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Greta Garbo by Colleen O'Eris

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<br />Original caption: 12/8/1928-New York, NY: Among the many prominent passengers sailing from New York City aboard the S.S. Kungsholm, New Swedish motorship which sailed on second trip Dec. 8th, was Greta Garbo. Photo shows Miss Garbo leaning on rail holding handbag. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS
Shut up and Drive

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Genre: Action au 
Main Characters: Chanyeol, Jongin, Kyungsoo and Sehun x Reader (mentions of the other members)

Request: “Hey there :D can I request something with all the exo members in an AU? I’m hoping there’s some action, and it could be any genre :D (hoping it’s gonna be a longer series BWAHAHAH) thanks :)” - anon

Summary: High speed vehicles and life threatening races, the fun you weren’t aware of until you got invited to this place. Where police are no where to be seen and people make bets on other’s life. You may just find yourself befriending a group of dorks along the way. Jump right in for the ride of your life.

“Come on, you can’t leave me alone in this. You promised we would go out tonight!” Your bestfriend Yeri said to you. You groaned and replied “Yeah but not to a car race that’s strictly illegal!”

It was spring break, the perfect time to go out and get a way from your studies. You had planned to go out with Yeri for a long time and tonight was your free night to do whatever you wanted. In fact, you were sleeping over at her house and your parents knew but what they didn’t know is that you both are about to escape in the middle of the night to go wondering around where you weren’t allowed to go.

You told her you’d go where ever she wanted, imagining she’d want to go to the movies, shopping or worst case scenario a party but went even higher than that. You aren’t an extroverted person in comparison to her, you prefered not having to deal with crowds and staying as far from danger as possible.

Yeri explained how she was invited to a car race and how it would be such memorable moment to see the cars and know more people. You kept telling her not to go because so many things could end badly. What if the cops show up there? What if your parents found out where you were? You would be so grounded and possibly held captive at your home for being a bad child even though you were close to becoming an adult in a few years.

“God what are you scared of? We should live in the moment! Everything’s gonna be fine just trust me” Yeri said still trying to convince you “Plus, there’s gonna be some cute boys there and you could really use a date” you scoff at her comment. She look back at you shrugging her shoulders “I’m just saying, you have been single for a while and it would be nice to see you letting loose” she said and you reply “Yeah, yeah whatever”

She stood in front of you asking “Well?… Are you going?” anticipating a yes because she knew you’d do anything for her. And you’d feel much more worried if you let her go on her own. You sighed and replied “Okay” making her squeal and embrace you in a hug. You wanted to be mad at her for dragging you into situations like this but she was your best friend after all and you loved her.

“I knew you’d say yes, you’re the best” she said excited “Stay there, I’m going to let you borrow some of my clothes” and with that she started searching on her closet for an outfit for you. She picked out a tight night dress and some high heels for you, similar to what she was going to wear. “Here you go, you’ll look so hot every boy will not take their eyes off you” she said handing you the clothes. You look at them and push them back to her “Nah, I-I think I’m good” because you weren’t really comfortable with that kind of revealing clothes.

Yeri rolled her eyes and asked “And you’re going to go on that?” pointing at your current outfit which was a oversized red hoodie with a band name printed on the front, light wash ripped jeans and a par of white converse. You looked at yourself and shrugged, you didn’t really care that much since you weren’t exactly thrilled to go to the car race initially. She sighed “Fine, whatever floats your boat” then grabbed her clothes and headed to the bathroom to change.

After a few minutes, Yeri was fully changed and you were both ready to go. You escaped from her house carefully and you took her mom’s car to get down town. You were the one driving since Yeri was in heels and she gave you the directions of where to go.

You got there and parked the car. There were so many cars there and it only meant one thing, there must be a whole lot of people there too. You started to feel anxious as you got out of the car and walked. Yeri looked at you, noticing your expression and lightly pinched your cheek “Calm down Y/N, you look like you’re about to puke” she said jokingly “Let’s just get this over with” you said and continued walking towards the crowds of people around some sports cars.

You walked behind Yeri and into the crowd. As you walked, you instantly felt eyes on the both of you. They were looking at Yeri because of how hot she looked in her outfit and looking at you because of how different you dressed in comparison to the rest of the girls in there. Hopefully not noticing that you weren’t old enough to hangout in these types of places.

You looked around and saw how most girls were in dresses and heels, making you stand out from everyone. As you looked around, your eye caught a glance of a group of guys, they were also undressed like you, but they looked unremarkably handsome with their effortless clothes. You quickly turned to look another way before any of them noticed your staring and continued walking with Yeri.

