She loved airports. She loved the smell, she loved the noise, and she loved the whole atmosphere as people walked around happily tugging their luggage, looking forward to going on their holidays or heading back home. She loved to see people arriving and being greeted with a big cheer by their families and she loved to watch them all giving each other emotional hugs. It was a perfect place for people-spotting. The airport always gave her a feeling of anticipation in the pit of her stomach as though she were about to do something special and amazing. Queuing at the boarding gate, she felt like she was waiting to go on a roller coaster ride at a theme park, like an excited little child.
—  Cecelia Ahern

USAopoly Produces Monopoly: Shingeki no Kyojin 

USAopoly has announced a Shingeki no Kyojin edition of Monopoly! The game will be released August 2016

“In Monopoly: Shingeki no Kyojin, players travel the board building walls and gates, attempting to build an elite squad to crush the titan threat and ensure humanity’s survival. The game is for 2 – 6 players, ages 8 and up. Estimated retail value is $39.95.”


In Boarding Gate, the question is never, “what is actually going on?”, for this is unanswerable (the world of financial flows is intrinsically unrepresentable, as Fredric Jameson already pointed out more than 25 years ago). Rather, the question is, “what is going to happen to me now?” and “what can I do about it?” With the added conditions that these questions can only be asked in the very short term — “what will happen to me in the next week, in the next day, in the next five minutes?” — and that one’s power to “negotiate” the circumstances are extremely limited, because of the limitations on what one can know, the effects of things that one absolutely cannot foresee or control, and the fact that one’s very identity is inseparable from the complex regulative and bureaucratic arrangements generated by the “society of control” (credit cards, mobile phones, passports, etc. — all of which are needed in order for one to have an “identity” at all, but which allow one to be tracked and kept under surveillance).
—  Steven Shaviro on Boarding Gate

March 24 & 25 2016

Film Forum

1230pm 245pm 510pm 730pm 945pm Fireworks Wednesday Asghar Farhadi 104min

Anthology Film Archives 

730pm Stan Brakhage (The Criterion Collection featured Director) Program IV

March 25 2016

Film Forum

1230pm 250pm 730pm 950pm Blue Velvet David Lynch (The Criterion Collection featured Director) 35mm 120min

1230pm 245pm 510pm 730pm 945pm Fireworks Wednesday Asghar Farhadi 104min

Brooklyn Academy of Music

2pm 430pm 7pm 915pm Boy Nagisa Oshima (The Criterion Collection featured Director) 35mm 97min


330pm 830pm Boarding Gate Olivier Assayas (The Criterion Collection featured Director) 106min 35mm

Museum of the Moving Image

7pm The Thin Red Line Spine#536 Terrence Malick 35mm 170min½

George Eastman House

8pm The Conversation Francis Ford Coppola (Bram Stoke’s Dracula Spine#183) 35mm 112min

Museum of Modern Art

9pm Neon Bull (Boi neon) Gabriel Mascaro 101min

Rubin Museum of Art

930pm Hiroshima, Mon Amour Spine#196 Alain Resnais 90min


12am Lady Snowblood Spine#790 Toshiya Fujita 96min

*Poster for Olivier Assayas’ Boarding Gate


now boarding gate bey »

If you think I’m on this plane, you’re a fool!
Of course this adventure is already starting out with a great story, of how I got 3 hrs of sleep last night, cut my finger with a screwdriver while putting together IKEA furniture, took an uber to the airport, arriving just in time to grab a coffee across from my gate before boarding, of how my best friend is in NYC already, ready to catch our flight to Iceland tonight, and I am on the train back to Portland from the airport to camp out and work out everything that this delay is causing, until I get on a completely new flight schedule tonight!
The traveling life looks like a glamorous one very often, but in reality I have spent countless hours in airports, sleeping, sorting out delays, cancellations, etc. but the experience gained and the chance to be tested in showing patience and kindness and respect to people in these situations is amazing. This whole ordeal is causing me to arrive at my destination over 24 hrs later than originally planned, while @ajclementine arrives by herself to venture the country until I make it! I’ve seen people throw fits, get angry and show frustration toward the airline crew and airport workers, and for what? Anger and frustration will never solve the issue, and the people receiving it are only giving their best efforts to help what is out of their hands as well. So please, treat them kindly if this ever happens to you.
Time to coffee-shop-camp and sort a whole bunch o’ stuff out! ☕️🍩🤓 (at Portland International Airport)

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ok but when your ot3/otp/otWhatever (because u can overlap these) goes on an international plane trip:

  • who carries everyones travel documents (visas, passports boarding passes, etc.)
  • who sits at the boarding gate and watches everyone’s stuff because their carry-on is so heavy and they don’t want to walk anymore
  • who sprawls themselves out and naps on everyone else while waiting to board
  • who buys a million things in the airport shops
  • who gets stuck with the worst seat on the plane
  • who gets stuck in the airplane bathroom for five minutes
  • whose in-flight entertainment system gets broken
  • who tries to nap the entire plane ride but can’t sleep and is just really fidgety and annoys everyone else
  • who keeps getting up to pee but doesnt have an aisle seat so they just keep pushing past everyone
  • who is in charge of getting the baggage from the carousel
  • who smuggles illegal stuff back into their home country
  • if theyre american&under 21: who gets excited abt being able to drink legally
  • if theyre american: who is amazed by kinder eggs (alt; if theyre not american and go to america: who is pissed that kinder eggs are illegal)
  • who loves the local food at their destination so much that they don’t want to go home
  • who is in charge of translating (if neccesary)
  • who works out all the currency conversions
treasure map (tony/ziva)

word count: 11k | ao3

“Flight ZJ374 to Paris is now boarding.”

The declaration came wedged in between its Hebrew and Arabic equivalents, echoing throughout the bustling airport terminal. Tony forced open his heavy-lidded eyes, still filled with sleep at this early hour, and rose from his seat in the boarding lounge by Gate 7, slinging the trusty go-bag over one shoulder and grasping for Tali’s tiny hand with the other. He gently swung her into the air off of her seat, and she squealed with delight at the motion.

Tony’s solemnity melted away at that wonderful sound. It made his heart full – there were very few things that could do that to him.

“Ready, Tali?” he asked her, bending down a little so she would know the words were meant just for her. “Got Kelev?”

The little girl nodded at both, Kelev tucked soundly under her arm. There was no going anywhere without Kelev; Tony had learned as much from a few near-misses over the past few days.

Tali nodded to both questions and squeezed Kelev tightly with her little fingers.

They joined the queue of chattering tourists and businesspeople, feeling entirely out of place. There were two young people reciting from their Hebrew-French dictionaries directly in front of him. Behind him, a man and a woman, both in suits, discussing something in even-toned, bored-sounding voices. Where the young people moved with jittery excitement and the suit-clad pair moved with something akin to stoic professionalism, Tony moved up the line with purpose. This was no vacation – this was a mission.

Different than any other mission he had gone on before, but a mission nonetheless. He had exchanged his SIG and badge for formula and diapers, and a partner for a toddler, but his brain was still in his head. And when it came to solving mysteries, his brain was all he ever really needed. He had always considered himself fairly good at finding people who were missing.

Especially if those people were Ziva.

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