boat date

“john where are you taking me?” sherlock whined as he pulled on his coat. “just put on your shoes, come with me, and stop asking questions.” john said sternly. sherlock pouted and said, “that sounds a lot like a kidnapping.” after an obnoxiously exaggerated sigh, he stomped out the door after his best friend.

john walked with him to the park where he almost was burned alive in a bonfire. “john what is this?” sherlock asked. “what did i say about the questions?” john said rolling his eyes. sherlock huffed and plopped down on the grass. john followed a few seconds later. “the boat is almost ready.” said john after a little while of silence. sherlock nodded and started picking the grass and playing with the short blades. john found himself watching how sherlock’s eyes focused as he tried to tie a knot in one without it breaking.

sherlock looked up suddenly, making john look away frantically, but sherlock had seen, and john knew it. he dropped the grass and crossed his legs. john jumped up and said “come on sherlock, it’s ready” sherlock got up and followed john down towards the pond. the sun was almost down and it was starting to get dark. sherlock obviously knew what was happening, but he didn’t understand why

john stood in front of a little boat and told sherlock to get on it. “why” sherlock responded. “sherlock holmes, if you ask me one more question i swear to god-” “ok, ok.” sherlock said stepping on to the brown wood of the small row boat. “john, its almost like you’re taking me on a romantic date.” sherlock said sarcastically. “yep.” john said without hesitation. “what?” sherlock said, genuinely surprised for once. “yes, this is supposed to be a romantic date.” john said, completely unfazed. “i don’t understand.” sherlock said, pure confusion on his face. “you should put that on a tee shirt.” john laughed. 

usually sherlock would laugh at john’s magnussen joke, but not now. he was too stunned. it was worse than when he thought john was moriarty (even though that lasted about two seconds), worse than when irene walked into the room naked, and even worse than when john told him he was his best friend. sherlock had no plan. not an idea, not even a word to say next. his feelings were overwhelming him and now they had somehow made it to the middle of the pond. sherlock hadn’t even noticed.

“so, i brought these lantern things, thought we could set them off.” john said. sherlock was still not talking, trying to think through this. “i got the idea from one of rosie’s movies, the one with rapunzel and that horse.” he continued, “you light the bottom on fire and they fly away or something, should be interesting.” sherlock still had a puzzled look on his face and was staring at john. “sherlock?” john said. “ok, not this again. sherrrlock snap out of it.”

sherlock did not snap out of it. “ok, fine.” john said before leaning across the boat and kissing sherlock. 

sherlock snapped the hell out of it.

john pulled away and sherlock looked at him smiling. sherlock practically lunged across the boat to kiss john again, knocking them both into the water. thankfully, it was a shallow lake, only about 1.75 meters, so sherlock could touch the bottom. their heads both popped up from the water and sherlock held john up, who was laughing. “what did you do that for!” john said still laughing. sherlock laughed too and they walked out of the pond and went home to tell mrs hudson. 

on the way back to 221b, john called molly to tell her that everything went well and that him and sherlock were official. to make a long story short, mrs hudson and rosie both screamed, molly cried, and later that week when they told mycroft and greg, all they had to say was “about damn time.” 

the end.

Callout Post: Jack from Jack's Bait Shop

• is a raging alcoholic
• uses “family values” bullshit to hide the fact that he dates boat hoes and crap traps behind his wife’s back
• thinks a few miles out from coast is international waters
• framed me of a crime i did not commit because one of his “marlin models” showed an interest in me
• i did not have sex with that fish
• you know how he gets when he drinks!!
• i’ll let YOU decide who violated that trout

