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I decided to make a Hidge au so here we go

Welcome to YouTube gaming au!

•Hunk and Pidge share a gaming channel and are pretty famous
•their name is HidgeGaming

•they never told their subscribers that they’re dating
•most their fans ship them
•it’s like dan and Phil only they are dating for a fact
•Pidge likes to troll the fans saying that she has a crush on hunk

•they live in an apartment together
•It has chalk board walls so that Pidge can right down her conspiracy theories and so hunk can write down new recipes
•Hunk wrote “HUNK X PIDGE” once on the wall behind where they recorded
•Pidge wrote “love you too!” In between videos

•they are best friends
•If their relationship ever ended they’d still be friends
•no matter how bad it ends

•hunk is super lovey dovey
•he likes to leave little notes all over the place for Pidge
•one time she found one in the middle of a video, on that day all the shippers died.
•he hides behind Pidge when he’s scared
•Pidge also likes to hide behind him when she’s scared
•for this reason watching them play horror games is hilarious, they’re both jumping behind each other and usually ends with Pidge on Hunk’s shoulder

•shay is Hunk’s friend, and when she first showed up as a guest everyone thought they were dating
•Pidge got really jealous
•the shippers freaked

•one time Matt replaced Pidge for a week when Pidge was on vacation before any of the fans noticed
•oh yeah, Matt isn’t missing!

•Allura and coran have a channel called Altea
•It’s a beauty and fashion channel
•they’re still friends with Pidge and Hunk

•Lance has a gaming channel and a beauty channel
•the gaming channel is The Blue Paladin
•the beauty channel is called 2Fab4You

•Shiro and Matt share a channel called Kerberos
•Mainly conspiracy theories by Matt and random other stuff that he dragged Shiro in to
• they do a lot of funny skits that they came up with

•Keith makes a lot of appearances on both of lance’s channels and a few on Shiro’s
•Shiro is his adoptive brother
•he’s thinking if making his own channel but he’s not sure what he’d do

•one time Pidge lost a bet and had to let Allura and Lance do her hair and makeup (which by the way was beautiful!)
•hunk died of cuteness

Feel free to add if you want! Just make sure to tag with HidgeGaming so I can find it!

Should’ve Locked The Door - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: hi! I love ur imagines btw. can I have one with Fred where we r dating and we r sorta having a makeout session and one of his siblings walk in on us? thanks!!

So this is got a bit more dirty than I was planning but I didn’t get into too much, it starts out super fluffy(:


Y/n’s pov-

Rain pattered against the boards of house walls making a cool chill set the tone inside the Weasley’s home. The clouds had grown dark and looming while the sky’s’ lively blue, melted into a depressing grey. Water droplets splashed onto the glass of the window, then races side by side other droplets to make it to the end of the window sill before the others. Or at least that was how I had viewed it.

Fred Weasley, my boyfriend of two years, had the window in his room cracked open a snippet to allow a calming breeze sweep over his shared room with his brother George. I had set a towel on the wooden ledge to keep the water from causing any damage.

The circular clock hanging on the wall opposite of the bed I was occupying, read 1:50pm and I groaned internally knowing I would have to retrieve back to Ginny Weasley’s room before she got finished with her chores so I could tutor her on her Charms class homework that was due when we returned from break. I promised I would meet her at 2:00 but I had no intentions of getting up any time soon.

Snuggling deeper into Fred’s warm comforter I closed my eyes briefly but the sound of the bedroom door creaking open kept me from falling asleep. Sitting up, I turned my attention to the door and watched as Fred Weasley reentered, this time with a mountain high stack of fleece blankets.

“Oh Freddie, you’re a life saver!” Thanking him, I stood from the bed and helped him to lay all the blankets out on the mattress, in hopes of providing more warmth for the both of us. “But we also could’ve just closed the window, y’know.” I commented giggling as he rolled his eyes.

“Oh please you could’ve broken my hand if I even reached to close that damn window. I know how much you enjoy the sound of rain so don’t even start, my darling.” Fred spoke with a playful tone, lifting back the covers of the bedspread and sliding in, with me close in toll. I shrugged lightly and nodded my head knowing in the short scheme of things, he was right. “Now be quite and lie with me before my sister comes back.”

Pulling up the corner of the bottom blanket, I slipped into the small slot of open space and buried my head into the crook of Fred’s warm neck as his arms snaked around my backside, finally settling on my waist. I skimmed my finger along his chest absentmindedly, tracing small patterns as my thoughts ran wild like the untamed storm outside. 

Glancing back at the clock again, I met a pair of chocolate orbs, already staring deeply into my own. Fred had a faint smirk playing at his lips as he pulled his body back an inch from mine. I scrunched my brows together, confused by the strange look I was receiving from his end.

