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I’d give anything to be doing this this summer.

“My handsome man, your Olympic journey the past year has been nothing short of exciting, scary (at times), and inspiring.. Cant believe its time to say GOOD LUCK, just keep doing what u do best, we all know its worth gold❤️”
-Coco Ho for Mark McMorris


Keegan’s style is very unique and fun to watch. I love to hear what he has to say about why he rides like he does and what influences him. 

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

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If you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you think about it for next spring / summer or next time your on vacation in a sunny location - get a rental.

In Toronto Cherry Beach has been taken over by Kite Surfers, Wind Surfers and now SUP boarders. My interest was piqued early in the summer when I saw a couple of people bring down their boards. They let me try them out and from day one I was hooked. Next stop was off to MEC to rent a board and spend a weekend exploring whether this was really for me. After a week of drilling the guys at Board Sports about which was the best board for me, I had my own board and was out there every weekend since paddling around with my dog (in her life jacket) by my side. Board Sports have their very own Dawn Patrol boards and their a really great product. They offer inclusive packages and will find you exactly what you need based on what you will using the board for.

As a runner this is a very upper body sport, but it’s great for core stability and working the teeny tiny muscles you didn’t even know you had. It’s basically like being on a wobble board but when you fall it doesn’t hurt. The water in Cherry Beach is actually not too cold compared to other parts of Lake Ontario. I know Lake Ontario has a bad rap and people are still freaking out that the water is polluted, but Cherry Beach is surprisingly okay. I have put my dog in Sunnyside park and she comes out reaking like dead fish, in Cherry Beach there isn’t that issue. This summer saw an increase in green flags (meaning you can swim).

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The photos I took are film photography (using a lomography cameras) of me and my dog Kona enjoying our summer on a SUP board.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

I know that snow is just around the corner and we will soon be pulling on the snowboard pants and hitting the hills. As we get deeper into winter and you start dreaming of the dog days of summer - get yourself to Board Sports and buy / rent a SUP board and join in the fun!