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Can we appreciate the fact that there’s an extreme sport known as “Extreme Ironing”? 

Like basically people take ironing boards to crazy locations and iron their shirts

There are no limits to what these people will do 

“Hell yeah I’m an athlete" 

You thought you’ve seen it all huh? Well, there’s more.

Oh, don’t mind me, just ironing some shirts

These people will always find time, no matter what

Oh and my favorite

Jin’s dad being a CEO should not come out as a shock, we always knew he came form a good family, his prince like looks aside , he is very well mannered , his favorite sports are tennis, golf, snow boarding (aka rich people sports ) he has attended a prestigious university , traveled abroad few times before bangtan, even in the pics he posts of his dog you can see that his family lives in a spacious house. He possesses some kind of class all the time with out even trying.

all of this makes me respect him even more, instead of acting snobbish and being like “I’m too good for this” he just entered an unknown small company, lived in a simple one bedroom dorm with six strangers , went through all of bangtan’s financial struggles while being with them, worked his ass off with out complaining .this man was raised good.respect👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Reasons to adopt Otabek

iNow that everyone has been revived after getting ‘good’ slaughtered by victuuri in ep.10, do you have some time to talk about Otabek Altin? The precious cinnamon roll and Yurio’s new friend?

Let’s get to know this Dark Horse.

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So he’s 18, he was the first to qualify for GPF, won last season’s bronze and represents Kazakhstan.  

Many of you might not even be aware of the existence of this country, so in brief: Kazakhstan is a post USSR country in the centre of Eurasia, right between Russia, China, Middle East and Europe continent.

So, why would Kubo-sensei even include someone from there?
The answer is Kazakhstan’s real life figure skating hero - Denis Ten.

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Denis Ten is: 

  • the first skater to represent KZ in international championships  
  • currently 23 years old
  • is from Kazakhstan but of a Korean origin
  • Olympic bronze medalist, World silver and bronze medalist, 4 Continents gold medalist, Asia Winter Sports gold medalist
  • cinnamon roll like you wouldn’t believe how sweet

Otabek is definitely inspired by Denis, and therefore I will take his perspective to judge his background.

The thing about sport athletes in Kazakhstan is that they’re ALWAYS self-made. Neither education system nor sports practice is well-developped here yet. Which is understandable since the country is still young (25 years of Independance, yay) and confused in many aspects. That’s not fine but we manage. That however does not change the fact that Kazakh sport education is a complete bullshit when compared to Europe, USA, Asia or Russia (with the exception of boxing and martial arts, probably). 

Therefore if you are from KZ and want a world champion for a kid, these are the steps you need to take:
1. Sign them up for sports club early. No team sports, only individual. Team sports have no future here yet.
2. Once they start to show a talent, interest and/or competitive spirit send them to Russia. Russia has better coaches, facilities and programme. Russia is close, cheap and easy to travel to, and not emotionally stressing for the kid, since it’s the same environment there. 
3. Once they come of an age to participate in a competition SEND THEM AS FAR AS YOUR BUDGET ALLOWS YOU. USA and Canada for figure skating. USA, Europe and Australia for swimming and tennis. Why? Because it’s one thing to train in your rivals’ adobe, all of them young talented and ambitious, being coached by their coach, at the same time as them, and completely other thing to be enrolled in a kind of sports boarding school where the coach is from some France and other students are from all over the world, struggling to get better same as you. Goverment does not provide any stable scholarships for this, btw. It’s all up to parents to find, choose and pay for. If you happen to have a kind, well-educated and persistant coach in KZ, they might win you some bonuses in a harsh battle against bureaucracy, but it will not be enough to cover for all or even half of it. 

LAST YEAR!!!! You hear me?? He was 17, and already a bronze medalist when he returned to his hometown!! 

That means that all the time before he spent overseas. Can you imagine that?? A 13-16 year old Otabek in another hemisphere from his home. That’s like half an equator, one ocean and 11-14 timezones away. 

a l l   b y   h i m s e l f

struggling with language barrier (think he had time to perfect his English before? not likely), with harsh training and obligatory schoolwork - all on top of taking care of himself all by himself.  

