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Bed Side Manners Ch. 8

(Juice x OC Charlie)

FYI: I left out a few things for my version. Also Bob is a real cat he lives in my boat in my garage and really looks as described  and really won’t let me touch him. He’s my favorite pet that I’ve ever had.

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“UGH NNNOOOOO” Charlie rolled over from where she was laying with Juice’s body wrapped around her back and into his chest. She buried her face into the pillow under his arm as he rolled back to grab the phone.

“‘Lo?” Juice grumbled into the phone.

“Juice, I’m at your house man, where you at?” Jax’s voice was a mix of relief and frustration when he got ahold of his missing brother.

“Sorry man, I’m uh…” he looked down at Charlie who had buried her face between his side and the pillow. Smiling he said “.. I crashed at my girls place.”

At him calling her HIS girl Charlie peeked one eye open then a slow blush bloomed over her cheeks as she held back a smile. “I’m gonna go shower so you can talk.” She whispered. Juice pulled the mouth piece away and kissed her as she got up then made her way to the bathroom.

“Uh oh, ‘your girl?’” Jax said with an amused tone. “Sounds serious bro, I know her?”

“Maybe? She’s a nurse at St Thomas, might know Tara, her names Charlie.”

Jax could hear the smile in his voice. “Man now I feel kinda bad for interrupting, but we need you bro. Lockdown.”

Juice talked to Jax for a bit. Using a pen and notebook Charlie had sitting in the kitchen he wrote down the requests before promising he’d be at the club house at noon with the info and ready for what comes next.

Walking back to the bathroom he heard the water shut off and knocked as he walked in. “Hey everything ok?” Charlie asked.

“Yeah that was Jax gotta get started on some club shit. Mind if I grab a shower?”

“No not at all ”

“Thanks babe.” He said giving her a peck as he stripped off the boxers he threw back on while talking to Jax.

While Juice was in the shower Charlie towel dried her hair and brushed her teeth. After rinsing her mouth she caught a wif of something familiar something like chocolate coconuts. “Did I say you could use my shampoo? You don’t even need shampoo.”
“Well since I didn’t ask for permission guess you didn’t give it.” Juice snarked at her. Suddenly he felt a cold rush immediately followed by a sting on his right butt cheek.

Looking back at the source he saw Charlie poking her head in the shower curtain. “Sass me again and see what happens.”

When Juice got out of the shower he wrapped a towel around his waist and walked down the hall to the kitchen. Walking in he saw a hilarious sight he’d be more than happy to get used to.

Charlie was wearing an old oversized gray sweater and short cotton shorts, walking around in the counter top searching the top cabinets for something. He tried to stay quiet just to let the scene unfold but he had to know. “Charlie, what cha doin?”

“Tryin to find my iron skillet.”


“Pancakes” She said with a smile.

“Pancakes sound amazing, but let’s stick with cereal we gotta move quickly today.” Juice said as he began walking towards the counter Charlie was standing on.

Charlie moved to sit down on the counter. When he got close enough she spread her legs and he stepped between them placing his hands on her thighs. He gave her a sweet kiss then pulled back to look into her eyes. Charlie placed her hands on either side of his head returning his gaze she could tell something was off.

“What’s wrong?”

Juice sighed again “There’s more I need to tell you. I wanted to last night but..” he smirked thinking back to the events of the night before. “Well, we got a little distracted.” Charlie blushed remembering last night. “How bout you get us that cereal I’m gonna throw my clothes in your dryer if that’s alright. Freshen them up then I’ll fill you in over breakfast?”

Charlie nodded and told him where the laundry was. Juice threw his stuff in remaining in just the towel and Charlie got the milk and cereal out. When they sat down Juice told her all about Gemma and everything that they were preparing for. “We’re going on lockdown.” He told her “would you be willing to go with me? I gotta know you’re safe.”

Charlie wanted to protest and say she would be fine, they had just made their relationship official so no one would know about her connection.
Then she thought about what he’d just told her. It was clear this Zobelle guy had eyes on his club and there was a good chance they could know about her. She knew she couldn’t have him worried about her. Charlie didn’t want to be the reason Juice’s head was somewhere other than where it needed to be.

Juice sat there watching her on baited breath awaiting a response. Finally she gave a soft half smile his way “What should I bring?”

