boarded-up houses


So I’m currently preparing for a hurricane, and I’m anticipating that I won’t be able to post any art for quite some time. 

I felt bad knowing that there’d be a hiatus, and I didn’t want my followers to be too upset with me, so here’s some WIPs for additions to my undertale roster that I tried to squeeze in between me boarding up my house and doing other things in preparation for the storm. I wanna finish up the roster because I recently got invited to participate in an undertale themed charity artbook. I plan on finishing up Omega Flowey, maybe adding some effects to Hyperdeath God, and I’m also gonna draw the Royal Guards and Bratty and Catty (saving the best for last).

So, yeah, later today you’ll be seeing a post detailing the stuff about the hurricane, and more about my hiatus. 

Hope you guys like what I did here.

Living with Damon Salvatore would include:

  • having sex in almost every room of the Salvatore Boarding House
  • waking up to the smell of Damon cooking you breakfast
  • having the pleasure of a naked Damon walking around the house almost all the time
  • “put a shirt on” - “you love it”
  • spooning
  • having bubble baths together 
  • giving him massages 
  • drunk dancing 
  • telling you stories about his past and how it the world was decades ago
  • finding old baby photos of him and stefan
  • forehead kisses 
  • road trips
  • “5 more minutes, babe”
  • pranking him with stefan
  • wearing his shirts around the house and him loving it
  • sleeping in his shirts 
  • amazing sex
  • “you’re so beautiful, Y/N”
  • competing with his sarcasm
  • him making you breakfast
Things Don't Look Good
  • Things Don't Look Good
  • Genghis Tron
  • Board Up The House

Genghis Tron - Things Don’t Look Good

Board Up The House (2008)

Roots spread under the mud
Drags the steel sprawl out towards the sea
Pile these cold souls so tight they’ll hardly breathe
Flames will walk the earth
Let them roam

They don’t need what can spend so easily
Make this wretched mass work for their gloom
Flames will walk the earth
And nothing will change
Pack ourselves so tight we can’t breathe
On their grief
We cast our roots deep
The grid extends its reach
Things don’t look good
As we feel the ground wake
Nothing will change
Flames will walk the earth
And nothing will change


Dating Damon Salvatore would include...

-Him cuddling you and putting his arm around you all the time

-Drinking bourbon with him 

-Him calling you sweetheart or babe all the time 

-Heated makeout sessions

-Leading to obviously amazing, mind blowing sex

- In literally every surface of the house

-Getting lost in those blue eyes 

-Dealing with his sassy quips 

-You actually find them pretty funny and often reciprocate 

-Sharing Alaric as a drinking buddy

-Damon being super overprotective of you

-Basically living at the Salvatore boarding house 

-Waking up to him every morning, limbs entangled, fingers intertwined 

-Being late for where ever you need to be because he can’t move from that position

-Calming him down from hit fights with stefan because you always know what to say

-Him cohering you into the bath with him

-”This is possibly the best idea you’ve ever had”

-You complaining every time he kills someone

-Leading to an argument for the whole of the Salvatore boarding house, if not Mystic Falls to hear

-But you could never actually argue, so rough make-up sex is always on the cards

-Road trips to New York among other places which you love because you have never seen the world before 

-Him kissing your head and your cheeks when you are cuddling together, which you often are

-”You know I don’t know what I see in you, Salvatore”

- “oh, Y/N, you know you love me almost as much as I love you”

Dialogue: Making it More Detailed

Anonymous asked: How can I write more elaborate dialogue? Currently I feel what I am writing is too weak - a few lines with lots of “she said” and minor mannerisms. But how to make a talk scene gripping and immersive? (Thank you in advance!)

First of all, make sure that the dialogue serves a purpose. It should move the story forward by revealing information, back story, character plans or speculation, character development, or develop the setting.

Make sure that your characters are more than “talking heads.” What that means is that their whole bodies should be involved in the conversation through gestures, body language, and interacting with the scenery and other characters. Example:

“Is the abandoned house boarded up?” asked Jill.

“I don’t know,” said Fred, “I’ll check when I’m out there next Tuesday.”


Jill thumbed through the box of old photos. “Is the abandoned house still boarded up?” she asked, stopping to pull out a torn photo of a woman leaning against a Model T.

“I don’t know,” Fred said with a shrug. “I’ll check when I’m out there next Tuesday.” He pulled out his cell phone to set up a reminder, then leaned in over Jill’s shoulder to see what she was looking at.

“Nice, Model T,” he said, patting Jill on the shoulder, and they smiled at each other, each with a gleam in their eyes. If the abandoned house has been boarded up for a hundred years, who knows what they might find inside?

The second version is more interesting because it tells us more about the scene, more about the characters, and more about what’s going on. They’re not just “talking heads,” they are actual physical bodies engaged with their environment.

You should also see my post on dialogue tagging and my post on How to Make Simple Writing More Vivid. :)

Rereading the HP series as an adult is strange sometimes…

Was November 1, 1981 a “yay Voldemort is dead” day at Hogwarts? Because Professor McGonagall spent all day as a cat on Privet Drive. 

How to Vernon manage to take so many days off from work to board up the house and then drive the family all over the country? What excuses did he use when he called into work? “Yes, I won’t be in today. My nephew’s receiving piles of letters from strangers and I have to be here for it.” I’m assuming since he’s the “director” of his firm in the first chapter that he can just sort of do whatever the fuck he wants…. but I’d still like to hear his reasons as his sanity slowly leaks out of his skull.

How did Hagrid actually get to the Hut on the Rock? Like, he said he was allowed to use magic to find Harry, but he never learned to Apparate, to my knowledge. I can’t imagine a broom would work out so well for him either. Or that he ever learned enough advanced magic to be able to fly. Portkey maybe? But then, why not use that to get back to the magical world? Unless they just want to ease Harry into everything (and leave the Dursleys stranded on a rock in the middle of some sea).

TA prize for deansdirtylittlesecretsblog

So you didn’t mean to fall asleep, you’d only meant to scope out the upstairs in this boarded-up house, but one of the rooms had had a bed, a real legit bed, and you’d just lain down for a minute or two to quiet your head cause it’d been a shit few days – next to no money and long days spent driving, all of you tired and slightly on edge. Three days earlier Dean had stitched up a gash on your arm, had shared enough of the whiskey to get slightly drunk and had kissed you. That part was good, that part wasn’t the problem. But Sam had got back inconveniently early and then you’d had to blow town in a hurry, three days of driving, catching glances sometimes in the rearview mirror but nothing spoken or said, not even time to try, all sleeping together cramped and uncomfortable in the Impala by the side of the road. Now you’d found this house, were going to squat here till the next credit cards showed up. Hopefully. 

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