Can you imagine Otabek coming back on one of those days to an epmty room in a dorm and messages from his family. Calls might be very hard to time up with such time diference. His mom inquiring how he has been, if he eats properly and does his laundry in time, scheduling for skype calls, updating him on his relatives and friends, giving advice on treating colds and stomach ache, and all those other things that most of the boys his age get for granted. 

My heart aches over thinking how lonely he must’ve felt. 

And, he probably wouldn’t be able to tell them, if anything would not go well. Because there would be nothing they could do from over there, it would only cause them to worry more. Even more than they already would have been.

So there was only one way for him: to suck it up, train hard, suceed and make them proud.

He is not trying to prove himself to himself as Yuuri, nor does he need to prove himself over others like Yurio. He doesn’t want it for fame like JJ, he wants it for his family, his people and his country. That’s any Kazakh’s default mission in life - make your parents proud. Especially after he had returned home with a medal and proved himself to be capable of competing at the same level as Victor fucking Nikiforov and Christophe Jeacometti!!!!!! Him! A Kazakh boy of 17 years!! Kubo-sensei does not joke around when calling him a hero, because he is one! A hero and a history-maker, same as Phichit.

We haven’t seen his coach or team yet, but I have a feeling that it would be the same situation as Denis’s. Meaning, he doesn’t have one. 

Denis Ten often travels (or used to travel) to the competitions by himself. There is no staff assigned to help him out. He is used to do trivial things like filling paper forms, booking time for practice, booking hotels, turning in audio tracks for the performance, etc. There have been numerous times when they had either messed up the music at the start of his performance or even played the wrong hymn during the awards ceremony. In his interview, Denis admitted to being totally lost at what to do at those time. There’s also no one to defend/protect him when something comes up, since there’s no one from KZ who has a weight in figure skating world. 

I have a distinctive feeling Otabek will be the same.  

I mean, how the hell would he be comfortable enough to rent a bike and ride all over Bar-freaking-celona, with no fear to get lost/in trouble, if he wasn’t used to this kind of responsibilities? Again, he’s 18. 

At the same time Yurio is like: 


Therefore his friendship with Yurio is truly a blessing. They do have a lot in common, they’re practically from the same background: the lifestyle in KZ and Russia does not really differ. It’s the same culture, the same language (KZ is bilinguial: both Kazakh and Russian are widely spoken), a really similar mindset, educational system, environment, custom etc. They’re both outsiders in the current lineup, striving to make a name for themselves. It’s almost the same as 5 years ago in that camp when both Otabek and Yurio were new to the rink in Saint-Petersburg. That’s what Otabek referring to, I think, when he says Yurio had eyes of a soldier. In that environment they’d be both treated the same, you know. Otabek as a no one from nowhere and Yurio as a that guy from Moscow. Not even sure what’d have been worse.

Also there’s a post going around about bad realtion between Russians and Kazakhs, stressing that Kazakh is an inferior race to Russians - PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE IT THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!! 

Our nations have always been close, we have a long and complicated history but the friendship between two countries and people is very strong. 

There are some issues in terms of racism on both sides but it is very rare/obscure case and is usually triggered by something.

Therefore I ask you to support Otabek Altin and his friendship with Yurochka!
Please do adopt him! Please do dote on him! He really deserves and needs that! 

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and if you have some more feels to spare, please take a look at  Denis Ten too :3  

Thank you for reading, 
with love from Kazakhstan


aries ~ high impact activity and sports… the more thrill the better… wake boarding, driving fast, contact sport, martial arts… also hiking and paintball, sex

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like all ur head cannons on victuuri as parents

