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Someday, we’ll run into each other again, I know it. Maybe I’ll be older and smarter and just plain better. If that happens, that’s when I’ll deserve you. But now, at this moment, you can’t hook your boat to mine, because I’m liable to sink us both.
—  Gabrielle Zevin

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Celebrimbor at Sirion?

He had been hoping to see the same monsters as the rest of Sirion. It would be easier, so much easier, if they came as rabid beasts that had eaten up the noble men he’d known. 

But when they halted before his barricade at last, his uncles still looked very much themselves. Not so proud as in the days of his childhood but as implacable in this as they had ever been in the war against the Enemy.

Here was the man who had taught him his first letters, infinitely patient even as he struggled to relearn how to write himself. And here the kind uncle who had held him against his terror of the dark and sung away his fear.

Now Maedhros’ jaw tightened at the sight of him, though something in Maglor’s dark eyes went soft. Of Amras there was no sign at all. Already dead, Celebrimbor would learn later. 

Behind him, the men and women of Sirion shifted uneasily. There, a woman who had fled the sack of Gondolin traced her fingers over the fletchings of the shaft set to her bow, while a Sindar boy hugged his boat hook tighter to his chest. 

“What do you hope to do here, Nephew?” Maedhros called. The barricade was as well constructed as Celebrimbor could contrive from furniture and upturned boats, which was not half as well as he would like - atop his tall grey mare, his uncle’s eyes were level with his. 

“I thought to show the world that the House of Fëanor still has some honour left to it.” Celebrimbor was wearing the red surcoat that had lain in the bottom of his trunk since before Nargothrond fell. It was a risk in the chaos of battle but he would not be the first Fëanorian to change sides this day and he wished to make a point. “That we are more than thieves and mur-”

“Yes, yes. But what do you intend to do?”

“There are kinslayings and kinslayings, my uncles. What will you do if I do not move?”

The grey mare pawed the cobblestones beneath her, striking sparks with her iron shod hooves. His uncles turned to each other in silent conference and Celebrimbor knew them far too well to think that this would stay them, yet he hoped-

“Whatever you may think, whatever lies they dripped into your ear in Doriath, we haven’t fallen so far that we’d harm our little nephew,” Maglor said, nudging his horse forwards. The Gondolindrim woman pulled her bowstring taut but Maglor paid her no mind at all. His focus was all upon Celebrimbor, and his voice held all the warmth of hearth fires, all the peace of birdsong as night falls. “Do you remember, Tyelperinquar? The cradle song I made for you?”


Listen,” Maglor said, and he began to sing. It was a nonsense song, a child’s song, but with the weight of nostalgia behind it and all the power of the greatest of their bards, it cut deeper than any weapon. 

Celebrimbor did not feel his knees give out but his vision wavered and suddenly he was looking up at his uncles. He turned to the woman with the bow, not sure what he would beg of her, but she did not stand beside him any longer. She lay upon her side as though asleep. Perhaps she was, for there was nothing here to fear. Who had he wanted her to shoot?

Surely not his uncle who, even now was easing the sword from his fingers, the sword he did not need. He let Maglor have it after only a moment’s struggle. Family. They were his family. Who could you trust if not they?

“Neatly done,” said someone far away. 

“Poor boy.”

“Luckier than some.” 

“It won’t hold him - he is his father’s son.”

“Poor boy.” A laugh. Someone ruffled his hair. “Come, we’ve delayed too long.”

Home (Chapter Five)

Title: Home (Chapter Five)

Pairing(s): Jughead Jones x Reader, Jughead Jones x Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge x Archie Andrews

Warnings: Maybe some slight cursing, Smut, unprotected sex.

Summary: The reader visits with Jughead and things go differently than the reader thought- but not-so-secretly hoped.

A/N: Me repeating to myself; Do not make this a The Notebook AU, Do not make this a The Notebook AU-
As always, feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy!

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OUAT FINALE! Spoilers!

Sooooo… I cried. Very hard. But the last scene had my head going wild with ideas so I must speak. Spoilers from now on.

So we know that a 6 of the main cast aren’t going to be returning. So if they are going to renew the show for a seventh season than the most logical solution fro me is that they continue with the next generation. Henry is grown up with a daughter, and it mirrors season one’s beginning. So onto my idea.

I can’t tell whether Henry remembers his family or not but he most certainly doesn’t remember his daughter. That suggests to me that a curse has been cast. Henry was clearly in the enchanted forest during the last episode with his daughter so someone must have sent him there. And when whatever was coming for him reached him it caused him to travel to the real world, and lose his memory. 

So when Henry returns to Storybrooke, I presume he and his daughter have to find the one who caused the curse and break it like in season 1. But not all is as it seems. As Henry and his daughter were sent back to the enchanted forest (I’m gonna say by a curse, like the black fairy’s) then other characters were sent back to the forest too. She got back to the real world thanks to Tiger Lily. All of the cast members who aren’t returning were sent to the enchanted forest and just like what happened in the finale. The curse split the families apart, and only Lucy (henry’s daughter), cause she has the book, and the person who cast the spell remember them. That’s why Henry’s family needs him. He’s the author, he can bring them back together.

When he arrives in Storybrooke, we meet the old characters who stayed, and the next generation, now all grown up if it were. I’m gonna presume that about 15-20 years have passed since the finale.  So who are the next generation? Let me tell you.

Neal: He’s the oldest of the new group. He’s chivalrous like his dad, a great fighter but he’s also gentle and kind like his mother. He’s roughly 20 years old and is of course, one of the cops in town, along with his brother-in-law, Hook who took him under his wing. Snow and Charming were obviously transported to the enchanted forest so he lives with Hook, (Emma’s in the enchanted forest).

