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Merry Christmas from the Unremarkable House! 👽💕🎄

It was my Christmas wish to see Mulder & Scully’s house in the snow. Snow is actually quite rare in this part of Canada, so chalk this one up to a holiday miracle!

I hope these photos conjure visions of Mulder & Scully snuggling next to the fire. And you know Mulder chopped their Christmas tree down right from their own damn lot, that he looked sexy af swinging that axe! 😏

Sending these pics along with a big thank you for everyone that makes this fandom great. I’m so glad to be a part of this awesome community of Philes on Tumblr. All my best wishes for a fantastic holiday season!

Happy Holidays, Tumblr!
xo Mel (& Mulder & Scully)


So I’m currently preparing for a hurricane, and I’m anticipating that I won’t be able to post any art for quite some time. 

I felt bad knowing that there’d be a hiatus, and I didn’t want my followers to be too upset with me, so here’s some WIPs for additions to my undertale roster that I tried to squeeze in between me boarding up my house and doing other things in preparation for the storm. I wanna finish up the roster because I recently got invited to participate in an undertale themed charity artbook. I plan on finishing up Omega Flowey, maybe adding some effects to Hyperdeath God, and I’m also gonna draw the Royal Guards and Bratty and Catty (saving the best for last).

So, yeah, later today you’ll be seeing a post detailing the stuff about the hurricane, and more about my hiatus. 

Hope you guys like what I did here.

Dating Damon Salvatore would include...

-Him cuddling you and putting his arm around you all the time

-Drinking bourbon with him 

-Him calling you sweetheart or babe all the time 

-Heated makeout sessions

-Leading to obviously amazing, mind blowing sex

- In literally every surface of the house

-Getting lost in those blue eyes 

-Dealing with his sassy quips 

-You actually find them pretty funny and often reciprocate 

-Sharing Alaric as a drinking buddy

-Damon being super overprotective of you

-Basically living at the Salvatore boarding house 

-Waking up to him every morning, limbs entangled, fingers intertwined 

-Being late for where ever you need to be because he can’t move from that position

-Calming him down from hit fights with stefan because you always know what to say

-Him cohering you into the bath with him

-”This is possibly the best idea you’ve ever had”

-You complaining every time he kills someone

-Leading to an argument for the whole of the Salvatore boarding house, if not Mystic Falls to hear

-But you could never actually argue, so rough make-up sex is always on the cards

-Road trips to New York among other places which you love because you have never seen the world before 

-Him kissing your head and your cheeks when you are cuddling together, which you often are

-”You know I don’t know what I see in you, Salvatore”

- “oh, Y/N, you know you love me almost as much as I love you”


TA prize for deansdirtylittlesecretsblog

So you didn’t mean to fall asleep, you’d only meant to scope out the upstairs in this boarded-up house, but one of the rooms had had a bed, a real legit bed, and you’d just lain down for a minute or two to quiet your head cause it’d been a shit few days – next to no money and long days spent driving, all of you tired and slightly on edge. Three days earlier Dean had stitched up a gash on your arm, had shared enough of the whiskey to get slightly drunk and had kissed you. That part was good, that part wasn’t the problem. But Sam had got back inconveniently early and then you’d had to blow town in a hurry, three days of driving, catching glances sometimes in the rearview mirror but nothing spoken or said, not even time to try, all sleeping together cramped and uncomfortable in the Impala by the side of the road. Now you’d found this house, were going to squat here till the next credit cards showed up. Hopefully. 

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I went for my daily run

I went passed some boarded up houses that must have been abandoned & they kinda reminded me of the one I was staying with Monica in when I was all manic & shit…I used to come home to that old boarded up house every night & never felt more at home..Shit-to you guys you’re probably thinking that’s weird since the house with Fiona & lip & Debbie & Carl that should feel like home…

Being with my brothers & sisters I never feel at home…We all seem close & shit, but really they have time for each other, but never me.. Well, except Lip…I think he is the one who ever really gave a shit about me in this house..But anymore now that he is off at college, he couldn’t give a shit what I’m doing or where I am..Monica…when her & I lived in that boarded house, she always was there when I got back from work or my daily run..She wasn’t around much of my life but she cares..Or at least I thought she did..

I don’t think I have anyone anymore…

houston gothic
  • You walk past the bayou on the way home and stare into the green, murky water. You remember the way the locals used to whisper about alligators, but you know the truth is far worse. You hear a splash.
  • The black birds in the grocery store parking lot have been there for as long as you can remember. You throw them some breadcrumbs every once in a while. You cringe when you see the old man swatting at a bird with his cane, because you know what happens to people who anger the birds.
  • The convenience store down the street from your house boarded up for Hurricane Ike and never opened again. You think you saw a pair of yellow, haunted eyes peering at you through the boards over the windows once, but your memory has been hazy ever since the hurricane.
  • You go to Whataburger and ask for a small order of fries. The man at the drive-through window gives you a large instead, and he smiles. He has too many teeth and his neck is too long. You pretend not to notice and leave quickly. You do not eat the fries.
  • Deep in the Heart of Texas is playing on the radio again. You remember you don’t have a radio, not since the hurricane. You clap along anyway, though you’re unsure why.
  • The Metro bus passes your car on the way to work, though you’ve never seen a bus stop in your life. You catch a glimpse of the people inside. They are screaming and pounding on the windows. You see the same bus on the way back home. It is empty.
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”We used to live in a really old part of my town. Now when I say old, I mean 1700’s old. A lot of old torn down buildings and a lot of boarded up houses. When I was about 11, we lived in this one super old duplex (but with four apartments instead of two), and my neighbor, Max, was to the right of us. One night, Max And myself were skipping rocks on the abandoned railroad tracks behind the local VFW. No one ever really went on the tracks and there was a lot of trash from the homeless people who once occupied the area. 

