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am love sandsverse … so much i wanted to make a List of al l i finds. if your find more, please tell! if youre no t on here, let me add you thnks!!! If ur friend is not here, and i tag u, tell please. i cannot follow … . all these blog

welcome !

Seymour, Tapir, Sells sand - @sandsvendor100
Elmer, Ape, Sells fruit - @fruitsoftheape100
Horace, Boar, Sells ice - @boarofthenorth100
Aaron, Sheep, Sells toothbrushes - @toothbrushsheep100
Raymond, Red penda, Sells chairs - @chairsales100
Roberta, Lizard, Sells vests and warm clothing - @vestlizard100
Nigel, Newt, Sells goods off the black market - @nefariousnewt100
Gimmy, Caiman, Sells oranges - @orangemonger100
Patrick, Cockatoo, Sells gongs - @lordofgongs100
Alfonse, Owl - @owlwisdoms100
Gordon Ramsey??? - @gordonramsay100
Barb, Snail, Sells baked goods - @bakersnail100
Lisa, Ostrich, Sells soup - @soupvendor100
Rick, Alligator, Sells moss - @mossvendor100
Isaac, Gorilla, Sells rocks - @rockdistributor100
Frederick, Bear, Sells limes - @purveyoroflimes100
Hobbes, Hermit Crab, Sells ancient bones and small pebbles - @hermitofthesands100
Sybil, Cougar. Sells potions - @potionpeddler100
Nameless child, Hagfish, Sells slime - @slimetime100
???, Thorny Dragon, Sells beef (and ant? i think) - @antbeef100
Harold, Okapi, STEALS THINGS, WARNING - @thiefofwares100
Baron and Carol, Crows, Sells Jars and Buckets - @jarsandbuckets100
Frederik (and Dorian), Honey Badger, Sells honey - @richhoneytrader100
Douglas, Fredrico and Sons, humans??, Sells dads and garden weeds - @dadstosell100
Taco, Cat - @smolcat100
Jones Bones, Skeleton, Sells Milk - @milkforyourbones666
Gok, Peacock, Sells cosmetics - @powderpeacock100
Acacia, Pigeon, Buys wares - @pigeonbuythething100
Name cannot be revealed, call him Steve, doesnt reveal species, sells lies and deception - @deceit100
Georgia, Squirrel, Sells cake - @cakevendor100
Space Marine guy - @spacemarines100
Edmond, Degu, Sells lettuce - @leafsofourlabor100
Scott, Dik-dik, does real-estate - @realestateagent100
Bote, Cockatiel, Will deliver messanges and mail - @messagedelivery100


Ellen Jewett’s fanstastic bestiary

Between dream and nightmare, this canadian artist gives life to these beautiful steampunk-styled creatures. Different forms of life, plants and animals, ally with mechanical objects, in a perfect harmony. These sculptures of an another world are made of clay, with a metallic skeleton.


Part 68 of  “A Tale of Two Rulers”

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Friendly German Cows Adopt A Lonely Wild Boar Into Their Herd

by Stephen Messenger

A group of cows on a small farm in Germany have evidently seen fit to welcome an unlikely member into their midst. The animals’ handler, Dirk Reese, says that about two months ago a lonely wild boar emerged from the surrounding countryside onto the pasture where he joined the ranks of his cattle. Reese has since named him Banana…

(read more: The Dodo)

photographs by Die Welt and Sylvia Schorer