The evening of Laurel Lance and Ted Grant’s wedding, no one gets punched in the face. No one gets kidnapped or held at gunpoint. No one even gets asked to leave for throwing back too much goldschlager and taking out the buffet table.

It is an altogether civilized affair, which is impressive given how many of the attendees can boast extensive rap sheets, concealed weapons, or small children.

Felicity watches a pack of them dash past the open bar, giggling and dodging grownups. Her three-year-old straggles at the tail end, stubby legs working as fast as they can. She is surprised to see that his tiny bowtie is not yet askew.

“Elaine Michaels Diggle!” she calls out.

The ringleader turns around with an expression strongly reminiscent of her father when Lyla is angry with him.

“No running inside. There’s a whole garden out there.” And all the picture-taking is over, so a little dirt can’t matter now.

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There are fifty-two cards in the shuffle-worn deck, which are in turn divided into four suits: hearts, eyes, bones, and teeth. After a quick prayer to the god of probability, the oracle draws the cards in pairs, one atop the other, in a sequence that curls around the perimeter of her table. Each of these twenty-six couplings reflects a significant trait within the body being analyzed.

These cards mean nothing on their own, for only through tension between forces can the flesh be understood. A high-numbered card atop a low-number boasts of an inner struggle being won; the opposite admits a weakness that can never be overcome. The magnitude of the difference between these numbers determines the degree to which this trait is expressed, and their position in the sequence determines the precise manner of its expression.

Most learn how to interpret this deck by first memorizing its thirty-two standard traits:

  • High bones atop low eyes suggest willpower.
  • Low bones atop high eyes suggest cowardice.
  • High bones atop low hearts suggest chastity.
  • Low bones atop high hearts suggest lustfulness.
  • High bones atop low teeth suggest immunity to disease.
  • Low bones atop high teeth suggest sickliness.
  • High bones atop low bones suggest strength of sinew.
  • Low bones atop high bones suggest frailty.
  • High eyes atop low bones suggest perceptiveness.
  • Low eyes atop high bones suggest impaired senses.
  • High eyes atop low hearts suggest wisdom.
  • Low eyes atop high hearts suggest ignorance.
  • High eyes atop low teeth suggest sanity.
  • Low eyes atop high teeth suggest propensity for madness.
  • High eyes atop low eyes suggest intellect.
  • Low eyes atop high eyes suggest idiocy.
  • High hearts atop low bones suggest stamina.
  • Low hearts atop high bones suggest laziness.
  • High hearts atop low eyes suggest passion.
  • Low hearts atop high eyes suggest coldness.
  • High hearts atop low teeth suggest virility.
  • Low hearts atop high teeth suggest impotence.
  • High hearts atop low hearts suggest righteousness.
  • Low hearts atop high hearts suggest a sinful nature.
  • High teeth atop low bones suggest tolerance to pain.
  • Low teeth atop high bones suggest pliability to pain.
  • High teeth atop low hearts suggest fearlessness.
  • Low teeth atop high hearts suggest phobia.
  • High teeth atop low eyes suggest prudence.
  • Low teeth atop high eyes suggest gluttony and avarice.
  • High teeth atop low teeth suggest a long lifespan.
  • Low teeth atop high teeth suggest an early death.

Knowing these rules only constitutes a novice understanding of the genetic tarot, however. The position of the trumps also plays a significant role in its reading: The distance between the Knave of Eyes and Queen of Hearts determines the length of the transition to adulthood, for instance, and that which pairs with the King of Teeth tells what the cause of death will be, should it be allowed to happen naturally. Numeric ties require context to understand; the oracle must defer to the pairing on the left to determine what these duets represent. Only true masters of the art have the skill required to perform readings for sets of twins.

It is said that exactly one shuffle exists for every possible person that could ever exist, and that through it, every last detail of their anatomy can be deduced. If ever, by some astronomical coincidence, the cards were drawn the same way twice, it would signify that somehow, the same exact person had been born again.

