahan ko diba? Pag may sakit siya- ako nagaalaga, pag gutom siya ako nagpapakain, kapag pumarty siya ako nagaayos ng gulo. Lahat yun okay lang sa akin kasi nga, walang nagaalaga sa kaniya, siya lang yung bigay ng bigay kaya… okay na sa akin na ako na magbigay sa kaniya. Eh di ako nanaman yung talo Ate? Ako na lang yung bigay ng bigay?”

Bianca frowned and shook her head.

“Ayun. Lumabas din. Insecure ka kasi nauna ka na-fall. Nagbigay ka sa kaniya pero ang tagal bago ka niya nagustuhan. Kaya natatakot ka na maagaw sayo, kasi baka mahal ka lang kasi kailangan ka niya.”

“Bakit, diba totoo naman. Hindi nga niya ako nagugustuhan dati. Laging yung maputi yung gusto niya eh.”

“Hindi mo ba naisip na kailangan ka niya kasi mahal ka? Na ang gusto niya sayo hindi yang katawan mo pero yung kung sino ka? Kawawa yung tao sa ginagawa mo Nadine. Masyado mong jinudge.”

“Ate. Hindi ko kakayanin kapag iniwan niya ako. Mababaliw ata ako.”

“Eh paano kung hindi ka naman niya iiwanan. Ikaw lang naman yung nagdududa sa kaniya eh, pero siya ayan na oh, buong buo, sayong sayo. Ano pa ba gusto mo?”

“Siya lang naman ate eh. Siya lang naman talaga from the start.”

“Oh, nasayo naman na eh. Ano problema?”

“Paano kung mawala sa akin?”

“Eh paano kung hindi?”

“Hindi naman tayo sigurado diyan ate eh.”

But before Bianca could reply the people around her started to sing Happy Birthday and she looked up to see James, just James hand her a bag. She was so bewildered by what was happening that she gasped in a breath when a tiny head popped out of the bag.

She turned to look at James, holding her puppy close to her cheek and she knew… this was it. She was in forever and she did not even know when she fell into it.

San Francisco changed everything once more. 

It was the place where she realized she loved him.

It was also the place where she realized he gave her more than anyone ever thought to give her.

“Love, it’s cold. Come here.”

He tugged her closer inside his arms and swayed her around. She laid her cheek against his shoulder, tucking her face in the crook of his neck.

“Thank you James.”

“For what?”

“For taking care of me.”

“You take care of everyone else, who else will take care of you. Naddie, that’s what I keep saying - always love yourself first.”

“You don’t though.”


“You don’t take care of you. So I have to.”


“Look at it this way. I love you before myself. You love me before yourself. Problem solved.”

He stopped moving for a while before his arms pulled her tighter to his body.

“I guess so.”

“Yassi…. hindi ba nakakahiya naman?”

She stood fidgeting in the dressing room, the blood red satin molding into her skin, the frilly laces making her chest look bigger.

Yassi frowned and tilted her head at Nadine.

“You’re right, too slutty, and your boyfriend will have a coronary. We have to go with something subtler… I got it, stay there I’ll be right back.”

Yassi dashed out of the changing room and she plopped on the stool, cupping her head in her hands.

Lingerie. She literally dragged Yassi out to buy lingerie. 

But it was Valentine’s day, and they were planning to spend it at home, with video games and damned if he was walking out of her condo one more time without sleeping with her. If James planned to treat her like some virginal idiot then she’d have to remedy it herself.

“I have it!”

Yassi shoved the thing at her. It was a soft pink, but not frilly. It felt soft in her hands and when she held it up it was something like a very very short dress that hit her mid-thigh and the otherwise shapeless garment came alive when filled with a body that had the curves to wear it. It was very low cut, with a widespread V exposing most of her chest and a bow just underneath her boobs.

She looked like a tart.

She grinned.

“Yassi this is perfect.”

“If that doesn’t scream a good girl naughty for me I don’t know what does. And. I got you these.”

“Boyshorts? Yassi, aren’t they… well, not sexy?”

“The contrast will drive him mad.”

Nadine thought about it for a second, and then she grinned once more.

James, you are going down.

“Okay, let’s get this.”

She spent five thousand on the slinky piece of clothing and the single pair of underpants but it didn’t matter. 

James was going down.

“Okay so we have steaks and games, let’s get this show on the road. I’ll beat your butt in Infection just you wait.”

Sure. She thought. If you’d have more than one brain cell left working after what she had planned.

They got to their building in record time. She had the console at her place, and he was always at hers anyways, just always crawling back to his when it was time to sleep.

Not tonight though. Not tonight.

They’ve danced around this for too long.

“Can you get the food ready, I’ll just change. I’m really sweaty.”

“Sure love, I’ll get the Play Station up and running too.”

Nadine kissed his cheek as she passed him to enter the room and gave herself a pep talk. You can do this. She thought. You can do this.

She got herself in the thing that Yassi bought, not allowing herself to have second thoughts about it and steeling herself, dragged herself out of the room and into the living room.

James had rigged up the game and placed their plates laden with food on the center table.

“Finally, took you long enough, are you scared that I will beat you in the game?”

He turned to look at her, and if she wasn’t so nervous she’s laugh at the way his jaw dropped to the floor and how his tongue basically rolled out of his mouth.

Then his eyes widened in fear and he hastily stood up from the floor, taking a step back from her.