  • Victor is absolutely terrified of being a parent
  • Yuri is cool with it, since he comes from an actual functioning family unit and also, he knows victor
  • victor is also terrified they’ll be like, weird stage parents
    • “no we’re not” says Yuri “one, I’m me, two, you just told the Russian skating people you would see them in hell before you let a child of yours be raised in a sports boarding school like you and if that child spent ten hours a day on ice it would be because it wanted to be there” “but what if we like, unconsciously pressure them” “what if you chill and let me be the anxious person in this marriage for like, five seconds”
  • victor is actually the strict dad and yuri is the ‘eh turn off your light when you finish your book honey’ dad
  • victor insists on doing the whole 3-5-7 ceremony in Japan and Yuri is like “oh okay whatever sure” which is pretty much how the entire thing goes. Victor’s very Into Cultural Traditions and Yuri is like “sure”
  • they try to split the night duties but for some reason Yuri’s always waking up and finding Victor and the baby sound asleep on the rocking chair when it’s technically Yuri’s turn
  • victor left it up to yuri if they would adopt or have a surrogate because victor is all for spite-adopting because he’s been hounded for babies for Russia since he was 17 years old

Hey does anybody else have like… Recurring places in dreams? Like, they aren’t real but they show up multiple times. Sometimes it’s not the same place but I know they’re connected somehow, Y'know?

Relax Baby- Jack Gilinsky Imagine

HIII! So I did it! I wrote a Jack G smut and I don’t know how good it is, considering it’s been a while since I wrote something Jack G. But send me your thoughts and all that joy!

