Before Queen Mary could enter hotel service in Long Beach, she had to go through some renovations. Originally, Long Beach bought her to turn her into a maritime museum hotel combo. So the plan was to rip out literally everything below R deck to make space for 3 or 4 different museums. Unfortunately, the only thing to come of these original museum plans was the “Propeller Box” exhibit. All those rooms gutted remain empty to this day. Rumor says the only thing remaining in the former 3rd class and crew spaces is the carpeting.

Weird facts about my characters

I find it interesting to learn weird things about characters, like, things you might not have noticed at first… Or things you’d never know until they told you.

So imma open this up, send me an ask with one of my characters names and I will respond with a random fact you may or may not have known.

For convenience sake, here is some my babs names…

Faa, Yusebi, Umi, Snapchat, Vine, Photoshop, Javascript, Lossi, Vizier, Delta, Octi, Suffix, Barnaby, Grey, Byren, Videl, Teddy, Trebleclef, Ampersand, Portal, Tugboat

I am sure I missed some, but you are not limited to this list if their is a character of mine you really wanna know about xD

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Honestly I want to cry. I love Magnus so much. He's honestly such amazing bi representation and poc representation- very specifically Asian- and Harry himself is an actual angel. I just... want him to get more love and respect? And I'll be honest I'm white and bisexual and it breaks my heart and I honestly can't imagine how much worse it must be for fans of color and LGBTQ fans of color. I just am sad, sorry for this ask.

i’m just going to be brutally honest and say that white ppl can criticize this show and walk away and still find their rep elsewhere; as a queer se asian i … can’t. like i don’t. have much else?? this is it for us. this is all we get

so it’s uncomfortable when i see the criticisms from white ppl leveled @ the show as if they somehow get it, as if it hurts them just as bad or they’re just as disappointed. like…no, you don’t get it. you just don’t. and it isn’t a slight against white fandom i’m happy you guys are lucky enough you can look elsewhere but please remember that you are in fact lucky enough to be able to look elsewhere

View of dock and railings leading to Detroit Boat Club; building has tile roof and covered verandas. “D” flag displayed on roof; small Detroit Boat Club sign on railing. Printed on front: “Detroit Boat Club, Belle Isle, Detroit, Mich.” Printed on back: “Detroit Boat Club, Belle Isle, Detroit, Mich. Boat Club, Belle Isle. The Detroit Boat Club is one of the most exclusive social and athletic organizations in Detroit. Its handsome home on Belle Isle near the bridge wars erected in 1902 to replace one destroyed by fire. The building is one of the finest of its kind in the world. Its members enjoy unusual facilities for their favorite sport of rowing, which they combine with sailing and canoeing. Their balls feature the summer in Detroit society. In front of the bridge entrance to the club is one of the finest flower beds on the island. R-27326.” Handwritten on back: “Dear Aunt Lizzie, why in thunder don’t you people write and tell us the Novi news. I ask you to let us know if Ethel was married. Elsie wrote a card to Aunt Lizzie Kelly and told her about Ethel being married so Aunt Jennie ask me if I had heard so let us know as we’re anxious to hear. Lovingly, Frances.” Card is postmarked February 27, 1913.

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library