With box 4 on the drying rack I figured this is a good time to cut the three remaining gemedet grids.  I got a later start than I’d hoped for.  I got 2187 holes to cut in this sheet.  I’m estimating the total cut time at around 5 hours.

I should probably put a movie on or something.


Jurassic World Monopoly REVEALED!

The game board and tokens for the upcoming Monopoly: Jurassic World Edition game have been revealed! 

The traditional Monopoly properties have been replaced with dinosaurs, locations, and attractions from the movie: players can collect Mosasaurus, Feeding Show, and Isla Nublar Lagoon, for example. Or Baby Triceratops, Petting Zoo, and Dino Food.

The Chance and Community Chest cards have been likewise replaced with Creation Lab and Jurassic World cards.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect is the the cool Jurassic World themed game tokens. Gone are the race car and thimble; instead, players can choose their pawns from the Jurassic World gates, a dinosaur skull, helicopter, statue of Hammond, Mr. DNA, or the Jurassic Jeep. 

Monopoly: Jurassic World Edition retails for $39.99 and will be available in June.


Game Night

Saturday night was always “Game Night” in our family when I was growing up. Mom would make some popcorn and Dad would grab a board game from the closet and the six of us would gather around the big wooden card table and play games till it was time for us kids to go to bed.Now you’re Sims can have a game night for their friends and family.  

What is included:

3 Game Night Card Tables Featuring  Simopoly, Hint, and The Settlers of Llamastan ( my Sims spin on the classics Monopoly, Clue and Settlers)

Board Game Boxes for all three Games

Card Set for all three games

Card Boxes for all three games

Simopoly money in 3 colors.


I hope you enjoy these board games as much as I did creating them.  I have some ideas for others I will be working on in the near future.  The dice you see in the pictures are from Tink’s  “Lets Play a Game” set, go grab em.

Have fun :)!

Monopoly: Pokémon Kanto Edition

Travel through all eight gyms and battle all kinds of Pokémon in the Pokémon: Kanto Edition of Monopoly. Buy, sell and trade with other trainers to collect the most powerful Pokémon team!

  • 6 metal tokens: Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee, Jigglypuff
  • Sculpted Poke Marts and Pokemon Centers replace traditional Houses & Hotels
  • Custom designed game board features all eight gyms
  • Collectible fun for the Pokemon fan!

List Price: $44.99       Price: $34.99      You Save: $10.00 (22%)


Pop Deal: Just a few board games we should all probably own and play all the time