board meetings

Please imagine

  • Office AU where Eren and Mikasa sit next to each other during tedious board meetings and have thumb wars beneath the table. It’s 7-2, and when Eren loses again he becomes visibly frustrated, prompting Erwin to ask Eren if he has a problem with his proposal. Eren stutters, Jean snorts, and Mikasa breaks up their dispute later.
  • Eren and Mikasa going to a carnival as kids. Eren drags her to each booth, trying to win a huge prize as a gift for her. He only wins a small sphere with a mystery prize inside, feeling dejected as he pops the frosted covering off. It’s a small ring (at the time he thinks is genuine) that glitters when you hold it underneath the multicolored lanterns. He wordlessly turns to her and takes her left hand to slide it on her ring finger, both unaware of it’s significance. Mikasa smiles sweetly and doesn’t stop looking at it for the rest of the evening.
  • High school dances neither of them wanted to go to, but ultimately enjoyed because the intimate slow dances and cause of how attractive the other looked. They took pictures in the photo booth, those photos eventually turning into crowded and extremely silly group shots. Mikasa has a copy of them all, and both of them laugh every time they find it.

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You & Professor!Peter are on the school board together, which is how you two met. Peter couldn't stop watching you from afar during meetings & it didn't take long for you to notice. After a few months of him admiring you from a distance but not saying anything, you finally decide to confront him after your most recent meeting, "Excuse me, Dr. Maximoff?" his head shoots up when he hears you because he knows that voice (he's been graciously savoring it every time you speak during the meetings) &

his eyes widen when he realizes that you, the cute school board member he’s been making googly eyes at since he’s been a member with you, is actually talking to him “Uh…yeah?” “Well, I just wanted to say I would much rather you stare at me while we have dinner instead of these boring school board meetings” & he practically falls out of his chair & totally disregards the fact that he was so busted about staring at you & is much more focused on the fact you actually asked him out *Clears throat nervously* “Uh yeah, okay. Are you free this weekend?” “You bet. 7pm this Friday?” “I can do that” “Great! It’s a date” & he n u t s as you walk away

I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Total Choke: Employee Knocks Over Boiling Cauldron During The Most Important Board Meeting Of The Year

I was at a board meeting tonight and we open each meeting with an invocation. A man on our board, an immigrant from Central America, led that invocation by praying for immigrants and refugees in this time of university and for God to protect us all.

When I left that board meeting I had a CNN update on my phone that Trump had rescinded protections of transgender students in public schools.

On my way home I listened to MSNBC in the car. They were playing one of the many town halls happening right now. I heard the desperate pleas of a mother whose son will lose his ability to be insured under the new healthcare plan being proposed. I heard her congressman talking, dispassionately, over her desperation.

I got to my garage, parked, and just cried at the everyday reminders of how our government is so poised, willing, and able to sacrifice our humanity.

They sacrifice our humanity for money.
They sacrifice our humanity for power.

We need to sacrifice them at the ballot box in two years.
Do not stop fighting.
Do not lose your passion for what’s right.

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Board Meetings, Rachel & Young-Do, 10

who am I?

“President Yoo? President Yoo?” Rachel blinked at her vice president and tried to hide how she’d zoned out during this meeting. She looked down at the proposal in front of her and skimmed it.

“I know interior decorating trends are different but are you sure pink and gold isn’t too…rococo?” 

Her vice president tilted her head. “We did market research of the other hotels in Bangkok and consulted with several designers in country. This is in line with what all five star hotels have but it will be clean, bright, and fresh as it will contrast the beach scenery that is a draw for this resort.”

Rachel wrinkled her nose. “How many times have you explained that to me today?”

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There are certain things that happen at Elsewhere University. Sometime your roommate goes missing and is replaced by something intolerable, or you sing just a little to well, a little to close to midnight. Sometimes that project thats worth fifty percent of your grade goes missing overnight, replaced by a pile of acorns and a single vial of something that glows and never look the same twice. Sometime, you have no choice but to go on a Quest.

When that happens, you can go into the teacher offices at midnight, English when the moon is waxing, Philosophy when its full, and Art when it waning, and meet with the Teacher.

They teach no classes, have no posted office hours, never go to board meetings, and have tenure. They are not Gentry, but that are also not human. They work all hours in their studio, making things never seen or heard by the lucky.

If you are respectful, and never look to closely at the papers on their desk, and present your case clearly and with conviction, they will smile, with teeth just a little to white. They will tell you how to hold yourself, and teach you how to speak in riddles. And if you are strong and brave and filled with fire, they will give you a Gift of silver and iron. 

Those who seek the Teacher almost always from their Quest alive, but not always whole. They always feel watched. The Gentry have a love for the well spoken, and the Teacher teaches well.

got fired from Apple HQ today because i named a new iphone cup attachment “iCup” and made the CEO spell it out loud in front of everyone at the board room meeting

Fix the vote, lose your jobs.

