The Sacramento River Bend Outstanding Natural Area in California includes expansive rolling hills of blue oak and lush riparian areas surrounding the Sacramento River and its tributaries. The beautiful and diverse habitat – home to bald eagles, osprey, deer and salmon – offers natural beauty and solitude paired with numerous recreation opportunities.  You can explore the area by foot, horseback, boat and bike, and then pitch a tent at the end of the day for stunning sunsets on your public lands.

Experience this #mypubliclandsroadtrip stop virtually through the following 3D photo by Bob Wick, BLM.

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Soriel Week: Family

Ah… Relaxing on the boats with the family until a fish appeared that is mischievous. Yes, Asgore is in the trip too, smiling because Sans fail to catch the fish.


Toriel: How dare you hit Sans!-

Frisk: Mom!

Alphys: Mrs Toriel, I-I don’t think it is wise to have fire around because the boat is made of wood.

Undyne: A fight in the ocean? HECK YEAH!l

Sis [ Sans & Frisk ]
  • Sis [ Sans & Frisk ]
  • Cas
  • I keep fucking up

The first day I met you
You were such a frail being
A trembling wreck in front of me

The first death was easy
Your body laying down
And your next one was in crimson red

Then why, when did it become so hard to kill you ?
I don’t understand anything beside violence
Yet, now that I hold you, I just want to keep you away the world like my most precious treasure

Since your arrival
My need to protect you
Never stopped growing through the time

Seeing this smile of yours
Was all that mattered
Not caring for what would the others think

So tell me why, when did you start fading away ?
I never thought I would ever cry for you, sweetheart
So please my dear Angel, now that I love you, I just want you to stay by my side forever


Since my arrival
My need to help you all
Never stopped growing through the time

Seeing that you showed care
Was all that mattered
Not caring for what would I go through

So tell me then, why did you start shedding tears now ?
I never thought you would ever change your mind, Sans
So please, my dearest friend, now that I am there, let me fulfill my wish and release all of you