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Fun-factoid of Willow! So when racing greyhounds are getting ready to be put in their racing box, their handlers will often straddle them to keep them from jumping all over the place (because YAY EXCITE!). This behavior has caused Willow, when she is MOST EXCITE or VERY HAPPY (usually both),  to slip between my legs so that I am essentially straddling her.

Willow does not care how she is being straddled, so long as it is me who is straddling her. Sometimes I get a cute lil face looking up at me while I am doing dishes, other times I get this:

This is essentially one of my most beloved behaviors that Willow does for me (despite it not being a trick or having any real use).


I finally got a chance to power coat the wheels on the v-twin bike and I love the way it looks. We had some really nice weather this past weekend and I was able to have my first ride of the year and I snapped a few pics before I took her out.

Genius or madness? This board tracker-cum-cafe racer started life as a Suzuki GS550E.
Called Timber, it’s the third ‘ground up’ build from Dutch builder Wido Veldkamp of @wimoto. And there are so many amazing details — from the girder forks to the faux-wood finish on the swingarm — that we hardly know where to look first.
Hit the link in our bio to pore more glorious images by @markmeisner.
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