His eyes remained glued to her face, refusing to even look down.

She in turn, held his gaze and stepped closer to him. He stepped back again, and with a smile Nadine continued advancing on him until his back was against the wall and she was plastered all over his body.

His throat was convulsing and his hands fisted at his sides and she grinned at the helplessness on his face before pressing her lips to his.

“Happy Valentines Day, my love.”

“Naddie… we can’t.”

“Yes we can.”

“I don’t… not like this. Not this way. We do it right, we do it proper.”

“You are right. You are proper. James I love you. And I’m spending the rest of my life with you. I want you. To be the first. To be the only.”

His eyes darkened at her words and he gripped her hands.

“Nadine. I love you. And you don’t know how much I wish you can be the first. But I promise you this… you are my only. Always. And forever.”

She felt his words warm her heart, killing the last of the fear and replacing it with love, just love. And she stepped back from him, still holding his hands and grinning cheekily at him she wiggled her hips.

“Well? What do you think?”

His eyes finally moved away from her face. She can feel as his eyes passed over her collarbones, to the little bow beneath her chest to the ends of the dress, teasing her thigh. And his eyes moved back up to her face as he drew her closer and rested his forehead on hers. His eyes were as dark as the night but his smile, oh his smile was as bright as the sun.

“Perfect. Just perfect.”

Then he kissed her, slow, soft and sweet, and she wrapped her arms around his neck and he lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist and he pressed against her.

Hands down it was worth the money she spent on this highly expensive underwear.

She was in his shirt and nothing else. 

Yassi was right, the contrast did drive him wild and well her tattered underpants was proof of that. 

And now she was in just his shirt and beating him in Infection.

He was so focused on the game, with his hair all tousled from her hands, and his lips all swollen, but it was like nothing changed. He was still her James.

“Naddie love, come on, you’re letting me win here.”

“You’re still my best friend.”


“We made love but nothing changed. You’re still my best friend, and you’re also my lover but… we didn’t change really. Not at the core. We just grew to love each other.”

James turned to her and grinned, poking her nose and tugging her close to him, wrapping an arm around her and keeping her in his arms, with his cheek against her head as he resumed play.

“You’re always going to be my best friend Nadine. And I am so lucky that I am in love with you. Now, resume play, I will kick your ass.”

“Don’t complain that you were at a disadvantage because you were hugging me that’s why you lost.”

He lost and he did complain. 

But she took off his shirt and he didn’t complain after that.

Three days later she was asked what was the last thing she splurged on.

With a glance toward James, her tired brain murmured underwear before she thought better of it (

“Okay nice shot!”

She watched as James, stripped to nothing but the shorts she got him, lazed around in a pool.

She grinned when his eyes opened, met hers and winked.

“Oh, kaunting konsiderasyon sa single please. Mamaya na ang kangkerz.”


“Idedeny mo pa, alam na alam mo size ng shorts niya.”

She flushed bright red and cleared her throat, looking over at James once more.

“Iba ka rin ateng, nagshopping pa para sa kaniya. Mahal na mahal mo?”

“Sobra. Pero kasi…”

“Siya rin naman. Kaya parang okay lang na magbigay ka. Kasi sobra pa kapalit?”

“Hindi ate eh… parang, wala akong pakialam na sa kapalit.”

“Pero sa totoo lang ha, iba mainlove si James. Grabe para kang princess.”

“Ganiyan yan ate, iniisip ko nga minsan baka napapagod na eh. Kawawa din sobra sa work.”

“Nandiyan ka naman eh, wala na ang pagod pagod na yan.”

“Ate… ang saya ko.”

“Malamang, yan ba naman ang ka kangkerz mo, inggit na inggit ang buong Pilipinas.”


“Joke lang.”

“Pero seryoso… wala na ata akong makikitang mas perfect sa kaniya eh. Mabait, mahal ng pamilya ko, mahal ako, and marunong magexpress ng emotion, hindi siya nahihiya magsabi. Warm. Siguro nga mas magiging close mga anak namin sa kaniya eh. And oo na sige na… factor din yung… physically compatible kami.”

Whatever Irish was going to respond got halted because James sneezed at that moment and Nadine hastily looked over and grabbed a towel.

“Kuya stop muna, baka sipunin eh. Get warm first babe. I don’t want you sick.”

He hauled himself out of the pool and Nadine wrapped a towel around him then wrapped herself around him.

Irish sighed.

Look at that… what love is able to do.

Finnick's Island
External image

Author: @xerxia31

Rating: M. No warnings unless you’re afraid of water…

Crossover Source: This might be the silliest thing I’ve ever written. Everlark, in the “Gilligan’s Island” universe. (If you’ve never seen this show it’s the cheesiest, campiest bit of 70’s era television, so bad it’s almost good. And by good I mean atrocious). I blame @peetabreadgirl for this, wholly and completely ;) And thanks to @burkygirl for stealing all of my commas…

“I’m really not sure about this,” I say, pulling the Subaru into a spot in the marina’s lot.

“It’ll be fine,” my girlfriend laughs. “It’s only a three-hour tour anyway. We’ll be back in time for dinner on the beach.” At that, I smile. Katniss has planned this entire trip for us to celebrate my 30th birthday and it’s been full of surprisingly sweet and romantic gestures - sunsets on the beach, trips to the art gallery, a real local luau instead of one of those touristy things.

The boat tour, however, is neither sweet nor romantic.

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