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Astro: the Earth (3/6)

eunwoo would be the oceans that wrap the earth. he’s both the calm surface on bright days and the rough waves during stormy nights: he’s the feeling of the sea washing up on the shoreline and caressing your ankles. eunwoo is all the layers of the ocean, the deepest, darkest depths and trenches still waiting to be discovered, quietly glimmering in the light of the sun and moon. (insp)


its chalcedony! original corrupted gem adopted from @sariasong64. on the left is how she is now, and to the right is how she was before the light bomb corrupted her.

she was a weather oriented gem, and went with scouting gems to scope out environments better than any technology they had. with her cloud hair, she was able to sense the winds’ movements at any time, and with her super sensitive thin skin she was able to feel temperature drop or rise by even one degree.

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