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What do you talk about when you’re with your friends?
Well when I’m with my friends, we usually talk about sports. You know anything about sports? 

In the Pokemon world, do you think it’s normal for businessmen to walk around with Pokemon on their heads, or is he the weird one that walks into a board meeting and all his coworkers are there talking about him behind his back like “Oh here comes Joltik Jack with the vermin still in his hair… still using that 2002 flip phone… god I hate him.”

mcrx board meeting

warner executive: how can we make a crap ton of money off the tenth anniversary of welcome to the black parade

warner executive: oh I know let’s post a really vague cryptic video with a new mcr logo and delete the last post about them breaking up so fans get super hyped and start talking and posting about it even though there’s zero chance of a new album or reunion tour

someone else: isn’t it like kinda messed up to get the fans’ hopes up?

warner executive: i don’t give a shit think about the $$$$$$$$$$$

P!atd board meeting
  • Someone:alright, we need something. Something interesting, to make panic!-
  • Brendon:let's make a cult.
  • Someone:okay, nice idea Brendon, bu-
  • Brendon:a cult. And let's do something with Roman numbers that say 9/22. You know, a day before that MCRX thing.
  • Someone:umm.. don't you think that would be a bit cofusi-
  • Fall out boy:LET'S DO IT

no but imagine if erwin decided that to gain money for the survey corps they made a calendar like fireman style theyre all half naked doing suggestive things youve got erwin shirtless riding a horse and mike is wearing noting but his white pant and 3DMG lifting weights and then you have levi in uniform wet and bent of ver a carriage he’s washing by the end of the week all the noble men feel very uncomfortable and all their wives have at least two copies in the house

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This is Bigger than Cliven Bundy.

At the Moapa Valley Town Board meeting, held on 04/09/14, it was made clear that the only people trespassing on the public land in question were the BLM. Clark County residents made it clear that it was Clark County land. The fight is way beyond Cliven Bundy. These people are worried about where the buck stops after the Bundy ranch. They don’t want a “next person” incident. They want it stopped. And the gentleman in the video makes it clear that he will help Bundy, unarmed, regardless of the BLM’s actions after; and if the BLM fires on them, then and only then is it game on.

Cliven Bundy, in this video here, spoke right after his friend.

estheticsun replied to your post “mrshobbes replied to your post “Board Meetings – Rachel & Young-Do…”

What if they have to start a long distance relationship because of business reasons. And they have to figure out their busy schedules to make it work. (They just decided to move in together because they miss each other so much… I’m bad…)

This works! Thank you! >.>

Board Meetings – changes

Rachel likes living with him. At first, she thought the change in her living space would bother her. She liked her privacy and everything about Young-Do wasn’t private. But he was clean and…surprisingly quiet whenever he sensed she needed her space. She was worried he would get annoyed whenever she closed herself off into her office.

Sleeping with another person took getting used to. It was different than when they were on vacation together and had no responsibilities. Making love so often wore her out and she slept better. But now, sleep was precious and she had to have a certain amount of it.

Sometimes she would purposely work late in her office so she could sneak in after he was already asleep and settled. It was easier to deal with than winding down with him. He catches on by the end of the first week and stays up until she comes to bed.

“Are you avoiding me?”

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