boardwalk wedding

So i made a bunch of teeny Steve Busecemi stickers!!
I have dozens of copies of them, so if you’d like a set, message me!
I’ll be selling them for 5 bucks, plus 1.50 for shipping. :)


Right around the time I was going to get married, I saw this video, and I cried. It was so happy and full of love. So unlike how I felt. I feel terrible for going through with my wedding, knowing I didn’t want to. Anyway, if I ever get the chance to wed again, I hope that it’s just as lovely as this. I really do.


i made a little comic from an idea i thought up a few weeks ago, about a vampire Steve Buscemi. enjoy!

If you’d like to buy one, visit my etsy:

to buy the Steve Buscemi stickers listed before, here is an official etsy listing:

if there is no post available, message me online and i will repost for you. i have plenty!