      “You’ve got to be joking.” You laughed almost humorlessly at Jack as he smirked at you with his hazel eyes shining.
       “Aw, come on baby.” Jack drawled as he walked towards you in nothing but his white board shorts that hung lowly on his hips, a navy blue towel hung over his shoulder. He grabbed the end of the towel and ran it through his dark hair, after he finished he dropped it to the floor and made his way over to you.
      You were standing in the middle of your hotel room, in nothing but your bikini and a skimpy, almost see-through cover up and it had been teasing Jack all damn day. You shook your head and turned your back to him, looking at the clothes in the dresser, you guys had about an hour to get ready and meet Johnson and his girlfriend in the lobby for dinner. You grabbed the white romper that had pink flowers on it with the lace around the legs, it had a deep neck line and while Jack lifted up your cover up and placed his slightly warm hands on your hips, pulling you into his body, you wondered if you should go braless or grab the adhesive cutlets you brought just incase.
      “Baby…” Jack groaned, his lips skimming the skin of your neck. 
      “You’re not getting laid, Jack.” You said feeling your cheeks heat up at the idea of you and Jack getting intimate. 
       “You shouldn’t have worn this bikini if you didn’t want to turn me on, Y/N.” Jack said before pressing a kiss just underneath your ear, igniting flames inside your whole body, the shivers taking over your body.
      You fought against your body’s needs and continued to look down at your clothes, “The last time we had sex, your sister walked in on us. You really think I want to risk that again, but this time with Johnson and his girlfriend?”
      You felt Jack’s chest rumble with laughter and heard it as it brushed against your skin, your stomach squeezed because that laugh could do so much damage and it was already starting to do damage on you. “Aw, come on, Y/N, Laur didn’t see anything.”
      “That’s bullshit and you know it.” You said, pushing him away from you and grabbing your nude underwear and nude adhesive bra along with the romper. You headed towards the bathroom, “I’m going to get ready, you can take care of what you have going on down there.”
       You didn’t need to look at Jack to know that he was watching you walk away with a shocked expression, that would turn into a smirk. You closed the door behind you and took a deep breath as you rested against the closed door, you felt as though every muscle inside your body was shaking uncontrollably. Jack just had that kind of hold over you, any brush of his lips against your skin, the sound of his voice or laugh, just sent your body into a frenzy but it all changed with his older sister, Laura, walked in on you two having pretty wild sex.
      You got into the shower and began washing the salt away from your hair and body as you thought back on that day. You guys had been so into each other that you hadn’t heard her calling for him, her footsteps getting closer to his door or his door opening. The one thing you did hear was the shocked noise Laura made as she found her younger brother basically pounding his girlfriend.
     In all honesty, that was only the second time you met her.
     That weekend you were supposed to be staying in the guest room at Jack’s hometown house, meeting his family and enjoying yourself, but after that you couldn’t finish the two week stay so you went home five states away from Jack’s new home in California, and three weeks after that Jack showed up at your house with tickets to Hawaii, where he and Johnson would do a couple shows and do a music video with a friend. And here you two were, in a hotel room, not have had sex for three weeks.
      You were too shy, too embarrassed to open yourself up to Jack like that again. You never realized that sex was just full of mind games.
     You were in the middle of putting on lotion, with a plush white towel wrapped around your body, when Jack opened up the door and turned on the shower.       You watched out of the corner of your eye as he instantly dropped his board shorts, sporting every single inch of his toned skin with complete confidence.     You nearly dropped your towel at the mere sight of your boyfriend’s thick length standing to attention.
      Jack jumped into the shower and swore. You stood in front of the mirror, having a clear view of Jack in the shower behind glass doors. He had a hand leaning against the wall, beneath the shower head, while his other hand gripped his hard length. The brush nearly slipped out of your hands when you saw slowly start to take care of business, you whirled around when you heard him groan.
     “What’re you doing?” You asked, almost breathless, as if his hands had been making quick work of taking care of your pulsing clit.
     Jack looked up at you through the glass but then moved the door aside, “I’m doing what you said, baby girl, I’m taking care of myself.”
      “I…” You stuttered, “I didn’t mean like this!”
      “What?” He smirked, “Is it turning you on?”
       You held the towel tighter against your body, as if the thick towel would give away your hardened nipples. Jack knew what was happening, what he was doing to you, you guys had only been dating for five months but he still knew how your body and mind worked like the back of his hand. He smirked and watched from inside the shower, the wheels turned inside your head as your eyes roamed over his naked body, staring a little too long at his length. The water poured over his body, his dark hair drenched, but his eyes were wild with fire.
       He slid the door open fully and pushed his hair away from his forehead, “Why don’t you come help me, baby girl?”
      It was like the butterflies screamed at you, screaming to go and hurry up so he could ease the ache in between your legs. The second his hand wrapped around his dick, you dropped your towel slowly. You became completely bare to him, like he was to you, showing him all your new tan lines and your hardened nipples. Jack’s smirk disappeared as his mouth fell open into an awed expression, watching you walk towards him like that was something he’d probably never forget and something he would replay over and over in his mind until the day he died.
       He backed into the shower, to make more room for you, and kept himself from attacking you as you closed the shower door. Feeling your confidence boost, you moved his hand away from his dick and gripped the hard piece in one hand while looking up at him, his eyes instantly shutting at the beautiful feeling of his girlfriend tugging on him in the most delicious way.
