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Ducktales finally premiered! I’ve been sitting on this stuff for about a year and a half. 

The first half of the pilot movie was the first DT episode I directed. I was still getting used to drawing the characters (and at that time Webby had a slightly different look) but here are a few boards I can still stand to look at. 

Shout out to my excellent board team Emmy Cicierga, Ben Holm, and Jason Reicher!!! And to John Aoshima and his team for nailing the adventure to Atlantis!

I’ll be uploading some more goodies later on. 

Thanks everyone for watching!

EDIT - Added some more I forgot about! 

  • Tracer: (Writing ‘me’ on a white board) Team, in honor of the new Overwatch event coming up, I’d like to go around and ask everyone what skins they’d like to see ME have in the loot boxes.
  • Team: ...
  • Sombra: (Getting up to fight while Widowmaker and Reaper try to hold her back) All right! Let me at her! Tú eres loca!
  • Tracer: (Screams)
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Ryan Haywood and Gavin Free, “Team Love and Stuff”

The unlikely duo, chaotic vagabonds who follow rules fit only for the insane. Destruction is a given, police never get a wink of sleep with these two around.  


At Pioneer Works, a space Justin Vernon believes in and actively assists as a member of the Advisory Board, he and his team created a very special evening — a transcendent night of voices masked, faces hidden in darkness and a performance aimed at soul-searching and purpose over pop and stardom.

Late Night Watch: Bon Iver, Live In Concert

Torn Apart (a langst minific)

hey guys, here’s a new minific! here’s the prompt for it and i love this idea so much you have no idea. hope you enjoy!

The mind meld devices were a fickle thing.

Despite their constant use during training, they weren’t exactly safe. The devices had not been created with humans in mind, as Earth was unknown to Altea when they were initially made. Their purpose had only been for Alteans and their allies, so of course Allura and Coran were very careful with it. The effects the devices could have on humans were unpredictable; they could accidentally fry their brains if set to the wrong frequency or shutdown sections if the wrong button was pushed. They were necessary however, without them the bond between the Paladins would never become strong enough for Voltron. Thus causing this tug and pull relationship between the Alteans and the machines, never knowing how far was too far.

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rosvolio high school au

They had asked her to announce the spirit day themes during half-time. At the time, Rosaline had no issues - but now, with the clock winding down in the first half and the band preparing for their set, the nerves settle in quickly.

Livia nudges her. “You’ll be fine. It’s just an announcement. You do that in the mornings all the time.”

“This is different,” says Rosaline, sitting on her hands in front of the bleachers. The away team is right in front of them, screaming as their teammate rushes forward towards the endzone. “This is in front of real people.”

Snorting, her sister shakes her head. “You knew what you were getting into when you joined student council.” Her grin widens and Rosaline groans as the teams head back to their locker rooms. The crowd cheers on its feet, celebrating the home team’s current lead. Livia leans closer. “And you’re senior class president. Come on, girl.”

“You’re not helping.” Rosaline watches the band - not as good as last year, but definitely better than her freshmen year - play their set, before her eyes catch on movement from the benches in front of her. 

She quickly recognizes the figure taking pictures of the away stands across the field. 

“Isn’t that your best friend? The other school board rep?” teases Livia, pointing. Rosaline groans. “Of course he goes to away games.”

“He doesn’t miss one,” grumbles Rosaline under her breath. Of course, she tries her best to support her school’s athletics - but he takes it to a whole new level. “I’m gonna head down so I can avoid him.”

Livia just laughs.

The nerves grow in her stomach, acidic bubbling threatening to spill from her throat. She takes in a deep breath at the bottom of the bleachers, people milling all around. Pulling out her phone, she quickly opens the note she had made - she’s just announcing spirit days, nothing fancy, but her hands still shake as she scrolls through the apps. And just before she considers asking someone else - maybe her cousin Juliet, head cheerleader and junior class president - to take her place, a shadow crosses over her. 

When Rosaline looks up, she groans, loudly.

Benvolio grins. “Is that anyway to greet a colleague?” He peers down at her phone before she can stash it away. “Making an announcement? In front of a crowd?” His surprise annoys her, so she glares, despite the setting sun in her eyes. “That’s new.”

“Don’t you have to get back to your student section? On the other side of the field?” She crosses her arms over her chest. “I’m surprised they didn’t bring baby powder this time.”

“Oh believe me,” he says, still grinning brightly. It’s annoying. “They tried. Admin shut that one down, especially after last year.”

“Serves them right, they ruined the field. Pretty sure the school had to pay some huge fines for that.”

Benvolio shrugs. “We won an intense game. It happens.” He leans against the fence, as the band winds down. Her stomach flickers. “I’m honestly more surprised there was no prank this year.”

“We agreed to a truce, remember?” Rosaline shifts her weight onto her other foot. “Or do you not trust me?”

“Oh I trust you,” says Benvolio, that smirk growing on his face again. “It’s just your classmates I don’t trust.” The announcer calls for more applause of the band. Rosaline grips her phone in her hands tighter, nodding when she’s waved forward. Before she can move forward, however, Benvolio reaches for her, hand resting on her shoulder. “You’ll be fine. Just pick one person and talk to them.”

His hand is heavy. And his body is hot, especially the late September, and she can feel her hair crackling. Her throat is dry.

And then he blinks and steps back, and a breeze washes over them. “Thanks.” She slides past him, not trusting herself to look back. 

(When she stands on stage, microphone in hand, proudly announcing their voted on spirit days, Rosaline stares at a blurry figure sitting on the rival team’s bench.)

a few things i noticed from the vlive

  • all of the low murmered talking to each other picked up on the mic
  • the members looking at themselves in the mirror behind the camera
  • jungkook and tae laughing about writing spanking punishments
  • jin and jungkook arguing and jin yelling that he told his team they should’ve put begin on their board when the other team called it
  • when maknae line won and got the acrylic suga stands jimin deciding he was getting one, making jk and tae rock paper scissors for the other 
  • junkook spinning the board after winning
  • the constant beautiful sope
  • everyone but jimin got up to take the pictures and he sat there until someone called him over to the side
  • jimin saying he’s surprised how many pictures of namjoon there are on the phone they used to take the pictures
  • jm just giggling the whole time in general
  • hobi cleaning namjoon’s ear w the qtip
  • hobi saying he really wanted the acrylic suga stand prize
  • yoongi making up twister rules and jungkook continuously calling him out
  • namjoon: “jimin i wonder how bad you would be at this game [twister]”
  • Winner™ jk happy he collected all the photo cards first
  • yoongi flawlessly bullshitting that the rock paper scissors game was to decide who picks the punishment and not who gets the punishment after losing it
  • yoongi marking the punishment paper from his team so he could tell it and avoid it but accidentally drew it anyway
  • jin writing the kiss namjoon punishment, saying he didn’t think of having to get it himself, suggesting that only one person should take the punishment, asking namjoon if he wanted all of them to kiss him or just one, and doing The Most™ as with getting the punishment on the vlive before the wings album
  • exasperated namjoon asking if they could do the kiss later off screen then changing it to him getting a kiss instead of giving it
  • yoongi clapping off beat at the end bless