Canon Cockles things that don't need tinhatting~

* Cockles boat ride/date and family outing 🙈
* Cockles ice cream/frisbee date 😆
* Cockles sunset pictures (some could be used for romantic book covers 🙊)
* Cockles crab trap stories AKA ‘family stories 😜
* Cockles stripping (Misha) and the other one apparently enjoying the show 😉
* Cockles spa date (I wonder if it was a gift from Jensen to Misha for his b-day or Danneel or Vicky’s idea) 😁
* Jensen basically calling Misha handsome in his b-day tweet 😅
* Jensen liking Misha’s new cologne and Misha making sure he approved 😜
* Cockles nicknames: Dmitri ‘bring it on’, Mish, Mishka 🐻 (fave), teddy bear, puppy, and Jackles and ‘aloha cowboy’ (I would love to hear Misha call Jensen a cute name)
* Cockles on stage kiss (actually two if we count the ‘fake kiss) 😚
* Cockles longing stares, whispering in ears and arm/shoulder touches 😃
* Cockles grinding on stage and Misha’s mischievous hand on Jensen’s jewels 😅
* Jensen possessively wrapping his arm around Misha’s waist 😱
* Cockles ass tapping 😋
* Jealous cockles, kinda with Matt and Sebastian 😏
* Jensen’s grabbing Misha’s hand and gently caressing it on Matt’s shoulder (Wiggles eyebrows, they should have an emoji for that 😶)
* Jared kinda outing Cockles with his multiple suggestive jokes lol ( God bless that big moose 🙏🏼)
*Cockles Twitter flirting 🔫
*Cockles bleeding to Destiel
*All the dirty jokes between Jensen and Misha in the bloopers (I’m crying because of all the ones we would never see 😭)
* Don’t get me started on octopus Jensen during cockles photo ops AND the unicorn laughs, also the whipped looks on their faces EWW! 😖
* Jensen’s accent kink (indiarussia anyone?)

* And how could I forget the Cockles on stage orgasm?! Well, it was Misha but Jensen’s eyes almost came out of his sockets, among other things 😅

What else am I forgetting? I know I’m forgetting plenty but I need to go back to sleep. Add your own if you remember any ~

Bye 👣

Now or Never (Bias x Reader) Pt.8

At the concert in Japan, B/N performs with a clear mind. He doesn’t let his thoughts get in the line of work until the music stops and he’s off stage. 

At the fansigning event, he puts on a smile. Signing everything being shoved his way. He holds basic conversation, amused at many of the fans behavior and messages to him. But he can’t help but think of Y/N. Would she act like this if they hadn’t met the way they did? Would she be screaming and jumping up and down? Would she be neutral and calm? 

By the time it’s over and they get back to the hotel, B/N is more exhausted than usual, all this thinking taking a toll on him. 

“What am I doing?” B/N asks himself.

“I told you so,” his members ruthlessly chastise him.

Was he way over his head here? What was he doing moving so fast with a girl he just met? He was someone always on guard with his feelings, not giving in so quickly. Why this sudden change? He can’t imagine the mess he would be in if his manager found out. 

He checks his phone and sees the few messages of encouragement Y/N left him. He feels the tug of a smile forming on his lips but sighs instead. He tosses his phone but it misses the bed, falling on the floor.

She didn’t bother him as he worked, already grasping his hectic schedule. But why was she so understanding? Call his phone endlessly, be clingy and psycho. Give him a reason to do what he’s about to do.

He falls on the bed covering his face with his hands, “I can’t believe I did this,” he’s mumbling to himself aloud, but of course everyone else hears him. 

“Was she that much of a bad kisser?” 

“Far from it,” 

They’re yelling now and jumping on the bed around him, teasing him endlessly, “So you did kiss her!”

“She couldn’t possibly be a bad kisser. You saw her lips, imagine how they felt,” 

“You always move so fast,” 

“Is she no longer interested? Were you a bad kisser? That’s a huge turn off for some people,” 

“Shut up,” 

B/N covers his face with the pillow, his mind drifting back to her again. She had a normalcy about her that he didn’t know he craved. Someone that didn’t jump at every opportunity to be with him. Someone who actually questioned why he was interested in her. Majority of the girls he spoke to either attempted to use him for their own gain, or were so caught up in the stage version of him that they didn’t bother to actually get to know him

He groans into the pillow, trying not to think of those brief moments with her. He wants to think rationally, something he’s supposedly good at. 

