boat guys

thebattricycle  asked:

I can't wait to see the finished Rick & Morty piece you're working on as I am completely in love with your art style! Also, is there a Miami Rick to go with your Miami Morty somewhere? x

Thanks, mate! Here you go

thanks for inviting me to the party. if you need me, i’ll be in the corner, drinking & trying not to make eye contact

I feel like anyone who shipped pricefield during Life Is Strange immediately abanded ship once they started playing Before The Storm 😂😂😂😂

  • (Widowmaker looks through her rifle sight)
  • Widowmaker: It’s, like, one of them drug dealer boats. Five guys on it. Headed our way.
  • (Fires rifle)
  • Widowmaker: Correction. Four guys on it.
  • (Fires rifle)
  • Widowmaker: Correction. They’re not headed our way anymore.
  • (Fires rifle, explosion heard in the distance)
  • Widowmaker: Correction. No boat.
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