Robyn: She’s the next oldest and is about 19 years old. She’s persuasive and fun loving. She lives with Regina (cause Zelena’s in the enchanted forest). She gets along with everyone but don’t cross her or her mothers side will come out. She keeps Robin’s cheerful attitude, and helps out Regina in the Mayors office as her assistant.

Gideon: He’s the third oldest and is also 19 years old. He lives with Gold and helps around in his shop. Belle was obviously transported to the enchanted forest, and with Gold being the Dark one, he still remembers everyone and encourages Lucy to go and find Henry when she returns to Storybrooke. Gideon doesn’t remember though, but he still is a very focused and honest lad who loves to read just like Belle. 

Lucy: Henry’s Daughter and the youngest of the group and the only one who remembers anyone. She is persistent and hopeful, basically an exact replica of Henry in season 1. Everyone loves her, and they sometimes joke about he love of fairy tales. She is the one who is determined to reunite everyone, and works tirelessly to try and make people believe.

Finally, I refuse to believe that Captain Swan didn’t have a child. So the last one in the group would be their kid. (I’m gonna go ahead and say my character idea but really you have a blast with it).

Lily Jones: She is the second youngest and is roughly 16-17 years old, so still in school. She is rebellious and clashes with several members of her family. She’s skilled in fighting, and great at getting into them. She always gets in trouble and spends most of her free time on her small sail boat that Hook got her to calm down her behaviour (I’m thinking its called Operation Seafoam or something like that). She dresses like her dad, leather is a key but she always wears a red leather jacket cause she’s a swan after all. 

Lucy takes Henry to everyone and the majority of the season is spent finding out who caused the spell. Rumple, is a huge asset as he still has Magic and the story plays out much like the first season with the curse being broken, and everyone reunited, that’s when everyone guest stars.

Like the first season the one who cursed them all was right under their nose, and who do I think would be a good candidate? 

One of the kids. My choices would be out of, Robyn, Gideon and Lily as all of them would have had magic. Robyn daughter of the wicked witch could easily cast the curse, or Gideon or Lily as she’s the daughter of the saviour. However I don’t think there would be much malicious intent. Maybe they were discovering their powers and they found the dark curse, unaware of what it is and as their power wasn’t strong enough it didn’t work completely. 

But that is how I want the season to play out. I still want all the returning cast members to be really in the story helping the kids solve the mystery, with the kid that cursed everyone desperately trying to sabotage their plans so they won’t be found out. 

let me know what you think.

Two Peeps in a Boat (for the Queen’s Peeps contest)

“You have a decision to make, Your Majesty,” Eugenides reminded her. “And not much time to make it in.”

It was quiet then, while Attolia thought, particularly about the Medean ambassador with his attractive face and quick smile.

Eugenides waited. “Very well,” the queen said, sitting up straight to look him in the eye. “Be king of Attolia. But never drink from my wine cup while you hope to live.”

“There’s an oar by the boat hook,” Eugenides said, his voice devoid of triumph. “You’ll have to paddle us to the dock.”

-The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner, Chapter 15

Someday, we’ll run into each other again, I know it. Maybe I’ll be older and smarter and just plain better. If that happens, that’s when I’ll deserve you. But now, at this moment, you can’t hook your boat to mine, because I’m liable to sink us both.
—  Gabrielle Zevin, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

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Hey toasty! Could I get Dualscar? With take me to church?

Take me to church
I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your light
I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

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Picture it: Hook standing over Emma's grave. Enter Wendy: 'Sorry your wife is dead, James.' Hook: 'I guess I should be too but I don't even remember her. From what that Henry guy told me though it doesn't even sound like we had anything in common. Almost like I LOST MY DAMN MIND when I started dating her.' Wendy: 'That's a shame. Wanna go make out on the boat?' Hook: (pulls her closer) 'Why wait?' *BIG DAMN SMOOCHIES* End Scene.

Okay so I read this at work and my morning started out really shitty but this made me laugh nonnie. 

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Saw this quote today: "Someday, we’ll run into each other again, I know it. Maybe I’ll be older and smarter and just plain better. If that happens, that’s when I’ll deserve you. But now, at this moment, you can’t hook your boat to mine, because I’m liable to sink us both." -- Gabrielle Zevin, Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. Seeking your writing sage advice here. Which DR pairing do you think this could be best applied to?

hm…. i think naegi/sayaka? :o

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💪 (if you're still accepting this meme <3)

The young man had caught his wandering eye during a calm moment. He looked about Dick’s age, perhaps a tiny bit younger. He also looked a bit forlorn, so Bruce sauntered over to him, a charming smile on his face. 

“Someone’s plus one? You’ve got a face at least half of the wealthy ladies here would fall for in a split-second.” Most young men attenting these gatherings were a woman’s plus one, often an older woman’s. It’s things like these people didn’t talk about; open secrets. “Or the wealthy men.” Bruce added amused. “Whichever floats your boat.”

He hooked their arms together, and lead the boy over to the drinks. “Don’t tell me you came without company.” He grabbed a champagne for himself and something less alcoholic like apple cider for his new company. He couldn’t be sure how old he was, and felt rather protective of him. It wasn’t a good environment to be alone at. 

Sometimes Bruce was forgetting that his biceps was far more impressive than it should be, and when he noted that the boy was staring at it, he let go of his arm and straightened the other’s tie instead. “Bruce Wayne. And you are?”


i had a dream last night about a dragon and a giant merman who were in love with each other 0__0 it was kinda weird but also really fantasy-ish and i lay in bed a long time afterwards just thinking about it…