“Just call it off, say our manager found out,” 

“That’s cold,” 

He thought about that option. Many idols have done that, taken the easy way out. They pay off the girls figuring that’s exactly what they want and they’re on their way, relationship forgotten. But remembering how she spoke to him, the sincerity in her words and the look of affection in her eyes… Could he do that to her?

“Do you not like her anymore?” 

He exhales sharply, getting more annoyed by the minute, “I do but-”

“You’re scared,” B/N says nothing because they’re right. They know him so well.

If he wasn’t a celebrity, if he was unknown like before, he wouldn’t hesitate. He’d flaunt their relationship and wouldn’t be afraid of displaying his affection towards her. 

But he has to be careful with the life he has. Careful of the people he wants to get close to, wary of them stabbing him in the back. He couldn’t trust just anyone. Even people like Y/N. 

“What are you going to do?” 

B/N sits up, “Something only a coward would do,”

None of his members tell him if it’s a good idea, but they don’t stop him either. 

In a few days B/N returns and you’re more than excited to see him. You know he’ll be tired but he insisted on seeing you anyway. 

“Look at you,” Kara puts her magazine down as she watches you get ready. You’re wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater, but you’re makeup and hair is what will draw the attention. Casual tire, flawless face, “You’re even wearing perfume, God must be coming,” 

You can’t help but smile. Kara is dressed as well, but she’s going on a date with another man you haven’t met yet. A new date this time.

“My date is hotter than yours though,” she teases. 

“How well does he kiss?” 

“He needs a bit of work but-” she suddenly gasps, “You kissed him?” 

“Well, he kissed me,” you glance at her, “Twice,” 

She slaps the magazine on the table, “How was it?” 

You feel shy at the thought of it, your face heating up, “You know that thing they do with your bottom lip when the kiss is about to end?” 

Kara sinks into her chair with a satisfied sigh, “No he didn’t,” 

You fan your fake tears dramatically, “He did,”

She suddenly yells in frustration, frightening you, “This guy better not disappoint me!” 

Your phone goes off then and you see the text from B/N saying that he’s here. You jump up and grab your bag, waving Kara bye. 

B/N is parked farther away this time. You get in, bashfully greeting him. He’s prepared food for a picnic this time, since going to an actual restaurant is out of the question. 

“How was the concert?” you ask him as he drives. The sky is bright and blue, not a cloud in sight. 

“It was great. Crowd was lively too,” you watch him as he drives, realizing his hands are gripping the steering wheel too tight and that he’s barely looking at you. 

When you arrive, there’s barely anyone. You sit on the blanket by the lake, B/N setting the food out. You’re curious about what has his mind so occupied, so you take his hand, “Are you okay? If you were busy or even stressed out, we could’ve put this off for another day,” 

He shakes his head with a smile, “No. I had to see you today,” 

You almost don’t like the way he said that. He sits beside you with a smile, “I hope you like it,” 

He starts to eat but you’re stomach is uneasy, remembering the way he looked at you a few days back to the way he’s behaving now. 

“Why aren’t you eating?” he asks, still stuffing his face with food. 

“Why can’t you look at me?”

He pauses mid-chew, waits until the food is down before turning to you, “My manager found out,” 

Your heart sinks, “About us?” 

He nods, “He told me to call it off,” He sounds too casual about this.

“And you complied, just like that?” 

He puts his food down, “I didn’t have a choice,” 

You’re quiet for a moment, “When you looked at me the last time, you looked as if you were ready to say goodbye. So right now I think you’re lying. Am I wrong?” by his silence you know you’re not.

He sighs, “Y/N we both saw this coming. It wouldn’t have worked.” 

You feel so stupid, “Wow. Was any of this genuine? You were the one pouring your heart out to me before and now you’re stone cold? I think you’re a scared little bitch who couldn’t come to me and explain that you’re terrified. How many girls have you done this to?” 

He turns his face, the muscle in his jaw moving. You hate that your eyes are flooding. You hate that you’re feeling so betrayed.

“I understand if you hate me,” he says softly. What you hated was the fact that he’s not fighting for you. Fighting for someone he barely knows…

“I would’ve understood if you had just explained to me. I have to leave in about a month, I know how this will end.”

