boaring school

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you & mari's boaring school au is the absolute greatest ohmygod do you think you could write an annabeth & jason being bros fic please

thank you! and YES

to anyone who has no idea what this is, i have a whole tag full of stuff here. mari and i desperately need to sort out the timeline because i’m not sure where this falls in, but piper and jason are dating, percy and annabeth are not.


‘Come on, Annabeth,’ Jason pleads, ‘the recital is in eight hours and we still sound fucking terrible.’

Annabeth makes a non-committal noise as she lies across the couch of his family’s reading room, arms thrown over her face. The grand piano sits untouched in the centre of the room, pages unturned, lid unopened. It is a Saturday morning and they are visiting home for the weekend – though mostly for the use of the grand piano at Jason’s, far better than the one at the school and more private too. Of course there is one, two even, at Annabeth’s house, but she had insisted they practice at his house. Though calling it practice is a stretch at this point.

‘Annabeth,’ Jason groans, ‘come on.’

‘I can’t focus.’ Her voice comes out muffled against her arm.

‘You haven’t even tried.’

But when she still doesn’t move, Jason sighs and lifts his violin to his shoulder, places the bow to the strings, and begins to play. And the whole world drops away

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Name: Francine ‘Franny’ Framagucci [OPEN]

Clique: Smarticles (College)

Age: 19

FC: Lindsy Pearce

Bio: Franny Framagucci is that weird girl that everyone used to make fun of until she got hot. Your stereotypical nerdy girl story that never really resulted in a happy ending but more nerdy nerd to fit nerd. The only girl from the Framagucci bruce the family were a typical American family that originated from Italy, a family of really outgoing nerds Francine was always told by her parents to not care about what others thought of her and to always be herself no matter what anyone else said. Her home life was amazing and full of love and care where she was appreciated and cared for. Her school life however was something else entirely. Franny was often picked on and shunned for being weird and a loser which was really because she was so clever and hadn’t really blossomed completely yet. For a little girl in a big city Chicago was a lonely place for her, the only thing she looked forward to was winning the science fair each year against her rival Lewis Robinson a spiky blonde haired boy with glasses who came from the local orphanage. Franny never really saw Lewis as much more than a rival but did find some comfort in the fact that he was just as nerdy and misunderstood as she was, she always thought about becoming his friend but never really got the chance as after a few weeks Lewis was adopted and moved away. Moving unnoticed through school Franny began to blossom slowly and became a classical ugly duckling to a beautiful swan and by the time she was fifteen she was stunning and began to attract some proper attention. Of course Franny’s looks never changed her personality and even though she was just as beautiful if not more so than all the girls that had picked on her she still remained the same. Still clever beyond all belief, a talented musician and had that little spark of fire that made her a force to be reckoned with as well as kind and caring. Franny still regularly entered science fairs even as a young adult, obsessed with the idea of combining science and music together, she’d always been fascinated with the singing voices in the animal kingdom, particularly frogs. By crossing brain waves and using her technical mind Franny managed to put together a jazz band made purely of frogs, singing and playing instruments as well as seeing. The project won her first place and also a place at a famous boarding school. Schools like Wishing Well are always interested in taking on the best of the best and often have people walking around at science fairs, dance competitions and mathleate ones too. And on this particular occasion Franny was found at the local one in Chicago. Whisked away she was put on a full scholarship until she was 23 to nurture her talent and brilliant mind. By this time Franny had been so used of being different and alone for that matter coming to the school was a shock for her she suddenly found people who were like her and what a difference it made to her life. Becoming Smarticle straight away she became good friends with Flick and Lana and also met up with Lewis and Goob again. Over the time they had spent apart Lewis had become handsome, he had grown into his bushy hair and his glasses had become more fitting to his face and Franny couldn’t help but be attracted to him. They did resume their rivalry though except this time it became more flirtatious and less heated. To date Lewis is the first boy Franny has ever had romantic feelings for as she’s never had a boyfriend, been in a relationship or had any sexual encounters before as she’s always kept to herself. At nineteen she is desperate to experience love and she felt like Lewis was the one she should first experience it with. Franny does however understand that Lewis may have had other feelings for girls as its only natural and also the fact that Lewis may not even like her at all. There is just something about him that makes her feel like they are meant to be. One of the more hilarious of the Smarticles she gets on with everyone because of her beauty and charm as well as her love for music and humour. The thing which is most funny about her is that she always insists she’s right and even when she’s not right she is, and always maintains this about herself. Although she can have a bad temper it always comes from somewhere and has to be pushed as she never gets mad for no apparent reason and is very kind at heart. A very bright mind Franny longs to be an inventor and further continue experimenting with science and music. Initiative and lovely she’s interesting to talk to and one of a kind.