boardwalk wedding



No Control (Sam Wilkinson) - Chapter 1

Outfits w/ Short Imagines:

Fair w/ Sam Wilkinson

Jack Gilinsky asking you to be his girlfriend

Carter, Nash, and Jack Gilinsky teaching you how to swim

Netflix Date w/ Jack Gilinsky

Argument w/ Jack Gilinsky

Bad Storm w/ Aaron

Pep Rally w/ Hayes

Volleyball w/ Hayes

Nash teasing you for being short

Going to Utah w/ Cameron for event

Playing video games w/ Shawn

At the park w/ Matt

First sleepover w/ Jack Gilinsky

Watching KUWTK w/ Hayes

The boys teasing you and Hayes

Hanging out w/ Matt

Post argument w/ Hayes

Snow day w/ Hayes

Boardwalk w/ Jack Johnson

Wedding day w/ Cameron

First kiss w/ Shawn

Carnival w/ Nash

Babysitting Greyson w/ Aaron

Cuddling w/ Shawn

Dancing w/ Jack Gilinsky

Hanging out w/ Sam Wilkinson and friends

Shopping w/ Matt

Having bad cramps w/ Aaron

You can’t sleep w/ Matt

Awkward moment w/ Carter

Hanging out w/ Hayes and kissing

First kiss w/ Hayes

Making out w/ Matt

Nash teasing you and Hayes

Movie night w/ Aaron

Plane ride w/ Grant Landis

Semi-sexy nap w/ Matt

Having migrane w/ Hayes

Hanging out w/ Matt at Taylor’s house

Photo shoot w/ Cameron

Falling in love w/ Shawn

Prom w/ Hayes

Writing songs w/ Shawn

Going to a party w/ Jack Gilinsky

Truth or dare w/ Jack Gilinsky

Having bad cramps w/ Shawn

Taylor trying to make you jealous

Lazy day w/ Shawn

Seeing Jacob perform

Hanging out w/ Taylor

Working out w/ Nash

Having sex w/ Cameron for the first time (no smut)

Seeing Jack & Jack perform w/ Matt

Long boarding w/ Jack Johnson

Sick day w/ Shawn

Playing video games w/ Hayes

Singing w/ Shawn

Movie date w/ Gilinsky

Dance competition w/ Hayes

Gilinsky’s sisters wedding

Babysitting Skylynn w/ Hayes

Meeting Gilinsky’s parents

Disney Land w/ Gilinsky

Pumpkin carving w/ Kian

Boyfriend Girlfriend tag w/ Kian

Halloween w/ Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings gets jealous of Calum flirting w/ you

Cameron confesses his love to you

Meet & Greet w/ Cameron and you’re upset

Meeting Sam Wilkinson at a bonfire

You & Sam Wilkinson start dating

You & Shawn are secretly dating

Shawn tells you how he feels

On your period w/ Calum

At the beach w/ Calum

Road trip w/ Nash

Next morning after cheating on Hayes w/ Nash

Going to get a tattoo w/ Nate

Decorating the christmas tree w/ Nate

Outfits w/o Short Imagines

Amusement park date w/ Cameron

Movie night w/ Cameron

Prom w/ Shawn

Car Ride w/ Nash and Cameron

Prom date w/ Shawn

Six Flags w/ Taylor

Beach w/ Cameron and Taylor

Billboard Music Awards w/ Nash

Beach date w/ Cameron

Amusement park date w/ Matt

Beach date w/ Hayes

Spending the night w/ Cameron in the new apartment

Cameron waking you up in the middle of the night

Road trip to Panama w/ Taylor

Going to South Florida w/ Carter

Coffee date w/ Aaron

Hanging out w/ Cameron


Having a broken arm and Nash has to put your make up on

Six month anniversary w/ Taylor

Truth or Date w/ Jack Gilinsky

Argument w/ Carter

Argument w/ Carter Part 2

Nash gets sick

Sierra walks in on you and Jacob making out

Matt teaching you how to slow dance

You get scared of Gilinsky

Opening your college acceptance letter w/ Kian

At the grocery store w/ Luke Hemmings

Drake concert w/ Cameron

First kiss w/ Sam Wilkinson

Photo shoot w/ Sam Wilkinson

You’re pregnant w/ Shawn

About to have sex w/ Calum

Nash finds out you like him

At the mall w/ Nate and guys hit on you

Cheering Aaron up

Making muffins w/ Shawn and slow dancing


Kian Lawley (JC’s video w/ Kian turned you on)

Harry Styles: Mommy (I made this when i had the url beaufuckmehard for 1dsexualfrustrations)

Harry Styles: Fang Banger (I made this when I had the url beaufuckmehard for 1dsexualfrustrations)

Harry Styles: So Hot (I made this when I had the url beaufuckmehard for 1dsexualfrustrations)

Harry Styles: Now Do You Wanna Fuck Me? (I made this when I had the url beaufuckmehard for 1dsexualfrustrations)

Cameron Dallas (First time having sex together)

Taylor Caniff (Losing your virginity/cheating on Matt)

Matt Espinosa (Losing your virginity)

Jack Gilinsky (Make up sex)

Sam Wilkinson (Quickie)

Jack Gilinsky (He gets high)

Sam Wilkinson (High sex)

Jack Gilinsky (He gets jealous)

Jack Gilinsky (Sex in a utility closet)

Kian Lawley (Last time having sex)

Kian Lawley (Make up sex)

Luke Hemmings (You being dominant)

Luke Hemmings (You’re a virgin)

Cameron Dallas (Sex after the concert)

Cameron Dallas (Sex before his photo shoot)

Sam Wilkinson (He proposes to you)

Sam Wilkinson (One year anniversary)

Shawn Mendes (Drunk sex)

Shawn Mendes (Shower sex)

Calum Hood (Sex in the dressing room at the AMA’s)

Calum Hood (He gives you a massage and it gets heated)

Nash Grier (You can’t sleep)

Nash Grier (Cheating on Hayes)

Nate Maloley (Making love for the first time)

Nate Maloley (He comes home from the digitour)

Jack Gilinsky (Him playing with your naked, tied up body)

Picture Imagines

Taylor Caniff

Cameron Dallas

Taylor Caniff

Carter Reynolds

Shawn Mendes

Taylor Caniff (Dirty)

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas

Nash Grier

Carter Reynolds

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas (Kinda dirty)

Cameron Dallas (Dirty)

Taylor Caniff

Matt Espinosa (Dirty)

I hope you enjoy all these imagines, this took me three hours to make. Enjoy & request.


Right around the time I was going to get married, I saw this video, and I cried. It was so happy and full of love. So unlike how I felt. I feel terrible for going through with my wedding, knowing I didn’t want to. Anyway, if I ever get the chance to wed again, I hope that it’s just as lovely as this. I really do.

“When I did my DCP, I didn’t receive my work location until the 2 day when they take the whole day to complete your needed paperwork. I had enrolled in the program for magic and was hoping for a Magic Kingdom location; however, I was extremely disappointed when I got the ESPN Club, a sports bar/restaurant. Surprisingly, I got over it quickly. Many newlywed couples would walk along the Boardwalk just outside for wedding pictures. They were glowing and so beautiful… it really made my program”