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OK, so the above photos are basically useless, since I can’t take screenshots of Netflix on mobile anymore… but it DOES still leave the closed captioning intact. Which saves me from rewriting the dialogue.

Above is a conversation from 4x15 between the girls after they find out that Ali is alive in Ravenswood.

Emily says that “Ali always did love playing games.”

Aria responds “What? Like she was ‘A’? Chasing us around the game board?”

And now we have an actual game board.

So I’m filing that under clues that Ali is A team.

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Taking a couple days of rest!

Hello guys~ I’m going to take a couple days off from drawing for this au because hoo boi did I do a lot these past 2 weeks :’-) I’ll still be here to talk! Also I think I’m going to make a side blog for my other AUs cause I don’t want this one to get crowded with irrelevant content so i might head over there for the next couple days just to refresh my creative juices (I haven’t made one yet but just a heads up!)

I’ll come back in full force and finally get through that jinkook/ot7 when I’ve hit refresh on life.

As always, thank you so much for all of your support. It keeps me up at night sometimes how loved I feel agdhsjsh you guys are the REALEST :’) 💖