boarding school role play

okay but consider the plot of She’s the Man with Yousana as the main characters 


Tyler Sumnter | 16 | Music | FC: Justin Bieber | Taken

Background: Tyler’s mom died when he was six. He was silent for about four years after his mother’s death. When he finally began to speak again he only spoke to his father and his voice was rarely above a whisper. One day his father heard him singing in the shower. He figured out that music could bridge the gap between Tyler and everyone else. He got Tyler into the church choir as well as the all city chorus. Before long, Tyler was interacting with others again but something about his connecting with other people was strained. He found it hard to connect with people and make friends and no matter what people always found Tyler to be sort of weird. He tries desperately to fit in but somehow it never quite works. Tyler came to Oxford because he hoped to find people who could connect with him on a musical level and look past his unusual behaviors.

Personality: Tyler strains to fit in but above all has a strong love for music and dancing. He’s a bit awkward but once you have him as a friend it’s hard to lose him. He’s loyal and holds on tight to anyone he loves because he doesn’t want to lose them. He loves himself a little more than what is normal. He is quite charming.

a production of Macbeth that’s set in a co-ed boarding school

all the male roles are played by women and all the female roles are played by men

the women wear chic pleated skirts in Scottish tartan plaid, accessorized with everything from headbands to hairbows to combat boots

as the play goes on everyone’s hairdo gets steadily messier

at one point the Macbeths slam each other up against the lockers and start heading for third base and when someone else enters they don’t even break apart because they are Just That Into Each Other

PROM QUEEN MACBETH. complete with Spangly Sash of Monarchhood

bunk beds for everyone

basically Heathers The Musical but with less Heathers and more Shakespeare