boardwalk empire season two


BOARDWALK EMPIRE + Good Times [Season 1 Edition]

i had apparently never heard charlie cox’s real voice until today. cause i had no idea he sounded like that. 
i mean i know he’s english.
but not that english.
i’ve seen all of boardwalk empire (and lots of bts stuff) and two seasons of daredevil and one season of the defenders and never once seen an intervew with him. apparently

how is this possible


Girls On TV: A Spotify Playlist

  1. Tift Merritt- “To Myself” from Switched at Birth Season Two, Episode Seven: “Drive in the Knife” (2013)
  2. Stars- “Ageless Beauty” from The L Word Season Three, Episode Six: “Lifesize” (2006)
  3. Ceu- “Bubuia” from Revenge Season Four, Episode 17: “Love” (2015)
  4. Rihanna- “Rude Boy” from The Mindy Project Season One, Episode Nine: “Josh and Mindy’s Christmas Party” (2012)
  5. Sonic Youth- “Star Power” from Gossip Girl Season Three, Episode Five: “Rufus Getting Married” (2009)
  6. Rachael Yamagata- “Elephants” from Gravity Season One, Episode Eight: “Damn Skippy” (2010)
  7. Gaby Moreno- “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás” from Forever Season One, Episode Two: “Look Before You Leap” (2014)
  8. Courtney Barnett- “Avant Gardener” from The Vampire Diaries Season Five, Episode 16: “While You Were Sleeping” (2014)
  9. Santigold- “Fame” from Power Season One, Episode Eight: “Best Laid Plans” (2014)
  10. Phantogram- “Mouthful of Diamonds” from Teen Wolf Season One, Episode Five: “The Tell” (2011)
  11. Little Scream- “The Lamb” from The Bridge Season One, Episode Seven: “Destino” (2013)
  12. Tanya Tagaq- “Howl” from Vikings Season Three, Episode Nine: “Breaking Point” (2015)
  13. Sleep 8 Over- “Rooftop” from Rectify Season Two, Episode Seven: “Weird As You” (2014)
  14. Nicki Minaj- “Va Va Voom” from Arrow Season One, Episode 17: “The Huntress Returns” (2013)
  15. Metric- “Help I’m Alive” from One Tree Hill Season Seven, Episode Four: “Believe Me, I’m Lying” (2009)
  16. First Aid Kit- “When I Grow Up” from Private Practice Season Five, Episode 19: “And Then There Was One” (2012)
  17. Bat For Lashes- “Siren Song” from Top Gear Season 15, Episode Three: “Season 15, Episode 3” (2010)
  18. ASA- “Eye Adaba” from Skins (UK) Season Three, Episode Three: “Thomas” (2009)
  19. St. Vincent- “Make Believe” from Boardwalk Empire Season Two, Episode 11: “Under God’s Power She Flourishes” (2011)

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No, actually, let me expound.

Boardwalk Empire had to do two jobs this season: make sense of a seven-year major historical gap and draw the show to a thematic close.  Not only did the principal cast bring their a-game (I could go on and on about Vincent Piazza’s utter transformation from Season 1, Steve Buscemi’s ability to stun us with a portrait of sympathetic monsterhood, Michael K. Williams and his broken resignation, etc.), but a whole other generation of mini-mes who had to tell the most significant storyline of the season, one that tied the whole series together.

And they did it.

So you are winners in my heart.