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can u imagine the shit show that would go down if exo did constant home v-lives like we want them to like poor sehun just wants to update exo-l’s abt his schedule and spoil comeback info and baekhyun comes spinning into the room on his heels butt naked and yodeling

“We once did a Ouija board thing when we were kids, it was just me, George… and John, I think… So we weren’t really into all that, but somebody just said, ‘Let’s do it.’

“So we’re touching the glass, you know, saying 'OK, nobody push it, OK?’ So then, suddenly… whoa, it’s moving! Now, my mum had died a couple of years before and it says, 'Congratulations… son…’ And we’re going, 'NO!’ 'Congratulations… son… number one… In NME!’ And so we were all, 'Oh, f**k off! There’s no way she would know what NME was’. And there’s George, you know (laughing). He’d been pushing it all the time! Bad boy!”

[Paul, NME, October 2010]

Pic: Mike McCartney.

I used an ouija board for the first time

and honestly?? It was super awesome. Before using it my friends and I put up a lot of protection, and two out of the four of us were super into witchy shit and knew how to banish pretty well.

We didn’t even use an actual planchette. It was a Celtic knot pendant that my friend had, which slid easily over the board. Honestly expected nothing to happen, and then it started moving. Our fingers kept slipping off when it moved and at one point it was just flying across the board when one of my friends was barely touching it.

The first spirit we met spoke in Spanish, which only one of us knows (and she was the person who was the most scared to use it). It got a little creepy near the end, spelling out “muerte” and “ayúdame” and ended up flying around the board crazily. My two non-witch friends were rightfully so a little frightened, but through my spirit working “career” (i guess??) I’ve dealt with much worse so I was pretty calm during the whole thing.

Eventually we said goodbye, cleansed the space, and that was the that.

The second spirit we talked to was so amazing. She was super nice and kept pointing to the Sun located in the corner of the board to mention when something made her happy. I asked her what she did in her free time and she said “fly.”

I asked her if she could hear me singing all the time because she had lived in the apartment above mine, and she said yes and went to the sun. She then asked me to sing for her, and I said, “what song? Can I sing Michael in the Bathroom from Be More Chill?”

And it immediately went to No and the Night corner of the board, which we all laughed at since our group has a running gag about that song. She wanted to hear a happy song (Michael in the Bathroom isn’t), so I sang one I wrote about my significant other.

At the end my friends asked “are you a fan of llama (me)?” And the planchette circled all around the board, squeezed right past No on the edge of the board, and then whipped around to Yes. By then we were all cracking up, thanked her for being there and for being so pleasant, and said goodbye.

Would I use the ouija board again? Definitely. Not without precautions, of course, but it’s not at all like what Hollywood tells you it is. Sure, you get creepy spirits sometimes, and not-so-nice ones, but if you don’t let it phase you and understand that spirits can lie (and like to mess with us), you should be fine. :)



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