boardwalk empire spoiler


Boardwalk Empire: [5x08]

I’m literally crying from laughing right now because

I watched like all of Mob City yesterday.

And it was Jon Bernthal’s character, Joe who shot and killed Benny Siegel in the show.

And then Jon’s character, Shane on the Walking Dead ends up killing Randall, played by Michael Zegen, who plays Benny Siegel on Boardwalk Empire

Jon Bernthal fucking killed Bugsy Siegel twice.

One thing I really loved about Nucky’s death coming from the Darmodys was that, as much as I loved the idea of him getting killed by Team NY at first, if he got killed by a mob hit, that would have legitimized him as a gangster, which he never truly was.

But instead he was killed by someone from his personal past, for a personal sin and not his dabbling with organized crime.

And through this the narrative emphasizes that Nucky’s first sin, what he did to Gillian, was his worst sin and the one he truly deserves punishment for. His only punishment for his organized crime work was being left behind in a game he was never fully committed to playing.