“Yeri, over here!” someone shouted making her turn their way, grab your hand and walk rapidly to them. You met with a group of 5 guys who looked like rich boys. Their cars were clearly expensive, their clothes looked high end and they themselves looked like they had their own hair and make up team. You were starting to wonder, why would they waste their money in such races? And how exactly did Yeri know these people?

“So nice to see you made it” one of the guys said to her. They hugged lightly and he turned his attention to you, looking at you up and down “Who is it that you brought with you?” he asked as he pulled her closer “She’s Y/N, my best friend” Yeri said and he nodded. The rest of them had other girls around them, talking and doing other things that made you feel slightly uncomfortable. Yeri and said guy were now whispering to each other on their ears and ignoring everyone else’s presence, including yours.

You quickly felt neglected by your friend who had insisted you to accompany her in the first place, so you slowly stepped away from the group and began to walking away. You weren’t just going to stand there for god knows how long staring at them. You walked around and you found yourself close to the group of boys you saw earlier. You stood close to their cars, observing them closely but not that close. You didn’t know that much about cars but you had an appreciation for nice looking cars.

One of then stood out for you. It was a red modified sport car, it was shining like a brand new car and looked fairly expensive. You took a step closer and looked inside. The interior was even better. It was white all around and the seats seemed to be of leather. You wanted to drive that thing so bad, it probably costed more than your entire house.

“Like what you see?” a voice comes from behind you suddenly, startling you and making you squeal. You turned around to see it was one of the guys of the group. He was pretty tall, had really cheeky smile on his face and fluffy hair. You put your hands on your pockets, feeling a bit embarrassed for being caught practically gawking at one of their cars “Yeah, it’s pretty cool” you said looking up to him and seeing how his smile now widened. “Thanks, we work hard on it” he said “My name’s Chanyeol” and you replied “I’m Y/N” smiling back to him.

“Y/N, no offence but you don’t really seem like the type of girl that enjoys these kind of things” he said to you and you responded “I was dragged in here by my best friend so you’re totally right” he laughed at your annoyed tone as you mentioned your best friend and asked “Oh I see, and where is she?”. You looked around and pointed to where she was “Over there with those guys”, Chanyeol followed your gaze and as it landed on him, his expression changed. He looked bothered by them and you noticed.

“I’m guessing by the look in your face that you’re not friends with them” you said making him turn to you. He sighed and said “Nope, not at all. Do you know them?” you shook your head and replied “Not at all, my friend is the one who apparently knows them” he nodded slowly. He turned to look at their direction again “Their just a bunch of privileged assholes who think they’re superior to everyone because they have money” he said in a irked tone “We are basically rivals, every time we have a race, the five of them appear; Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Chen and Baekhyun” you nodded your head understandingly.

They did seem to fit the description he was giving to them. They didn’t seem humble at the least, by the smirks on their faces and aura you could see where Chanyeol was coming from. “But forget them” he said “You seem pretty cool and different, I like that. Do you want to meet my friends?” you nodded and followed him as you felt your cheeks flush. Any guy complimenting you would make you feel a bit abashed and hearing it from a cute guy makes it even worse.

“Y/N, these are my friends Sehun, D.O. and Kai. Guys, this is Y/N” Chanyeol said introducing you to his friends. Sehun smiled slightly and waved to you, Kai smiled sweetly and D.O. just nodded his head. He seemed like a serious guy, which kind of intimidated you at first but you smiled to him and the others either way. The one that didn’t scare you at all was Kai because when he smiled his face resembled one of a cute puppy, which warmed you heart. “Nice to meet you! And also, good luck on the race tonight” you said and they all thanked you. “Actually, only two of us are racing tonight” Chanyeol said and then Sehun stepped up “And me being the best of the four of us, of course I’m racing tonight” he said earning a hard slap on the back by D.O.

“Don’t start getting cocky Sehun” D.O. said “Yeah, respect your hyungs idiot” Chanyeol added. Sehun rubbed the part of his back where D.O. hit him and said “I was just joking” in a whiny tone making you giggle. “And who else is racing?” you asked and then Kai spoke with excitement “Ah, our best racer D.O.!” you looked at him and he still had the same expression from earlier. “He may give off a cold vibe but he’s a good guy and also really good at racing” Kai said as he patted D.O.’s shoulder.

