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mafia leader! jaehyun
  • one of the classiest people you’ll ever meet
  • at first glance you’d think he was just some rich gentleman who got his money legally, but little did you know he was one of the most dangerous men you will ever meet
  • he’s cunning and sly, and knows exactly what he can do
  • he knows with that smile of his he can get anything he wants
  • hes persuasive but only because it runs in his genes, he’s wise as well, knowing which trades to take and which to avoid
  • he’s made a lot of enemies this way and doesnt really have anyone but yuta, taeyong and kun 
  • his family was killed when he was just learning how to take over once his father died and at first he was unexperienced but after a few months, he got the hang out it, basically burying himself with money
  • he loves to drink, and his pass time is to party, with drinks on him and his house filled with people
  • none of them were his friends really but it kept him company, kept his lonely heart working
  • he loves taking risks, especially when his life is on the line, he’s reckless but he still ends up living through all the massacres and shootings in the street 
  • his favorite person in the world would be yuta, they always end up making the most money since they believe that they need to get the job done themselves
  • jaehyun also has a girl in his bed every other night, he likes it with no strings attached since he doesnt have time for a relationship
  • hes also afraid that if he himself starts a family he might get them killed and he isn’t selfish like that
  • on the exterior he looks like one of the happiest in the world but sometimes he hates this weight on his shoulders 
  • he wishes he wasn’t born into this family but he doesnt have choice, he wants to keep the respect to his family’s name and he doesnt trust any one else to do that
  • he also gets super annoyed when people try to kill him because he doesnt think he did anything wrong (other than steal millions of dollars from them)
  • so he gives them a few chances but when those few chances are up, you wouldn’t want to be near him
  • he’s scariest when he’s mad, unafraid to do anything and his morals disappear 
  • he won’t be able to tell whats right and whats wrong once he’s beating someone up
  • he also hates fast deaths so he makes sure they suffer because they deserve it
  • his best advisor kun tries to reason with him that this isn’t the smartest idea but its times like this when jaehyun doesnt really care
  • he visits his family very often, and he doesnt want people to come along 
  • because that is the one time he can let it all go, his smile, his hard exterior 
  • one time he can cry and feel something
  • he doesnt want people to know about this because he doesnt want to appear weak but in reality he is also one of the weakest person
  • a lot of people visit him and ask him for his help and he gives it
  • he doesnt really know what else to do with his money anyways
  • he’s bought everything someone can ask for
  • he has a mansion, a vacation house, a boat, a garage full of cars but none of that really makes him happy
  • his luck is really bad too
  • although he doesnt get killed, he gets shot a lot
  • in the arm, leg, chest etc
  • it get tiring really to have to go to the hospital over and over
  • but his bad luck doesnt stop there
  • one by one his partners, best friends, brothers fall trying to protect him, their leader
  • not only that his best friend yuta dies in his arms
  • and he’s doesnt know what to do because he doesnt have anyone else left
  • he’s probably the loneliest person in the world by the time he reaches 35 
  • but that can’t stop him
  • he still has to keep that strong exterior and do his best
  • but if you pay close enough attention, you can see in his eyes that deep down he’s suffering and he needs someone to be there for him

taeyong ver. johnny ver. 

We closed on the house yesterday! It’s our!

Yesterday was so nice. Not so much because we got the house, which was awesome and overwhelming, but because the owners of the house were so great to us. We had the final walkthrough, and it felt like one part walkthrough, and one part audition for the house. The owners of the house got to know us fairly well in the short time we spoke to them and the wife was really emotional about us getting the house. She kept saying they were so happy the right people came along to make the house their home, which made me cry. I teared up a lot yesterday :)

After the closing, we went back to the house to have a moment with it, and the previous owners had to come back to get their boat from the garage and OMG they brought Scott and I a bottle of champagne so we can toast the house the day we move in. They didn’t stay long after that but it was such a kind and unexpected gesture. Yesterday was a good day.

stupidblackcat  asked:

Well, now thanks to you I'm in love with Zelgan. I have to admit I never expected that ship to reach into my port

HA! It is a bit of an odd little ship, isn’t it?

I’m picturing this tiny lopsided boat made out of garage junk frantically paddling into harbor with one oar. “Zelgan 4 EVA” is scribbled on the side with sharpie. Maybe some angry googley eyes glued to the front for style.


11x01 Out of the Darkness Into the Fire - Coda - Destiel (ao3)

Angels are experts at torture. Sometimes Castiel wonders at how little difference there is between his species and the demons that run hell. His own brothers have had him bound in sigiled handcuffs for two days while using every skill they learned in heaven to cause him pain. He told them everything he knows about Metatron the first day, hoping to convince them that by working together with their brothers and sisters they would find and defeat Metatron. But they either didn’t believe him or simply were enjoying being able to dish out the wrath that is a part of every angel because the torture has continued and Castiel can feel the painful cuts and bruises over what feels like every inch of his body.

And if that weren’t bad enough, Rowena’s curse is a sick wrongness, a dark corrupting force that he is using all of his remaining strength to fight. If he weren’t an angel, it would have killed him already. As it is, he doesn’t know how (or if) he will be able to remove this curse.

His body and mind are wracked past the point of utter exhaustion and he has felt himself slip in and out of consciousness several times today.

It is for this reason that when he hears a raucous on the other side of the door he barely registers what is might be. And when he sees a glimpse of Dean bursting into the room, followed closely by Sam, both holding dripping angel blades, he ignores the sight believing it to be a hallucination. There is no way Dean could have found him and he expressly told him not to try. He closes his eyes and tries to focus on reality. He can’t let his mind be tricked by pain and exhaustion.

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idfc 2|| Liam Dunbar

chapter 1 

Words: 1,162

Chapter 2

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One night the pack was at Lydia’s lake house for the karaoke/Netflix night, of course everyone was there. Hayden and Liam were sitting very close on the couch and Kira was next to them. Mason, Stiles and Lydia were sitting on the other couch and you and Malia were sitting on the floor.

You tried your best to focus on the TV screen and the songs, but your mind always came back to Hayden and Liam sitting together and almost hugging; you tried not to let it ruin your night but it was too late, the aching began and you looked away from them. Everybody wanted to sing their song but they couldn’t get to an agreement, you looked up at Hayden and Liam one more time and you couldn’t take it anymore, you stood up and stormed out of the house running to the boat garage. It was far enough for you to let it all out.

There were no clouds on the sky and the moon was shinning bright, dried leaves crushed under your feet and you could hear the pack calling your name a few times but you didn’t care, you kept running until you reached the boat house. It was dark and fortunately the door was unlocked, you walked in and sat at the edge of the small dock and took a deep breath. You never thought you’d reach a breaking point in front of them, that wasn’t the Y/n you knew and you hated yourself for that. You heard footsteps behind you and prayed it wasn’t Hayden, when Lydia and Malia sat next to you, you let out a sigh of relief. She rested her head on your right shoulder and Lydia put her arm around your torso.

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