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*learns more and more about Mary Christiansen*
  • Rational people: I'm going to kick this alcoholic bitch to the curb for Joseph and the kids
  • Me, an overgrown weaboo obsessed with Gasai Yuno: I'm gonna go Yandere Simulator on her bitch ass it's gonna be like School Days up in here Mary's future and reputation are gonna be on a Nice Boat at the bottom of the ocean

“john where are you taking me?” sherlock whined as he pulled on his coat. “just put on your shoes, come with me, and stop asking questions.” john said sternly. sherlock pouted and said, “that sounds a lot like a kidnapping.” after an obnoxiously exaggerated sigh, he stomped out the door after his best friend.

john walked with him to the park where he almost was burned alive in a bonfire. “john what is this?” sherlock asked. “what did i say about the questions?” john said rolling his eyes. sherlock huffed and plopped down on the grass. john followed a few seconds later. “the boat is almost ready.” said john after a little while of silence. sherlock nodded and started picking the grass and playing with the short blades. john found himself watching how sherlock’s eyes focused as he tried to tie a knot in one without it breaking.

sherlock looked up suddenly, making john look away frantically, but sherlock had seen, and john knew it. he dropped the grass and crossed his legs. john jumped up and said “come on sherlock, it’s ready” sherlock got up and followed john down towards the pond. the sun was almost down and it was starting to get dark. sherlock obviously knew what was happening, but he didn’t understand why

john stood in front of a little boat and told sherlock to get on it. “why” sherlock responded. “sherlock holmes, if you ask me one more question i swear to god-” “ok, ok.” sherlock said stepping on to the brown wood of the small row boat. “john, its almost like you’re taking me on a romantic date.” sherlock said sarcastically. “yep.” john said without hesitation. “what?” sherlock said, genuinely surprised for once. “yes, this is supposed to be a romantic date.” john said, completely unfazed. “i don’t understand.” sherlock said, pure confusion on his face. “you should put that on a tee shirt.” john laughed. 

usually sherlock would laugh at john’s magnussen joke, but not now. he was too stunned. it was worse than when he thought john was moriarty (even though that lasted about two seconds), worse than when irene walked into the room naked, and even worse than when john told him he was his best friend. sherlock had no plan. not an idea, not even a word to say next. his feelings were overwhelming him and now they had somehow made it to the middle of the pond. sherlock hadn’t even noticed.

“so, i brought these lantern things, thought we could set them off.” john said. sherlock was still not talking, trying to think through this. “i got the idea from one of rosie’s movies, the one with rapunzel and that horse.” he continued, “you light the bottom on fire and they fly away or something, should be interesting.” sherlock still had a puzzled look on his face and was staring at john. “sherlock?” john said. “ok, not this again. sherrrlock snap out of it.”

sherlock did not snap out of it. “ok, fine.” john said before leaning across the boat and kissing sherlock. 

sherlock snapped the hell out of it.

john pulled away and sherlock looked at him smiling. sherlock practically lunged across the boat to kiss john again, knocking them both into the water. thankfully, it was a shallow lake, only about 1.75 meters, so sherlock could touch the bottom. their heads both popped up from the water and sherlock held john up, who was laughing. “what did you do that for!” john said still laughing. sherlock laughed too and they walked out of the pond and went home to tell mrs hudson. 

on the way back to 221b, john called molly to tell her that everything went well and that him and sherlock were official. to make a long story short, mrs hudson and rosie both screamed, molly cried, and later that week when they told mycroft and greg, all they had to say was “about damn time.” 

the end.

I’ve never really been a fan of love triangles, but one thing I loved about JTV’s love triangle is how different each relationship was from one another and I admired the writers for that. Now they’re building up Jafael again (over the cost of killing the man she chose over him countless times / totally erasing her other best friend out of picture) and they’re doing it by recycling villadero’s moments and putting Rafael on scenes he shouldn’t be in.

I am really happy Rafael’s grown (though we didn’t see any of his development and this is such a waste of Justin’s talent and story arc), but Jane saying he is “sort of her best friend” the first episode after Michael’s death, exchanging late phone texts and having weekly family gatherings with him is such a straight-forward copy of villadero’s lines/scenes and it’s cringy to watch.

And that moment when Jane says she can’t read it without breaking down, it really should’ve been Alba the one talking to her because she is the person who gets what Jane’s going through the best. It could’ve been another great Villanueva moment, but instead we’ve barely got to see any of those. 

I totally get that Rafael is part of her family, is a constant presence and they should be friends and I really like that. However, it’s very likely they’re going to bring the romance back and it’s not only insensitive of them to shove down our throats so many J/R moments the first episode after Michael’s death, but it is a little offensive to their fans to literally copy J/M moments. I did enjoy J/R on the first season and could’ve kept supporting it if things had turned out differently, because despite everything, each couple was unique and had its pros and cons. Now it is just likely to be a cheap repetition of the previous relationship and I think every fan deserved better.

Today in rationalizing game mechanics via headcanons:

starring joker as the smoothest teenaged boy of all time

Akira’s parents could afford to board him with Soujiro for a year.  They felt that they needed to banish him from his home town while was on probation, but were able to get him into a high-class private school in spite of his criminal record. 

I think that this points towards his parents being wealthy and influential people in their own right — maybe prominent local politicians or business owners.  People powerful enough to pull strings for their son but not so powerful that Shido would take note of them.

It would explain a lot about where Akira learned to wheel and deal and manipulate when it comes to his social links.

no queers allowed (except when they go on swan boat dates)

I consider Akira canon bisexual.  His Yusuke dreams speak for themselves.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t really processed his gay awakening yet because he’s had so much other shit to deal with.  This is why his flirtations with boys tend to take the form of glib (flirty) comments, and why he doesn’t actually have a homosexual romance route.   The guy’s just not quite there.

going the fuck to sleep

Akira doesn’t mind hauling Morgana everywhere.  He was alone for a long time — locked up, cast out, abandoned by his parents and any former friends.  Having a supportive companion was a huge comfort after his justice system nightmare.  

Hence Akira’s compliance when Morgana decrees that it’s time to go to bed.  The first time it happened, Akira was so, so happy that someone gave enough of a shit about him to impose a curfew.   He doesn’t want to put Morgana off from caring for him that way.

And Morgana remains in feline form for keeps?  Then Akira is more than happy to be the kind of weird evil overlord that is constantly doting over his cat.

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