Top ten quotes from law school, week one:

  1. “So the rules thus far are ‘don’t be late’ and ‘don’t be absent from class,’ unless you are absent because of circumstances outside your control. In that case, notify me before class. If I walk in here and you are not in your seat, and I don’t already know why that is the case… I will assume that you are dead. We will hold a brief service in your memory and then continue on, as we know you would want.”
  2. “Yeah I mean if you don’t know the answer that’s fine, but I’m gonna make you pick the next person I call on. It’s a social experiment I run. I like to see if people pick their friends or their enemies. Wildly amusing. Anyway, be prepared for that.”
  3. “So as the plaintiff’s counsel, you review all the possible venues and pick the one that’s the fairest to everyone….. haaaaahahaha I’m just kidding. You rig the court in your favor as much as you possibly can.”
  4. “You’re supposed to go to a basement during a tornado. Why don’t y'all have basements?” “Can’t watch from a basement” “You’re going to die”
  5. “My own law professor once described admiralty jurisdiction as ‘shit that happens on boats’ so [writes ‘boat shit’ on the board]”
  6. “So then Congress gave itself a raise and America shouted, ‘Give it back you evil bastards!!!’ so loudly that they did.”
  7. “I will provide you with pizza. For beverages, you’re on your own, but please abide by university policy. Which is that we can’t have FUN.”
  8. “And WHAT do we find outside the cities????? C O W S”
  9. “All the desks on the third floor are reserved for 3Ls in practice court. Since you’re dying like, 100% of the time, they kindly give you a place to die. Sometimes you can see the lost souls wandering past the balconies….”
  10. [makes a list of twenty-four things that could go wrong] [writes TRUMP in all caps as number twenty-five]

Turquoise Water and tilted sedimentary layers, Mýkonos, Kikladhes, Greece

Pennywise: here… take it

Georgie: …..

Pennywise: take it, Georgie

Georgie: *slowly reaches for the boat*

Pennywise: *pulls the boat back*

Georgie: *crawls a little closer*

Pennywise:*about to grab him*

Georgie: *pulls his arm back* did you really think i was going to go down into the sewers?

Pennywise: …

Georgie: don’t judge a book by its cover :)

Call out bigotry in heathen circles.

Don’t stay silent in the name of “not rocking the boat.”

Rock the boat. Flip the boat. Sink the godsdamned boat.

Fascists are out there using our symbols for their hatred. Fascists are out there committing violence in the name of our gods. If you have privilege, you owe it to marginalized peoples to use that privilege to make the world a better place. 

You’re not a bad person if you can’t do much. You’re not a bad person if you have to step away for a while to recover. But if you can help, you’d damn well better be, in whatever way you can.

Talk to friends. Talk to family. Check on your friends. Boost signals, share articles, don’t let hate flourish in your circles in the name of “free speech.”