Juice was helping Charlie pack up when the buzzer went off on the dryer. He went and changed then made a call into Gemma to add one more to the list.

When he walked back into the bedroom Charlie had a .38 special, two .45’s, a sawed off 12 Guage and 9mm layer out on the bed along side an assortment of ammo and a medical bag.

“Babe… uh….” he didn’t know what to say so he just looked shocked at everything on the bed.

“Oh.. yeah.. well with everything you told me…and uh.. I thought… umm.. yeah I’ll just put this away.” She started to gather the items up.

“Wait.” Juice walked over to the bed picking up one of the .45 snub nose revolver. “This one’s the smallest easier to hide. Keep it on you, keep it loaded. You wouldn’t have all these if you couldn’t use them so… yeah.” He wasn’t going to bother lecturing her.

Looking into her eyes he saw not fear but worry, and he knew it was worry for him. In two long strides he was across the room and holding her close. “I’m so sorry baby.” He was guilty for putting her through this.

“Juice, I grew up on the rougher side of life and you’ve explained everything I’m not getting into anything I’m not willing to handle.” Taking a breath she let it out slowly. “It’s just… I’m really starting to care about you, more than I should for the short time we’ve known each other. That being said, I’m not worried about me, I’m scared for you.”

Juice pulled her back to him when her eyes began to gloss over with tears. “Baby I’m gonna be ok. I’m gonna help the guys settle this and I’m gonna come back to you.” Pulling her from his chest he wiped away the tears from her cheeks. “You know for the first time ever in my life I actually care about coming back. That’s because of you babe.” She started to smile again  at that and he kissed her. “Now what’s this?” he asked picking up the red and white bag.

“Oh a med kit” She explained “I um may or may not have ya know borrowed it from the last hospital I worked at and it stays ..uh..filledonitsown.”

“You lift shit from St Thomas to keep it stocked don’t you?” He said this more as a statement with a shit eating grin slapped on his face.

“YOU NEVER KNOW … bad things happen all the time… I like to be prepared is all.” Charlie defended herself. “It’s just my brother and his band of dumbasses were always coming in banged up, or something so it just became a habit to be ready for emergencies. I never broke it.” She decided to just explain.

“I get it babe. You’re a clepto.” She scoffed at him slapping his chest lightly. “I’m kidding! Besides it’s probably a good habit to keep if you plan on sticking with me.” He joked.

They loaded the rest of Charlie’s things into her duffle bag. As they went to leave the house there was a loud crash in the kitchen Juice immediately pulled his gun and shoved Charlie behind him. Slowly they walked down the hall and to the kitchen. “What the fuck is that?!?”

On the counter where their dishes from that morning were drying on a rack stood a stocky gray cat. His ears were shredded hair was missing from his neck scars covered his face and body one lip looked to be permanently curled from where a chunk had been ripped from it, icing on the cake was his missing tail. He looked like an angry bull dog more than a cat.

“Oh crap!“Charlie ran past Juice and started picking up the plates the animal had clearly knocked down, fussing at the him as if he were a person.

"Charlie is this your umm… cat?” Juice asked. He didn’t remember seeing anything that would indicate that she had a cat or any animal for that matter.

“Umm well, kind of.. he came with the house I think. The people before me put a cat door on the kitchen door and one day he came in. I gave him some chicken and he keeps coming back. Never let’s me touch him though… Juice, Bob; Bob, Juice.” She introduced them.

Charlie finished picking up Bob’s mess and went to the fridge. She pulled out a raw steak and cut a piece off and set it on a paper plate. Setting it in front of the cat she turned to Juice “Ready?”

Juice climbed on his bike and Charlie followed him in her truck. They went to Juice’s house first where he grabbed his emergency duffle and did a few quick searches for Jax. Before they made their way to TM and the club house.

When they arrived Gemma already had the girls put to work and the guys were organizing security and arming up. Juice helped Charlie out of the truck when they heard a familiar Voice call out to them. “Juicy Boy!! Charlie Lass!! Ya made it.” Chibs yelled out to them.

“Hey man.” Juice greeted him as he approached the two. Giving Chibs a welcoming hug he asked “where’s Gemma?”

