boarding school blues


Monday 1st June 2015 : 

So Im back at boarding school after a half term of revising. On study leave, which means 6 hours revision a day for me! 8 days till my first A2 exam! 

The weather is absolutely terrible here! But I must carry on revising! Got myself a cup of Lady Grey tea to help me through Jazz and Blues from 1910 - 1950. 

Going for a workout in the gym in an hour, can’t wait to do some physical activity after being sat at this desk for 6 hours!!!! 

Good luck with all your exams and don’t forget to stay healthy! 


So I’m going to stop being sad because I fail to achieve my DREAMS. So tomorrow at FOREVER 21 is BOARDING SCHOOL BLUES. Basically each day we have to dress up as a certain concept we have for our NEW FLOORSET. So basically BOARDING SCHOOL BLUES is all about letterman jackets, bow ties, blazers, collared shirts, khaki pants. It’s your SCHOOL GIRL TYPE. So I’m kinda deciding what to wear. I will post a picture in just a few moments.