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spoadicdeviance asked:

You said in your recent Deus Ex: Invisible War stream that the game you were playing was underrated. Are there any other individual games or even game franchises that you feel get too much of a bad reputation from either the general gaming community or the "professional gaming journalists" who review said games?

I felt - and still feel - that Duke Nukem Forever was not fairly assessed as an actual game, but rather unceremoniously executed for the crimes of its developers. I stated as much in my review of the game. I stand by every word. 

Is it the greatest first-person shoot ever devised? Absolutely not. But it functions. It controls just fine. It isn’t wildly unbalanced or prohibitively unfair, and it boasts considerably more environmental interactivity and detail than your garden-variety FPS title. Particularly one released when it was, in 2011. And its irreverent, ‘80s machismo was a breath of fresh air in the monochromatic mire of contemporary shooterdom. 

More to the point? The ‘political incorrectness’ so many reviewers excoriated the game for at the time of release? (”Duke said pregnant women are ‘fucked’! What a relic from a bygone, misogynist era!”) I think, with the benefit of hindsight, most gamers would now readily admit was merely the errant socio-political pontificating of what we now know is an ideologically-charged sect of SJWs embedded in the video game journalism industry.

Gamers who bought that bullshit hook, line, and shitter have no one to blame but themselves for allowing the social justice jagoffs to obtain a further foothold in the industry at large. I hate to say “I told you so,” but… I don’t, I did, and fuck you for not listening until it was too late.

In video, Iran's drone flies over U.S. carrier
TEHRAN, Iran - Iran flew a surveillance drone over a U.S. aircraft carrier and published video of the encounter Friday, the latest in a series of edgy naval incidents between the two countries in the Persian Gulf after the recent nuclear deal.

“This notion that America’s enemies are getting stronger is nothing but political hot air.”
-President of the United States, 2016 State of the Union address

How can you tell when your enemies are just quaking in their boots? When you have the most powerful naval force the world has ever known - superstructures like nuclear-powered aircraft carriers that can rain hellfire! And a rogue nation feels comfortable enough to fly a drone around it taking pictures and video of its operation. AND THEN, go on television boasting out what they’d just done. We flew right around the big, bad USS Harry Truman:

“Adm. Habibollah Sayyari, the commander of Iran’s navy, called the drone overflight "a sign of bravery.”

It “allowed our men to go so close to the warship and shoot such a beautiful and accurate footage of the combat units of the foreign forces,” he told state television.“

Say you get a call from your navy General, he’s a member of your Cabinet and he says, "Mr/Mrs. President, there’s an Iranian drone buzzing one of our carriers right now.”  

What do YOU tell him to tell that boat’s commander to do about it?


Victorian and Edwardian  Architecture on the Amazin Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur, Índia

Built between 1928-1943, this grand palace of yellow sandstone covers more than 10 hectares of gardens, making it one of the largest private residences in the world. Boasts an Art Deco design and Renaissance features 2 pools and rewarding treatments at Jiva Spa.

”This hotel exceeds all expectations. It is an oasis in the midst of a world full of false promises. Get ready to live an unforgettable experience. We literally for to receive him. The staff go to great lengths to make you feel welcomed and comfortable, like a king in his palace.”

The spacious air conditioned rooms and suites are designed for royalty and all are equipped with a flat-screen TV, DVD player and spa bath treatments.

They include a pillow menu, a well-equipped and Molton Brown toiletries minibar. All bathrooms come with a bathtub.The Umaid Bhawan Palace overlooks the desert capital of Jodhpur, a 15-minute drive from Jodhpur Airport and 2.4 km from Jodhpur Railway Station. Within a radius of 9 km, attractions are like the Clock Tower Market, Mehrangarh Fort and Jaswant Thada Monument.

The unique walk with champagne at the Museum invites you to admire the fine collection of Victorian and Edwardian antiques with a glass of champagne in hand. The Jiva Spa offers traditional Indian beauty therapies, as well as whirlpool tubs and steam rooms. For the more health conscious guests, the hotel offers a yoga studio, gym and tennis courts.The Risala serves 

Continental and Indian fusion cuisine, while Pillars proposes Rajasthani meals. They are served grilled and barbecue dishes at Sunset Pavilion, and drinks can be enjoyed at The Trophy Bar.

