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like all ur head cannons on victuuri as parents

  • Victor is absolutely terrified of being a parent
  • Yuri is cool with it, since he comes from an actual functioning family unit and also, he knows victor
  • victor is also terrified they’ll be like, weird stage parents
    • “no we’re not” says Yuri “one, I’m me, two, you just told the Russian skating people you would see them in hell before you let a child of yours be raised in a sports boarding school like you and if that child spent ten hours a day on ice it would be because it wanted to be there” “but what if we like, unconsciously pressure them” “what if you chill and let me be the anxious person in this marriage for like, five seconds”
  • victor is actually the strict dad and yuri is the ‘eh turn off your light when you finish your book honey’ dad
  • victor insists on doing the whole 3-5-7 ceremony in Japan and Yuri is like “oh okay whatever sure” which is pretty much how the entire thing goes. Victor’s very Into Cultural Traditions and Yuri is like “sure”
  • they try to split the night duties but for some reason Yuri’s always waking up and finding Victor and the baby sound asleep on the rocking chair when it’s technically Yuri’s turn
  • victor left it up to yuri if they would adopt or have a surrogate because victor is all for spite-adopting because he’s been hounded for babies for Russia since he was 17 years old

“Bromance in the pipe with Alek Oestreng at Oslo Winter Park #SyncronizedSnowboarding #ShareTheMountainWithYourFriends #RK1” -Stale Sandbech
Photo cred Gjermund Braaten


Keegan’s style is very unique and fun to watch. I love to hear what he has to say about why he rides like he does and what influences him. 

March 19, 1970

During a spring training game against Oakland, Indians first baseman Ken Harrelson fractures his leg and will not play until September, appearing in only 17 games. Next season, after losing his starting position to Chris Chambliss, the eventual AL Rookie of the Year, ‘Hawk’ will retire in June to pursue a professional golf career.

Can we appreciate the fact that there’s an extreme sport known as “Extreme Ironing”? 

Like basically people take ironing boards to crazy locations and iron their shirts

There are no limits to what these people will do 

“Hell yeah I’m an athlete" 

You thought you’ve seen it all huh? Well, there’s more.

Oh, don’t mind me, just ironing some shirts

These people will always find time, no matter what

Oh and my favorite

My Lazytown/Sportarobbie headcanons pt. 2

Hi it me again please accept my trash mess

-im like 3005% on board with sport not knowing Robbie speaks Icelandic or Elvish or whatever language but like Robbie totally knows and sport keeps saying things and then Robbie reveals that he understood all along and sport is hella embarrassed

-part of me is really into sport being super innocent and like “wow this is the first time I’ve ever fallen in love!!!!” and Robbie being more experienced

-but another part of me is like noooo sport is super experienced and also really forward about his interest in Robbie and Robbie is inexperienced and is just like O.I

-everytime Robbie reuses a nickname for sport (sportaflop sportakook etc) he makes Robbie eat sportscandy and like Robbie runs out of ideas eventually which what really gets him to start eating healthier

-and despite loving junk food, Robbie actually likes the taste of a lot of fruits (because they’re sweet and there’s a lot of dessert with fruit in it anyway) and like some veggies as well, tho he would never admit to anyone (but sport knows and is proud of his tol but pure boyfriend)

-sport starts developing a slight tolerance for sugar (kinda like that idea of injecting small amounts of snake venom until you become immune to it idk I read about that somewhere once) because like Robbie looooves sugar

-sometimes tho Robbie will use sugar substitutes like honey and agave nectar because he cares about sport

-trixie and steph have thing for each other even if they might not admit it at first and they get into a relationship when theyre grown up and mature enough to admit to each other that they actually like each other

-robbie loves getting massages from sport and sport just about dies when Robbie plays with his ears

-im totally into the modern au where sport is like a personal trainer and Robbie is like a mechanic or an inventor or something

-robbie 100% helps steph with homework because he’s an absolute genius

Stay tuned for more because I’m Lazytown Trash™