He bows his head, “I’m sorry,” 

You’re infuriated, but you know it’s because you’re hurt. You’re still holding the food he made for you and it’s the only thing you can throw at him without it actually hurting him. The food stains his clothes. He finally looks at you and you can’t stand the softness in them.

“I wish I could hate you. You were just the last person I expected to do this to me,” 

List of cockles precious moments from the last few days:

So much Cockles fellow Cockles trash, these past few days. I just needed to do a compilation of them, so we don’t forget (NOT THAT WE WILL!)

Here is goes:

* Cockles boat ride/date with their families.
* The candid pictures Jensen posted of him and Misha and the sunset (super romantic by the way).
* The pictures Misha posted, especially the one with him and Jensen starting the boat. AND the caption that said ‘me and MY deck swab’ or AKA ‘cabin boy’.
*The cockles outing to a spa (😆) I want to know all the details!
* Jensen tweeting Misha for his b-day and ‘discreetly calling him ‘good looking’.
* Jensen covering Misha’s bruised lips in some photo ops.
Jensen’s out of control hands, grabbing at Misha possessively (again) in some photo ops.
*Jensen bashfully telling, what he called a ‘family story’ of how Misha had to strip down to his goggles.
* Jensen looking mighty shy and whipped (head tilted down, body a bit tense, hands playing with the seam of his pants close to his crotch and kinda blushing), while telling this ‘family story’,
* Jared (bless this man-child) teasing and making super suggestive jokes while Jensen told the story.
* Jared (God bless his soul), switching rooms so Misha wasn’t alone while signing autographs, and Jensen keeping him company (🙈).
* Jensen asking Misha if it was him that ‘smelled’ and Misha answering ‘yes, it’s new’ AND asking Jensen if he liked it (😭), Jensen answering ‘yes, I like it’ (🔫).
* Jensen calling Misha, ‘Mishka’ to show him something (🙊).

Nicknames are one of the highest forms of affection.

Did I miss something? If so, please add it to the list~

The gods favor us fellow Cockles shippers. Let’s hope we get more of these cherished Cockles moments soon enough.



The Russian word for bear, mostly a baby bear ( Cub ).
That’s why the logo of the compony “Mishka” is a bear.

***Also used as a pet name, very much like sweetie-pie and honey-bear*** (I’m dead guys, bring me some roses and peonies to my grave)


The ruler of “mishkan”, or perfect woman in anciant croatian. ***A very attractive, sexually appealing woman***

So it is safe to say that Misha is Jensen’s ‘teddy bear’ 🐻

Bye 👣👣👣

(The definitions are from
*The gif isn’t mine, but I couldn’t find the beautiful person who made it (sorry).

okay everyone ready to hear about the dream i had last night?

okay it was that i turned on netflix and started watching a random episode of friends and i was like huh ive never seen this one??? and the premise was that ross got hired to work on a boat and he was dating rachel at the time and she didnt want to live on a boat with him but it was a really good job and so he didnt know what to do and then rachel talked to monica and she convinced her that the boat would be really awesome so rachel wanted it but joey talked to ross and convinced him the boat wasnt worth it so ross declined the job and he and joey and chandler were all in ross’s house unpacking all his boxes because he had already packed i guess and joey and chandler found fursuits in the boxes and put them on and they were just wearing them for the rest of the episode but no one acknowledged it (chandler’s was a dalmation and joey’s was a dragon i think). and there was one part where rachel bought this special nightlight for ross and she was gonna give it to him but chandler found it and gave it to ross instead and ross thought he was in love with him and he told rachel and rachel was like “why do you think hes in love woth you??” And ross was like “i could see it in his eyes” and rachel was like “his eyes? but you cant see his eyes hes wearing a fursuit”

Five things that could ruin a date
  1. Fecal matter. Fecal matter all in and around the facehole.
  2. Calling your brother during sex and asking him whether he prefers dark mustard or light yellows.
  3. Screaming “Instant spaghetti” every time your date tries to say something.
  4. That guy from the “Shamwow” ads.
  5. Telling your date how cool your new life insurance is for at least twenty three minutes.