Lawyerlarrie & Lapelosa

Are they one and the same?

Lawyerlarrie has a quotation from Anacharsis at the top of her blog. Anachasris was a Scythian philosopher in the early 6th century BC . Of course, his words about rich people being able to ignore the law are totally applicable to the 21st century.

So, who do we know in the larrydom who’s keen on quoting Greek and Roman philosophers and writing in Latin? Who likes to boast about their superior powers of critical thinking? Oh wait, that’s all of them. But…there’s only one interested in the Greeks and Romans…

Also of note is that Lawyerlarrie blocked me as soon as the blog was created. If not, I’d have satirised the hell out of that first post with the critical thinking ‘receipt’. How did Lawyerlarrie know to block me, I wonder?


I rarely see anything about Arcane here, which is fair enough because we don’t have much drama in our flight, but Arcane isn’t as sparkly and fun as we try to make it out to be. It’s extremely difficult to find people to talk to in Arcane, as there are multiple cliques in Arcane. If you can’t manage to wriggle your way into one of those, you end up being quite lonely. We like to boast that no thread goes without answer but many do. It’s not as nice as our ‘council’ makes it out to be. In fact, the council is what makes it so hard to get involved. They dominate all of Arcane’s activities and you have to appeal to them to be allowed to do things. It’s kind of frustrating.

anonymous asked:

Get this story my 14 year old cousin, had a Jr. High Basketball game at Taylor's old Jr. High school in Reading PA. The school was really boasting about being the "school Taylor went to", and my cousin was like "they shouldn't be bragging she was treated like shit their".

Lol well it’s not completely on the school that Taylor was bullied 😁 But if she wouldn’t have gone through that tough time in her life we might not have gotten Taylor Swift the first album because she used that pain to write songs. Sometimes things work out how they’re supposed to ☺️

anonymous asked:

Yoon wasn't really in the openings either, except for this little shot of a millisecond and that part where they were walking through the desert. Why do they seem to care so little about Yoon :( I love Yoon, he's definitely one of my favourite characters. If only he got more time to shine. He stole my heart in the Awa arc, where he said that he lived more underhandedly than anyone and could even boast about it, haha. And when he then protected Yona so bravely.

The confusing thing is that the anime adaptation didn’t necessarily take away from his character when it came to the actual story, for what it covered. It was just the promotion at the start and the OP sequences that were just like. Yoon? Who? Is? That? 

I feel like his character in the up-to-date manga stuff has been neglected, too. I’m expecting a new moment for him to shine soon, though. If Kusanagi is still doing solo shots for a character on volume covers and making sure to give that character some spotlight to match, Yun should be coming up. 


why so many women feel superior just because they don’t use make up?? and boast that they don’t feel natural and it’s fake??
like if you don’t want to use make up, don’t fucking do it and let others do whatever they like to do!??

Rock USA Lineup Boasts Slipknot, Alice in Chains + More

Rock USA With so many festivals dotting the United States, bands can seemingly chart an entire stateside tour just bouncing from one festival to the next. The latest to announce their lineup is the Rock USA festival held between July 14-16 in Oshkosh, Wis., at Ford Festival Park. The three …

London Music Hall

🚨MAJOR: 🔥1LE is back!!
It’s coming back!! The 1LE is apparently set to be unveiled in Chicago boasting the new SS specs but with a more track focused design with new aero, rims, interior and that special 1LE package price! Watch out Mustang GT fans!
• Car: 2017 SS 1LE
• Engine: 6.2L V8
• Topspeed: over 172MPH (+++)
• Power: 455hp & 455 lb-ft of torque
• 0-60mph (100kmh) in: 3.9-4sec
• Weight: 3,339lbs
• Base price: est. $37,000-$40,000
🔥🔥An updated Magnetic suspension, new rubber and handling will need to stand up to the mighty GT350R!
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For a few seconds after sunset by ✓ Елена Пејчинова
Via Flickr:
The sky has been amazing for the past few weeks - boasting with color and vividness