As Chibs turned and hugged Charlie he replied “Inside, las’ I saw of 'er tha kitchen orderin’ crows 'round.”

Juice lead Charlie inside to meet the Queen. Sure enough they found the great beauty herself in all he authoritative glory ordering everyone around the kitchen. “Gemma.” Juice called to her.

“Hey baby.” She said giving him a hug before turning to the tiny woman at his side. “You must be Charlie.” She smiled at her. Gemma felt she should know her but couldn’t quite place from where.

“That’s me” Charlie held out a hand but Gemma just pulled her into a hug. They made some small chat about where Gemma needed help and then all went their separate ways. Gemma decided to put Charlie on the medical supply stock. When she opened the closet in the bathroom it was a mess so she got to work organizing and taking inventory of what was there.

And hour later Charlie came out into the main room in search of one of the few faces she knew when she spotted one she should have buy didn’t expect. “Tara?”

“Charlie? What are you doing here?” The two coworkers and friends exchanged a hug but before Charlie could explain Juice came up to her side.

“Hey babe, we got Chapel then we’re gonna be heading out.” He said kissing her before giving Tara a smile and making a face at Able in the carrier next to them.

Turning back to a bright red Charlie, Tara chuckled “Never mind I know why you’re here now. When did that start?”

Charlie began to fill Tara in about her blooming relationship with the man. Tara was one of the first friends Charlie had made when moving to Charming since they had arrived about the same time. They worked closely together at first but Charlie was later moved. The two remained close as friends. It was easy to talk to someone who understood a club like life style and didn’t judge you. Also the two stuck together since they tended to stay out of the St Thomas gossip chains.

When the guys got out of church Juice came out to find Charlie laughing with Tara and Able in her lap. “I just can’t believe how big he is!” Charlie was saying. Her eyes were misty as she held the boy close.

Spotting the guys Tara called out to Jax to come over to them. When they reached them Jax leaned in and kissed Tara “What’s up Charlie? How you been darlin?” He said giving her a half hug as to not squash the baby in her arms.

Before Charlie could answer Juice cut in “You all know each other?”

“Yeah,” Tara started “Charlie and I work together at the hospital and she was Able’s Nurse.”

Jax had been looking at the arm Juice had around the small woman before jumping in with a big smile “Juice this is your girl Charlie? The one you mentioned on the phone today?” At their smiles he shook his head in disbelief. “Well we gotta head out. I love you.” He told Tara then walked to his mom.

“You gonna be ok?” Juice asked Charlie at her nod he kissed her then went over to Happy.

A loud whistle silenced the room and everyone turned to Clay up front. After is welcome speech all the guys and their ladies went out side. Giving final good byes before heading out into an unknown.

Charlie caught Juice’s eye as he rode away. Worry began to fill her as the gates closed shielding her view of the reaper on his back. She turned when she felt an arm snake around her shoulders. “They’re gonna be ok.” Tara reassured her. But still she was worried about him.

idfc 2|| Liam Dunbar

chapter 1 

Words: 1,162

Chapter 2

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One night the pack was at Lydia’s lake house for the karaoke/Netflix night, of course everyone was there. Hayden and Liam were sitting very close on the couch and Kira was next to them. Mason, Stiles and Lydia were sitting on the other couch and you and Malia were sitting on the floor.

You tried your best to focus on the TV screen and the songs, but your mind always came back to Hayden and Liam sitting together and almost hugging; you tried not to let it ruin your night but it was too late, the aching began and you looked away from them. Everybody wanted to sing their song but they couldn’t get to an agreement, you looked up at Hayden and Liam one more time and you couldn’t take it anymore, you stood up and stormed out of the house running to the boat garage. It was far enough for you to let it all out.

There were no clouds on the sky and the moon was shinning bright, dried leaves crushed under your feet and you could hear the pack calling your name a few times but you didn’t care, you kept running until you reached the boat house. It was dark and fortunately the door was unlocked, you walked in and sat at the edge of the small dock and took a deep breath. You never thought you’d reach a breaking point in front of them, that wasn’t the Y/n you knew and you hated yourself for that. You heard footsteps behind you and prayed it wasn’t Hayden, when Lydia and Malia sat next to you, you let out a sigh of relief. She rested her head on your right shoulder and Lydia put her arm around your torso.

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