This one is pretty complicated and long, so it is hard to know where to start. I had a music teacher in high-school that got let go for seemingly no reason. Many of us suspected that he was removed because the administration thought he was gay or bisexual, not sure if he was though, he later married a woman if I remember correctly. Back when I was in high school it was still difficult to be gay and stay a teacher. Because he got let go without an explanation and he was a much loved teacher, a few of the students, including myself, confronted the administration about the termination both in private meetings and at a school board meeting. In all instances we were not given an explanation for the termination, I was young and probably did not understand the legality at the time. But in hindsight it makes sense that they said nothing.

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y’know instead of us always begging for batfam in a movie, we could really just petition for a batfam show bc then we’d get episodes of dick and jason bickering over who ate the last sandwich while beating up drug dealers or tim and damian having to work together against penguin bc the others are held up dealing with scarecrow or an entire episode from oracle’s pov in the clocktower and also daytime moments like cass going to ballet, tim working at WE, steph taking out riddler while in civvies and keeping her cover, and bruce being a Dad™ while silently begging for his children to stop purposely showing up at WE in costume or in the middle of a board meeting shouting about what their sibling did this time

like it’d be so good and we deserve this

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hear me out: modern!Alex knows Spanish as well as French and English and in a board meeting he unconsciously starts ranting in fluent Spanish and everyone is shook and Thomas like "fucK" no one can handle it

yES,,, and thomas has a language kink 👀👀👀


Derek x Reader

Requested by @g0back2bed

You grinned as you walked into the penthouse for the pack meeting and found Derek stood uncomfortably across the room. You loved to wind him up. In fact, it was practically what got you through the boarding meeting, especially ones like tonight when Scott seemed hell bent on having the entire pack fall asleep.

Stiles snickered when you gave Derek a flirty wave and the wolf glared at you, other than that, he remained immobile and expressionless.

“You think you can actually get him flustered?” Stiles whispered and you smirked.

“If I do, you owe me curly fries.” You smiled when he rolled his eyes and nodded.

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Sherlock Board Meeting
  • Steven: Okay, the fans have been very mad with our brilliant last episode. And I'm a bit worried about my safety. What can we do? We need an alternative episode.
  • Andrew: Just make Moriarty come back again.
  • Steven: What is he doing here? Andrew, you're dead! Mark, do you have something to do with this?
  • Mark: Well, it's always nice if Andrew is on screen. We could write another Sherlock drug trip with him, or explain why he in fact faked his death.
  • Steven: We can't repeat story ideas.
  • Mark: Hasn't stopped us before.
  • Rupert: What if we make a Mystrade scene?
  • Steven: Yeah Mark,you always wanted to snog him, didn't you?
  • Mark: *blushes*
  • Una: Why don't we go through with Johnlock.
  • Steven: No, they are just not written that way.
  • Martin: Hold on, I thought we did make Johnlock cannon in the last scene?
  • Ben: I thought that as well.
  • Steven: What do I tell you about fanfiction and Johnlock?
  • Ben and Martin: It's a lie.
  • Steven: Sherlock and John are just not written gay. What about a love triangle between Molly, Irene and Sherlock?
  • Mark: Isn't Irene gay?
  • Steven: Is she?
  • Mark: Yes.
  • Steven: I totally forgot about that.
  • Martin: And who is gonna take care of Rosie then?
  • Steven: Who's Rosie?
  • Martin: John's daughter.
  • Steven: Oh, I thought Rosie was the dog...Damn I should really start to use index cards for my plot. Or even just write it down.
  • Amanda: Mary could have faked her death, and comes back.
  • Steven: What are you doing her? You're dead as well.
  • Amanda: It's so unfair. Andrew can come back, but not me?
  • Steven: I didn't say he'll really come back.
  • Amanda: Is it because I'm a girl?
  • Steven: No, no. We have so many strong female characters already. Like...ahem...
  • Rupert: Where was Donavan this series?
  • Steven: I give up. Let's bring Andrew back on. We won't even explain what happened. He's just there, okay? Ah, I know he's the twin of James Moriarty.
  • Mark: It's never a twin.
  • Steven: It is when I say it is! And let's kill someone for the drama.
  • Mark: Again?
  • Steven: Molly, let's kill Molly. After Sherlock has fallen in love with her.
  • Ben: I don't think the viewers will like....
  • Steven: Great idea. Now we have until next Sunday.
  • Mark: What about Euros?
  • Steven: Who?
  • Mark: Nevermind. Oh, what about the dog. We need to bring in the dog.
  • Ben: There never was a dog...have you even read the script?
  • Steven: We are the showrunners. If there was dog then there is a dog. Even if he didn't exist prior he does exist now. The Game Is On.

So everyone has that One Person that they go to for tech advice. Tim is that One Person. Realistically the bats could go to Babs who is the internet guru but they’re all too embarrassed to admit to her when they mess up. Instead they just ask Tim. At this point he thinks he just radiates the aura of “IT guy” because whenever he goes into WE to actually work he ends up 45 minutes late to the board meeting because he was helping Monica down in accounting with her Excel because it just kept freezing.

- Little Red