“What is it? Is something wrong?” He looked almost dazzled by the sudden question and shook his head in a swift manner, his red locks swinging ever so slightly.

“No, no, nothing’s wrong it’s just- well you look beautiful right now. That’s all.” I could practically feel my eyebrow raised on instinct. Fred grinned madly and bent his head down to set a nice, sweet little peck to the tip of my nose. My features still held a skeptical look as I responded,

“Oh, so that’s all. Nothing more?” Teasing lightly, I tugged on the bottom hem of his shirt trying to get a rise out of him. Though Fred saw it coming as he caught my hands into his own warm ones, rubbing his thumb across my knuckles. Shaking his head, Fred slowly began to lean forward, his forehead stopping still as it rested against mine.

“Well… you also look extremely attractive in my old t-shirt. I like your hair today too… all natural and gorgeous, just like you. And I also love you a lot, sweetheart. I’m really glad you chose to come and stay with us- me this break. I think I might have died if I would’ve have to gone another two week long break without your wonderful presence.” Laughing softly, I repositioned myself so I was now positioned on Fred’s lap more so straddling his hips. Fred opened his mouth ready to continue on with god knows what, but before he could manage to slip a single word out, I closed the gap between us, and attached my delicate lips upon his moving them ever so slowly in attempt to build the tension. 

My action clearly caught Fred by surprised as it took his a moment to respond before he brought his hand up to the back of my neck pulling my face closer to his if it was even possible. Our lips moved in sync, like the feeling when you put the last and final piece of a puzzle together and everything becomes complete. That’s exactly how I felt… complete.

I was brought back to reality by a wave of shock at the feeling of a cool hand maneuvering their way under my shirt and up my spine, lifting the material of the t-shirt as they did so. I detached myself from the feeling of Fred’s lips against my own as I shimmed out of my top and threw it across the room, not caring where it landed.

The smirk tattooed on Fred’s sealed lips remained when he dragged me back down, obviously feeling a bit ignored and needy, not allowing a second of my time to be on anything other than the two of us. A small giggled escaped from my mouth and he placed his lips back against mine, brushing his tongue along the lining of my bottom lip. 

I wasn’t in the mood to deny myself of the simple pleasure and gave him access without second questioning. Parting my lips with barley enough room, Fred slipped his tongue in my mouth, skimming his hand across my now bare stomach and stopping short of my breast. He hesitated and I could tell he exactly what he was contemplating,

“N-no… just not yet. Be patient, babe.” I whispered out of breath and swatted his hand away from the back latch of my bra. Fred shook his head but agreed, focusing his attention back on my lips. 

A moan sounded, crawling it’s way up from the back of my throat while Fred pushed on my back causing me to lower down on his body. I kissed him again this time with a little more passion and tugged lightly on his plump lips bringing it in between my teeth but not too hard to where it would cause pain. Fred groaned throwing his head back onto the fluffed up pillow complaining in a hushed voice,

“Please Y/n… I want to make you feel so good. I promise I won’t-“A familiar sound of a creaking down and light footsteps entering the room forced the both of us to whip our heads to the open door revealing a distant looking Ginny Weasley.

“Hey Y/n, I’m all finished. Do you mind helping me with my homework now, I-“ Her eyes glanced upwards growing the size of gumballs as they soon darted back to the floor, then covered fully as she brought her hands up to her face. A loud yelp echoed through the room as Ginny sprinted back out of it, running down the hallway and into her room slamming the door shut. 

I could tell by the look on his face, Fred was mentally face palming for being stupid enough to forget to lock the door, which earned a slap to his chest from my part.

“Shit, Y/n! I’m so sorry, I lost track of time and I swear to god I thought I locked it but-“
“What the hell is going on in here?” I snapped my attention back to the door only to find, Ron and George Weasley standing in the doorway with confusion lacing their eyes. Suddenly, the mood changed when the two boys gathered by the lack of clothes and odd position what was happening. Wolf whistles sounded and I scattered off the bed in search of my- Fred’s t-shirt that I had been wearing. 

Slipping it over my head, I turned back around just as Fred was shoving the door close in his brothers’ faces. The two started booing and hollering shouting the most provocative things and sexual sounds. Fred slammed his fist against the door, becoming overwhelmed and annoyed beyond belief. I ran my hand through my hair while George and Ron decided to give up and return back to their previous actions, but not before George let out a final hoot,

“Just make sure you two keep all your little private activities to be played out on Freddie’s bed! Not mine, you hear!” I gritted my teeth not fully sure if I was more embarrassed or angry. Though, as their footsteps sounded back down the hall and Fred pivoted back so he was facing me, another feeling took over as I met his lustful gaze.

“So I vote we should pick right back up from where we left off,” His finger reached back settling on the door knob while a clicking noise sounded,
“This time with the door locked.”

-Daizy xx