After a while of talking to them, a bunch of people started crowding up in the center. You looked around and saw the guys that were with Yeri also joining in the crowd. “It’s time” D.O. said and started walking to the crowd “Time for what?” you asked, Sehun leaned to you and said “Time for the bets”. You were still left a bit confused but of what you could gather, they were going to bet on who will be the winner team. Joining the crowd with Sehun, Kai, D.O. and Chanyeol, you noticed that the so called rivals were right in front of you.

“Settle down now” Xiumin exclaimed to the crowd and nodded torwards Suho for him to speak. “From my team, the ones who will be racing are Lay and Baekhyun” he finished and directed his gaze to Chanyeol making him step forward and he simply said “D.O. and Sehun are up against them”. Suho mockingly chuckled and said “Sad to say this will be awfully easy then, I would prefer to see the leader race for once” Chanyeol gets closer to him and says “I can say the same to you, but hey when was the last time you stepped foot on a sports car that you didn’t have to buy with your daddy’s money?” the crowd ohh’d and Suho’s smirk dropped. But slowly grew on his face again as he replied to Chanyeol “Well you can say whatever you want but you can’t call me broke, can you?”

Chanyeol didn’t respond as Xiumin spoke again “Now that you know the racers, let the bets begin!” and with that a lot of bickering filled the area. People pulling out money from their pockets and purses and betting on their favorites. At one point Suho started talking again, saying rude remarks which were directed to Chanyeol and his team. Chanyeol started to feel bothered and it showed on his face “Why don’t you stop talking and start betting?” Chanyeol said and Suho replied “No, please you go first” Chanyeol raised his eyebrow but contined talking “Alright then, a hundred bucks on my team” Suho giggled mockingly again and said “Just a hundred? Come on Chan, you can do better then that”.

There was a pause where Chanyeol was thinking of his options and Suho took the opportunity to speak “What’s wrong? Can’t pay the rent this month if you spend more? I can lend you a check if you’re so desperate” and that’s what set Chanyeol off. “Five hundred” Chanyeol said, earning looks from his team “Wow, now we’re talking. I’m betting seven hundred on mine” Suho said and Chanyeol quickly said then “Eight hundred” making Suho smirk and they began to bicker to who bets more.

“A thousand dolars” Suho said, Chanyeol looked back at his team and then at Suho. You could see he was having a conflict on his head and didn’t want to be humiliated by Suho. Chanyeol raised his chin and loudly said “I bet my life on my team” earning gasps. “WHAT?!” Kai exclaimed quickly coming close to Chanyeol “What are you doing?” he asked him but Chanyeol wouldn’t take his eyes off Suho. Suho himself was suprised by the words that came out of his mouth, his expression went blank as he didn’t know if he was being serious.

“I said what I said and I’m not backing down” Chanyeol said and you felt worried. You didn’t know him at all but he didn’t seem like a bad guy and why would he just bet his life on a race? It seems so dangerous and scary to you. You would never dare to make a statement like that, serious or not. Maybe he was really trusting of his friends, or maybe it was the heat of the moment. Either way, something in you made you go next to where Kai was and place your hand on Chanyeol’s shoulder. At the contact, he turned his head slightly to you as you mumbled his name in a concerned tone.

Suho noticed you as you walked up to his rival and said “Who’s that? Is that your little girlfriend?” Chanyeol turned his gaze back to Suho “She has nothing to do with the race, stay out of it” he barked back. You were a bit shocked that he would defend you, just with a few minutes of knowing each other but it made you feel protected by him. “Ah don’t get do defensive on me Chan, I was just asking. Make sure to say your goodbyes doll face because he isn’t going to win this one” and with that Suho walked away to his friends and towards the cars to get started.

Chanyeol had his hands balled into fists as he said “I swear I would love to smack that smirk off that prick’s face” and Kai said “Forget him, why the heck would you say that?!” clearly concerned for him. “Why would you do something so stupid like that?” he continued referring to the last bet “What if we don’t win, huh?” Chanyeol looked at Kai and then at his other friends “You HAVE to win” he said making D.O. scoff and reply “It’s not my fault you did such a dumbass decision”. Chanyeol took a hold of his shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes “I didn’t know what I was saying, okay? Yes I’m probably the biggest idiot in the world but please, my life is on the line now” D.O. took his hands of his shoulder and walked towards their cars saying “Calm down will you? I swear, sometimes I question why we ever let you be the leader”

As they lined up the cars together, everyone got ready to see the race. You were looking at Yeri who was still with those guys, especially with their leader Suho. You wanted badly to talk with her but she was fairly away from you and also you didn’t want to have any type of interaction with those guys.

