boardwalk empire season two


BOARDWALK EMPIRE + Good Times [Season 1 Edition]


Girls On TV: A Spotify Playlist

  1. Tift Merritt- “To Myself” from Switched at Birth Season Two, Episode Seven: “Drive in the Knife” (2013)
  2. Stars- “Ageless Beauty” from The L Word Season Three, Episode Six: “Lifesize” (2006)
  3. Ceu- “Bubuia” from Revenge Season Four, Episode 17: “Love” (2015)
  4. Rihanna- “Rude Boy” from The Mindy Project Season One, Episode Nine: “Josh and Mindy’s Christmas Party” (2012)
  5. Sonic Youth- “Star Power” from Gossip Girl Season Three, Episode Five: “Rufus Getting Married” (2009)
  6. Rachael Yamagata- “Elephants” from Gravity Season One, Episode Eight: “Damn Skippy” (2010)
  7. Gaby Moreno- “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás” from Forever Season One, Episode Two: “Look Before You Leap” (2014)
  8. Courtney Barnett- “Avant Gardener” from The Vampire Diaries Season Five, Episode 16: “While You Were Sleeping” (2014)
  9. Santigold- “Fame” from Power Season One, Episode Eight: “Best Laid Plans” (2014)
  10. Phantogram- “Mouthful of Diamonds” from Teen Wolf Season One, Episode Five: “The Tell” (2011)
  11. Little Scream- “The Lamb” from The Bridge Season One, Episode Seven: “Destino” (2013)
  12. Tanya Tagaq- “Howl” from Vikings Season Three, Episode Nine: “Breaking Point” (2015)
  13. Sleep 8 Over- “Rooftop” from Rectify Season Two, Episode Seven: “Weird As You” (2014)
  14. Nicki Minaj- “Va Va Voom” from Arrow Season One, Episode 17: “The Huntress Returns” (2013)
  15. Metric- “Help I’m Alive” from One Tree Hill Season Seven, Episode Four: “Believe Me, I’m Lying” (2009)
  16. First Aid Kit- “When I Grow Up” from Private Practice Season Five, Episode 19: “And Then There Was One” (2012)
  17. Bat For Lashes- “Siren Song” from Top Gear Season 15, Episode Three: “Season 15, Episode 3” (2010)
  18. ASA- “Eye Adaba” from Skins (UK) Season Three, Episode Three: “Thomas” (2009)
  19. St. Vincent- “Make Believe” from Boardwalk Empire Season Two, Episode 11: “Under God’s Power She Flourishes” (2011)

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No, actually, let me expound.

Boardwalk Empire had to do two jobs this season: make sense of a seven-year major historical gap and draw the show to a thematic close.  Not only did the principal cast bring their a-game (I could go on and on about Vincent Piazza’s utter transformation from Season 1, Steve Buscemi’s ability to stun us with a portrait of sympathetic monsterhood, Michael K. Williams and his broken resignation, etc.), but a whole other generation of mini-mes who had to tell the most significant storyline of the season, one that tied the whole series together.

And they did it.

So you are winners in my heart.