       “Starting to feel better?” You teased as you squeezed and moved your hand up, rubbing your thumb on the sensitive skin just below the head. His hand reached out and smacked the shower tiles, attempting to keep himself up.
Jack opened his eyes and saw you smirking at him, with his other hand he weaved his fingers through your hair and pulled your lips to his, crushing your naked body to his bare skin, the cold water doing little to stop either of you. His tongue brushed against your bottom lip and slipped inside your mouth as you released his hard dick and slipped your arms over his shoulders, his hands reaching around and grab ahold of your ass. He pulled you closer, if that were possible, also pulling you a little off your feet to the point you stood on your tippy toes just to make sure that the kiss was broken. His dick was pressed against both of your stomachs, almost painfully, but he didn’t seem to care as he continued to assault your mouth.
       He squeezed your ass one more time before he began lifting you up, your legs instantly wrapping around his waist. You let out a small moan when his dick brushed against your center for a split second, Jack groaned at the sound of your sweet moan and the feel of you wet and ready for him but he wanted to have some fun with you before he sunk in deep and took what he wanted from you. He walked three steps and slammed you into the wall, the tiles cold against your back, the water now running down Jack’s back. He wrapped your wet hair in his hands and tugged harshly but just enough to cause a certain pull inside your lower belly, a smirk touching your lips as he stared at you.
      “You’re so fucking wet. You naughty girl, lying and making it seem like you weren’t turned on.” At his words you pushed your hips into his, looking for any sort of relief, even if it was the head of his dick brushing against your clit. Jack hummed in approval of your movements and smirked down at you, “You’re such a needy girl, Y/N.”
     Before you could beg him to put his hands on you, or place his dick inside you, he moved to the left, with you still in his hands, and placed you on the back ledge right in front of a window that over looked a beach, the blinds still pulled down. Your eyes rolled back as one hand rested against the window ledge behind you, while the other one disappeared between your thighs, teasing your folds before slipping inside and coming in direct contact with your clit.
      “Fuck,” He drawled out, “yeah, that’s it baby.”
     Your head dipped back as he drew slow circles on your clit, only for a couple seconds, because what he really wanted to do was slide his finger inside you, so slowly, because he knew that was how to really turn you on. Slow at first and then fast and wild. You moaned and he watched your legs fall open, completely ready for him.
       But this isn’t what you wanted, yes you wanted his hands on you, but what you really wanted was his hard length sliding inside of you. You opened your eyes and found his on your pussy, watching his finger disappear inside you, his other hand moving to brush against your clit. You pushed through the pleasure and gripped the hair at the back of his head, pulling his lips close to yours, staring at his dark eyes, “Fuck me, Jack. Please, just fuck me.”
      You wanted to see his control snap, but it didn’t. He bit your bottom lip as he flicked your clit faster, making your heart slam against your chest, “I don’t have a condom, baby, they’re in the room in some random suitcase.”
     “I don’t care,” You said breathlessly as he started to toy with your orgasm.       “I’ve been on the pill for two months, Jack please!”
      “Fuck, alright.” Jack groaned and grabbed his dick, he placed the head at your entrance and looked up at you, the anticipation was killing you so you started to close your eyes but Jack wrapped his hands in your hair and pulled until your chest was against his. “Eyes on me, baby girl.”
       How could you argue when he called you that?
      You opened your eyes and he slowly started to push inside you, gliding in at ease while the water continued to pour over both of you, he bit his lower lip when he filled you in completely. “Jack,” You gripped his hair tightly, “fuck me, hard. Now.”
      That control that had been inside his eyes snapped instantly, and he moved both hands to your waist so he could fuck you just the way both of you loved. The feel of him inside of you was something you couldn’t describe to anyone, even yourself, it was just delicious and dirty, full of pleasure and passion inside every thrust of his hips. The way he watched you, enjoying the sight in front of him your boobs right in front of him and every moan spilling from your mouth egged him on. He wanted to find that high for both of you, he was starting to chase his and by the sounds you made, the way you squeezed him, he knew you were seconds away from losing control of your body.
       “Jack, yes!” You moaned, not caring if you were being too loud. I mean, you cared a little, but Jack was fucking you in just the right place so who could really care at this point?
     “Fuck, come on, baby.” Jack moaned while moving one hand so that his thumb brushed hard circles on your clit and he instantly felt you contract around him.
     “FUCK!” You yelled as you caught up to your orgasm, “I’m coming!”
    Jack slammed into you, his orgasm not far behind, he held his back and watched you ride out your orgasm and when you released your hold on his hair and slumped back against the window ledge, he pulled out of you and spilled his cum all over your stomach with a loud curse.
    Your body had no energy left, but you had just enough to straighten your back up and wrap your arms around his neck, feeling him collapse into your body, after Jack washed the cum away from your tan belly. Jack’s chest heaved, you could actually feel his heart pounding against your skin. “Fucking hell.” He breathed into your shoulder and you lazily smiled. “I’m never letting three weeks go without sex. Fuck.”
      “I don’t think I can move.” You said honestly as your pussy was still clenching from the aftershocks of that amazing orgasm, and you felt as though your muscles were shaking, like earlier, but you didn’t know for sure.
     Jack’s chest rumbled with laughter and he began massaging your legs and back, he pressed a kiss to your shoulder and goosebumps broke out. He pulled back, just enough to look down at your eyes with tenderness. He smiled and brushed his knuckles down your rib cage, “I’m so fucking in love with you, Y/N.”
     Butterflies danced around in your stomach. You smiled through the blush on your cheeks, “I’m in love with you too, Jack.”


Keegan’s style is very unique and fun to watch. I love to hear what he has to say about why he rides like he does and what influences him.