Kai took you out of your thoughts as he stood next to you and said “Have you ever been to the races before?” you shook your head “Not at all, this is my first time” his eyes widened a little and he asked “Really?! Do you want to ride on the race?”. You looked at him confused and asked “What? Ride on the race?” he nodded and said “Well, on the car but you’ll be on the race. It’s super fun and you’ve never done it so you can’t say no!” he grabbed your wrist and pulled you closer to the card and where the rest were.

“Y/N wants to ride with Sehun!” Kai said and you quickly shook your head “No, no, you don’t have to really! I’m good” Chanyeol then asked “Have you ever done it?” you slowly replied with a no and he replied like Kai, saying that you had to do it. “Isn’t this a bit dangerous?” you asked feeling anxious already “Yeah but that’s what makes it fun” Sehun said not helping your anxiety at all. Chanyeol noticed you were getting worried and said “Hey, it’ll be okay. I do it sometimes and I’m still here alive! But if you really want to be secure, go with D.O. because Sehun tends to be a bit reckless sometimes” and Sehun stepped in to defend himself “I am not reckless, I just get too excited on the race”

You giggled at him and saw D.O. rolling his eyes eyes at Sehun “This kid” he mumbled. “Well you have to go, like now. The race starts in a few minutes” Kai said, Sehun and D.O. nodded. They walked to the cars and you followed D.O. to his. He opened the car door and reached over to grab something. Before he got it out, he looked at you and said “You don’t have to, if you don’t want to just say so” referring to joining him in the race. You couldn’t say you weren’t scared, because you were but something in you wanted to do it, have the experience and step out of your comfort zone. You shook your head and replied “I want to” he took out a helmet from the car and handed it to you without a word.

You got in the car with the helmet on. You turned to him and noticed he didn’t have one “Hey, where’s your helmet?” you asked and he responded “I gave you mine”. You started pulling the helmet out of your head “Oh no, this is totally unsafe. I’ll just see the ra-” he stopped you placing his hands over yours “I will be fine. I’ve done this many times without protection” he said and started the car. You nodded and sat in place again.

Suddenly everyone stepped away from the cars and a girl stood in between them. She had a black and white flag in her hand as she began counting down. “3” she shouted and it really made you realize this was really happening, making you have a mini panic attack “Wait, wait, it’s starting?!” you say/yell to D.O. You were in panic mode while he looked calm. “2” oh god, you thought in your head. “Buckle up” D.O. said and you widened your eyes “YOU DIDN’T TELL ME THAT BEFORE” while frantically looking for the seatbelt. He chuckled at your reaction and then “1” the race started.

For a few seconds everything went in slow motion for you. The cars accelerated and shoot foward. You began vigorously yelling for your life as even more panic went through your body. You saw as D.O.’s eyes were fixated only on the road and didn’t look at you for a second even though you were in a concerning state. “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, MAKE IT STOP” you yelled as the car began speeding up even more.

Everything moved to a incredible speed around you and you began feeling a rush go throughout your veins. After a few seconds of constant yelling, you stopped. You still felt like you were on the verge of dying. Your heart felt like it was going to burst from your chest. But the overwhelming feeling was oddly likeable. You felt really reckless for even agreeing to a situation like this but you liked it, a lot.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” D.O. finally speaks up “The rush, that’s why we all do it. Well, that and the money” he said while still looking at the road. You were starting to calm down a bit until a hard clash was felt. There was a car right behind you and D.O., hitting the car from the back. You began panicking again as you didn’t know what was going to happen and the car was shaking from the hits. “Shit, hold on” D.O. said as he accelerated the car even more. Making the car in the back appear far away. “How fast can this thing go?!” D.O. looked over to you for a second and asked “You want to see?”. He didn’t even wait for your answer and did his thing. The speed was unexplainable. You were definitely fearing for your life now, eyes closed shut and muscles tensed while he didn’t seem faced at all. Everything went rapidly and you were close to the finish line.

You felt like you were going to pass out if the speed kept going so fast but thankfully everything came to a stop. You opened your eyes to see that the car had stopped and people were soon surrounding you all. You let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding and stepped out of the car. You took out the helmet from your head, letting to show your now messy hair but you didn’t even care, you were just happy to be alive.

The other cars began to appear next. Sehun stepped out with a smile on his face and walked toward you and D.O. Chanyeol and Kai also came through the crowd of people to you both. “D.O. does it again!” Kai shouted “You’re my man” Chanyeol added as he tried to embraced him in a side hug. D.O. wiggled out of Chanyeol and said “Did you really expect something less of me?” in his serious tone and expression.