As we are walking down the tracks, we hear yelling, like someone is in a heated argument. Like SUPER angry. Well it starts to get dark and the yelling gets louder. Max is freaked out at this point because it’s so silent outside, you would hear a needle drop. But instead, all you hear is yelling. I hear Max scream, and turn to see him being pulled by his legs down the track. I race after him and scream for whatever it was pulling him, to stop. I felt like my heart was gonna pop out of my chest! I jump on max and we go rolling off the train tracks, down into the woods.

Max yells to me and asks if I’m okay, and as I look at him to respond, I notice this little tent to the far right, tucked under some logs and broken down trees. Thankfully Max has his flashlight, and we look inside. Never in my life, have I seen something this gruesome. It was this shriveled body of a man, his skin hanging off, and the smell so Unbearable, that I begin to heave. I fall back to vomit, and this dead guy grabs my ankle and I booked it out of there. I ran so fast and didn’t look back. I heard Max yelling my name and screaming. This thing was chasing us! 

We ran past the VFW, down the alley and into Max’s yard, and into his house where we locked every door and window. We barricaded his room and cowered under his bed. Max’s parents were out that night, so they weren’t around for all of this. For two hours, this THING banged on the doors so hard, we thought the doors would give away. Eventually we fell asleep and woke up when his parents got home. We vowed to never speak of it to anyone, ever.”

By: @winterfaerieus   

Rereading the HP series as an adult is strange sometimes…

Was November 1, 1981 a “yay Voldemort is dead” day at Hogwarts? Because Professor McGonagall spent all day as a cat on Privet Drive. 

How to Vernon manage to take so many days off from work to board up the house and then drive the family all over the country? What excuses did he use when he called into work? “Yes, I won’t be in today. My nephew’s receiving piles of letters from strangers and I have to be here for it.” I’m assuming since he’s the “director” of his firm in the first chapter that he can just sort of do whatever the fuck he wants…. but I’d still like to hear his reasons as his sanity slowly leaks out of his skull.

How did Hagrid actually get to the Hut on the Rock? Like, he said he was allowed to use magic to find Harry, but he never learned to Apparate, to my knowledge. I can’t imagine a broom would work out so well for him either. Or that he ever learned enough advanced magic to be able to fly. Portkey maybe? But then, why not use that to get back to the magical world? Unless they just want to ease Harry into everything (and leave the Dursleys stranded on a rock in the middle of some sea).


“I thought you were supposed to be helping me Kai, not sitting there eating your nasty chips.” I felt a pork rind hit my back while I chopped tomatoes, he was such a child.

I heard him get up behind me, slightly weary of what he’d do, Kai was unpredictable. One second he could be laughing over something he watched in a 90′s sitcom and the next second he’s stabbing me for throwing away his chips. I was fully aware of the risk I was taking when I told him that he could stay at my place, and the Salvatore’s were definitely not opening up the boarding house to guests any time soon so I offered to let him crash here. 

His footsteps indicated that he was getting closer to me, making me tense up on impulse. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck, sending goosebumps down my spine. I hated the effect he had on me, the way that he could make body…react to his actions. My breath hitched in my throat when his arms came around my waist as if he was about to pull me towards him, but instead he let his arms rest on the counter. He leaned down, letting his chin rest on my shoulder, his mouth nearly brushing my collar bone. It was getting unbelievably difficult to cut vegetables due to the sweat forming on my palms.

Being as perceptive as he is, Kai must have noticed the struggle I was having trying to hold myself together because he took the knife from my hands. “Here, i’ll show you how to do it more..efficiently.” He whispered, barely pressing his mouth to my skin. The way the words vibrated against my neck paired with the sensation of his lips gliding down towards my collar bone was euphoric. 

“And then you take the knife and cut them into equal slices, but hold the handle like this…” I couldn’t focus on his cutting technique and I only vaguely registered the words he was saying, my mind was elsewhere, picturing his mouth on places under these clothes. The sound of metal falling to the floor reached my ears and I allowed my mind to come back to reality. 

In a blur, Kai turned my body to face him, quickly tearing off my blouse as if it was nothing more than paper, and attacked my neck with rough love bites. I could already feel the bruises forming but I didn’t stop him, I yearned for this as much as he did. For weeks I could feel a thick tension between us every time we were alone and to finally break through that wall and touch him, to reach into his shirt and drag my nails down his back, it made me ecstatic and desperate for more.

I drug my nails down his back once more, breaking skin and feeling droplets of blood coat my nails, earning a low groan from the man still attached to my neck. Getting annoyed with the excess of fabric, I found the strength to push against him, or more stumble, to the nearest wall, pinning him against it. I grabbed his arms from their grip around my waist, lifting them so I could discard his shirt onto the floor. I could see the surprise on his face, obviously not expecting this side of dominance from me.. Kai pulled my face up, tracing my lips with his tongue, a moan escaped my mouth causing him to smile in triumph. It was like we were playing a game, who could make the other react more? This was a game I knew I could win, Kai had been in a prison world for 18 years, his game had to be somewhat rusty. 

I slid my nails achingly slow down his chest, stopping just above his jeans, unbuttoning them quickly and slipping my fingers into his boxers, feeling him harden at the gentle strokes of my hands, 

“I didn’t teach you that.” His voice surprisingly composed.

“I think it’s my turn to teach you a few things Malachai.”