boat chops


This weekend Em worked a tattoo convention in Leamington Spa and on the way home we went to Ikea in coventry as it was close by and got a few things to make the boat a bit more homely. like some hangy kitchen storagy things and also a big red rug. the cats seem to like it a lot and have taken to sleeping in the same spot on it together like they are cute or something….we have also been walking them on harnesses lots so they get outdoor time, even though Oscar did escape for a few days recently and had us worried like crazy that he;d get lost. He got out the same day as a very noisy thunderstorm happened and didnt come back for three days.  His jaunt away cant have been that great as he no longer has a desperation to escape and when the window got left open all day when we were out this weekend he went out but stayed close to the boat. 

Paul Ryan is a piece of shit

I wish nothing but the worst for him.  I’m not being nice anymore.  I’m not going to be politically correct.  I hope he chokes on shit, stumbles over the side of a bridge while gasping for air, and falls into a river just polluted by oil from a broken pipe line and gets caught up in a boat propeller that chops his tiny dick off.

CCTV Episode 1 Overview:

- No editing, real and (sort of) serious.

- James would date a transvestite if he fell in love with her

- Aleks goes bar hopping in Hollywood.

- Trevor doesn’t know how to talk about normal things

- Trevor and Joe almost (sort of) lived with a Priest

- Brett was a Chuck-E-Cheese kid

- 20% of the podcast is Cow Chop messing with the boats


“Friday 24th Dear Frances, Our good time here is almost over. We pack tonight and leave early for Holland tomorrow morning. I’ve found England lovely, must do a lot of reading on their history to find out why so many had their heads cut off. It must have been quite a past-time. Nice boat, isn’t it. Love Olive”
Postmarked 1961

Goblin Review

WATCH THIS. That is all. 

No, seriously, don’t waste time reading reviews, just go start it now.  I can’t recommend this series enough.  Maybe it’s the obsession I’ve had with Gong Yoo since Coffee Prince all those years ago (which may have been my first KDrama). Maybe it’s the pure visual beauty of so many of the scenes. Maybe it’s the unrivaled Goblin/Reaper bromance or the mellow, emotional soundtrack. Whatever the magic ingredient is, it’s working on so many levels.  


  • The Fantasy: Unlike some other dramas where the fantasy world is downplayed after a sweeping beginning, Goblin consistently delivers delightful, magical elements in every episode. Goblin and Reaper use their abilities in both phenomenal and mundane ways. Eun-tak has ghost friends. The past weaves seamlessly into the present through a reincarnation storyline. This keeps the viewer firmly immersed in an alternate reality. I feel like I’m vacationing in Goblin-land come Friday and Saturday, and that’s a good place to be.  
  • The Acting: RADIANT performances by Lee Dong-wook (2nd lead show-stealer for sure) and Gong Yoo followed closely by the touching female leads. I was also surprised by Yook Sung-jae, who plays Deok-hwa. He gets the chance to express other emotions besides self-absorbed chaebol in later episodes and for an idol-turned-actor (who many have low standards for) I was deeply moved. I think his performance in episode 11 could rival any veteran actor in the same role. 
  • The Plot: For the simple fact that the two main men aren’t after the same girl, it’s already head and shoulders above most KDrama storylines.  
  • The Aesthetics: Want to rest your eyes? Here, have a lusty Gong Yoo standing between gravestones overlooking a glorious Quebec City backdrop. Or a contemplative Gong Yoo walking through a flowering buckwheat field. Or a grieving Gong Yoo meeting his bride in the rain by the ocean.  Or an angry Gong Yoo chopping a boat in half in ancient times. Did I mention Gong Yoo? Oh, and the cinematography, lighting, fashion, and color concept is ok, too.  
  • The Music: Although there are a few cheesy, crooning love songs in the mix, probably so you don’t forget you’re watching a KDrama, the soundtrack is stirring and plays with my emotions. 
  • The Writing: Writing and delivery are two sides of the same coin, and since I mentioned acting already, I want to give credit to the writers for making me roll around laughing, gasp in suspense, and cry heaving sobs in almost every episode.  


  • The Drag: Yes, it can and does drag at times, especially if you’re not invested in the emotion of the moment. The show hooks viewers with the characters themselves more than a fast-paced plot. So although the plot is mysterious, intriguing, and occasionally thrilling, if you’re not buying into the characters in and of themselves, I can understand some episodes seeming slow (I’m looking at you, ski-lodge).  
  • The Backpack: My other pet peeve is packing most of the action and plot advancement into the last few minutes of each episode. Watching the series live is a mistake I’m sure many fellow impatient fans have made, since my fingers have callouses from all these cliffhangers.  

All in all, this is a show that sticks with you long after watching. Unlike other shows on right now (*cough* Legend of the- *cough*), which are enjoyable but not profound, I find myself thinking about Goblin throughout the week. Its magical charm will burrow a home in your heart. It isn’t over yet (only 2 more weeks). But since every episode has delivered, I’m confident the ending will be warm and satisfying. Please don’t betray my trust! 

-Le Le