You walked to them and stopped yourself because of the dizziness still affecting you. Your legs were wobbly and your head was still pinning but luckily one of the guys noticed and hurried to help you out. He got a hold of your arms and helped you walk “Hey, hey, easy now” said Chanyeol as he held you. You looked up to him and thanked him for helping you and he replied “Don’t worry, it’s normal to get dizzy. But it was cool, wasn’t it?” you nodded your head and continued walking. 

Soon enough, you began to feel normal again and also you started walking with the guys over to Suho and his team. Chanyeol walked proud as ever with us behind him and as he got close to them he shouted “Suho, you should start calling your daddy because I’m expecting it to be in cash” making Suho turn to him and roll his eyes. “I’ll take them from my black card later, don’t be so desperate Chan” he said back but it just made him look salty about the race. Chanyeol laughed a bit at his comment and said “Come on, just accept the defeat old man” extending his hand for him to shake. Suho looked at him and took his hand. They pulled away and as Suho left he said “Meet me at the same place, I’ll give you the money there”  and with that he was gone to his group.

You stayed talking to the guys for a while but soon enough, it was getting too late and most of the people had already left. The guys offered you a ride home but you insisted on waiting for Yeri. They said their goodbyes and started to walk torwards the cars to leave. You were about to dial Yeri but you stopped as you felt a hand on your shoulder. 

You turned to look and it was Chanyeol. He took his hand off your shoulder and said “Look I don’t want this to come off in the wrong way or anything but I think you’re a really cool girl and I’d like to see you again” almost instantly you felt yourself blush at his comment, specificly the part where he said he’d like to see you again. He noticed your reaction and quickly changed what he previously said in fear of scaring you away “I-I mean, we, we’d like to see you again. The guys thought you were pretty cool too…”. You nodded while a smile crept it’s way to your face and he smiled back. “Here’s my number, we can all hangout again soon or I’ll let you know when another race comes up!” he said giving you a piece of pape with what you assumed to be his phone number inside.

 You said your goodbyes and saw as Chanyeol walked back to the group of guys waiting for him. As he got closer to them, they starte hitting him in the back and saying stuff to him but you were to far to hear. You were about to put his number in you contacts but then your phone lit up with Yeri’s face in the screen.

 You answered the call and she replied “I’ve been waiting for you by the car for like 20 minutes now, where the heck are you?” You looked around and spotted her and started walking to her. “I’m close, calm down stupid. And you have a lot of explaining to do missy” she gasped and said “Me? What about you? You were hangout out with that tall kid, who’s he?” You rolled your eyes and said “ Okay, we both have explaining to do but let’s head home before your parents notice we were out in the first place” and then you hung up, and got in the car. 

As you drove home, Yeri was telling you all about how she knew Suho but you were to lost in your thoughts to pay to much attention to what she was saying. Would you see Chanyeol, Sehun, D.O. and Kai again? was the main question running through your brain in the moment but, you’d just have to wait and see.

A/N: Ohhhh, did you guys like it? I really liked writing it. I don’t know if it can be classified as “action” but hey, it’s close enough. And also there isn’t a mayor love interest in this one as you can see, so that’s new. Anyways, if there’s any questions or just something you’d like to said about the story, hit up my inbox fam. I’m active again, *cracks fingers to emphasize my point* I’m ready y’all! ♡

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My muggle niece is asking for only one thing for her birthday. She called them boat shoes. I'm not totally sure what would pair well with them as I also would like to give her another garment of clothing

Boat shoes are a classic muggle staple. They are most popular among “preppy” muggles, originated as boating wear. You heard me- boat shoes are just the thing for an impromptu sail, sliding seamlessly from land to self-sustaining marine vehicle. These shoes are boats. To pair with this timeless footwear, we reccomend nautical-inspired wear, such as a life preserver or “floaties”, perhaps even a jaunty hat. We have attached a “lookbook”, and we wish your niece a very happy birthday! 

Lying to the Queen Herself

An Eddie Redmayne one-shot requested by anon. Requested here.

London was beautiful, and I didn’t mind the rain. The buildings were wonderfully full of history, the streets were clean and the air was fresh. After nearing 2 years, I had made it my home. I had good friends, and a boyfriend making his mark on the cinematic world, Eddie Redmayne. Things were going really well.

I knew I shouldn’t have gotten too comfortable.

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