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like…i mean no disrespect but as someone who used to really admire steven universe’s art, i’m super disappointed in it now. like, su is the epitome of jumping the shark once you feel like you’ve reached a peak and “can’t improve”. like, they got super popular and got everyone on board, then they just stopped trying? at least that’s what it feels like, not only with the art but with the writing and the direction the plot is going in to. for example, here’s some of the earlier seasons’ art:

there was a nice emphasis on color contrast, the proportions were wonky at times but usually each character had a consistent body type

see how nicely proportioned steven and ame are here? they were allowed to be fat and allowed to be naturally proportioned

now all the characters look cramped and “”chibi””, everyone’s shorter and stubbier and they usually look different from shot to shot and you could say that’s because it’s board-based but in the earlier seasons i barely noticed aside from the occasional error or two. this “”chibiness”” leads to the characters looking. well. ugly and same-y. they look squished, and it feels like their foreground art should be background art

like, remember when amethyst had cat-like eyes? remember when pearl was tall and much more angular? i’m not saying the earlier seasons didn’t have their faults, yeah there was wonkiness with the animation and models but some of the old “wonkiness” made the gems feel more like aliens, you know? it felt like they were at least trying

and although when it was first revealed many people didn’t mind the style switch, i was one of the people who did mind although i got used to it eventually. i really fucking miss the pilot art not gonna lie. i don’t know why they switched it, maybe it was too expensive or too hard to animate, but goddamn, su looked its best in the pilot. all of the art was jawdroppingly gorgeous and i feel like the designs are more distinct in the pilot

idk, that’s just my opinion on it though, i might be nitpicking but it still bugs me

On the list of “things that annoy me” bros who are patronizing towards me about D&D rank very, very high.

Like, yeah, I haven’t memorized the entire 5E monster manual, but I have been playing D&D and RPGs of some kind or other on a nearly continuous basis since I was literally 7 years old. I have played AD&D, 3E, 3.5, Pathfinder, 4E, 5E, the freakin’ board game based on the animated cartoon, and a weird homebrew that my mom designed based on what she remembered from playtesting AD&D in college when her group got mimeographed preliminary rules straight from Gary Gygax. And that’s not counting the other tabletop RPGs I’ve played or actively run. This is not my first encounter bro. If I ask for a clarification on rules, it is not because I am a fake geek girl who is unaware of the vast history or lore. It’s not because I am too much of a newbie to bother learning the game. It is because I genuinely do not care.

I’m here for the narrative, not the stupid minutia. You know all the things that provoke an attack of opportunity in Pathfinder? Good for you, you have memorized literally the least interesting part of the game. Now can we please go on an adventure? Great.

I have been using a lot of the white WATSON watercolour paper for my comic project lately. The backing cardboard paper from those blocks has a nice grey colour, is really thick and stiff and has little texture so I started to wonder if I can paint something on it with my acrylic gouache. 

I went for something grey, similar to my Akihabara painting, to make use of the natural colour of the board. This is based on a photo of a bus depot near our house, and to be exact the trash and storage area of the depot. I really like the old bus stop signs stored there and the contrasting buildings of a university in the back.

The board proved to be really difficult to paint on. When wet it’s colour darkened a lot so choosing colours was a difficult task. I had to use a piece of scrap white paper to test them all the time. But still this was an interesting experiment. I wanted to make use of the nice grey colour of the board but would use Gesso to prime it if I ever do it again.

Technical stuff:

  • Medium: WATSON white block backing cardboard (about 3mm, grey paper board)
  • Sketch: F Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni pencil
  • Colours: TURNER Acrylic Gouache.

製作中の漫画のために「ミューズ ホワイトワトソン」の水彩紙をいっぱい使ったら、裏表紙のボール紙がだいぶ余りました。分厚くて丈夫で良いグレーのボードなので、絵に使えないかと思い立って描いた絵です。




  • 紙: ミューズ ホワイトワトソン の裏紙 (3ミリの厚紙 ボード) 
  • 下描き: F  Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆
  • 着色: ターナー アクリルガッシュ

I saw Beauty and the Beast yesterday and I really enjoyed it, but there was one big take away I had walking out of the theater: Belle’s signature yellow gown.

There have been a lot of posts going around complaining about Belle’s dress, and before I saw the movie, I was right on board with them. Based on the original movie and the feelings that are associated with that iconic gown, initial images of the dress were a disappointment at best. I went into the movie expecting to be sad when she came on screen in the yellow gown.

Let me tell you, that I was very much the opposite. The tried and true trope of the awkward/outcast/quirky girl who’s smart but not very fashion forward/doesn’t follow fashion conventions or spend much time on her appearance/doesn’t fit into the “normal girl” category (spoiler, no such thing, but that’s a different argument) who gets a makeover and is transformed into a princess who is suddenly soft-spoken, reserved, and revealed to be oh-so-pretty now that she’s learned how to walk in high heels and wears make up is near and dear to movie-makers’ hearts. We’ve seen it over and over and over again, we know the formula and we’ve come to expect it.

This is not that movie (Neither was the original, though it follows the same kind of formula, but I digress). Belle even says at one point, “I’m not a princess.”

Even after she arrives at the castle, her dresses remain practical and simple and follow the same style, despite the fact that the wardrobe could have outfitted her in absolutely anything she wanted.

What I loved most about Belle’s gown is that this: 

looks like it belongs to the same woman as these:

As does this one, which she wears after The Beast has changed back into a prince: 

Her personality, ‘spunk,’ and fashion sense are not magically changed because she lives in a castle, and I think the story is all the more compelling because of it.


We’re halfway through the year and school’s taking a toll on us (or is starting to, depending on where you live). We’re all striving to get all the A1s and A+s in our report books/slips to indicate that our effort wasn’t all for nothing. However, in the journey to pursue these As, we’ve still got to take care of our mental health and start to focus on taking care of ourselves for a while, instead of on our studies. I’ve seen masterposts where a lot of methods to destress have been repeated, therefore I’ve taken the effort to think of more unique ways. Here are some ways I’ve been coming up with for the past few weeks which we can relax and just take a break.


Get a piece of paper (any fancy paper or rough paper will do) and start drawing your future home. You could do a top view down, or one side of the paper for each room you’re going to have. Draw your furniture and layout out and label each furniture with its name (eg. sofa/desk/television) and state some details about it (eg. white leather sofa, three-seater) based on your aesthetic. 

+ Some time ago, I was talking about my aesthetic with my friend who shares a similar taste. We were talking about our future homes, about what colours our walls would be in, about what type and colour of furniture we would get, and it made us so happy, and that’s where I got this idea from! (btw we own another studyblr with another bunch of friends called @/sleepstudycryrepeat on Instagram!


We’ve all gotten very familiar with our desk layout. Why not upgrade it a little bit more? Change up the way you arrange your items on your desk. Move that stack of post-it notes from the left of your desk to your right. Throw away last night’s crumpled-up paper and sweet wrappers you’ve left forgotten. I promise you’re going to feel so much better after clearing, cleaning, and rearranging your study area. Furthermore, it counts as something productive because you’re one step closer to cleaning your room like your mum told you to do.


Pinterest’s something I’ve been loving for quite a while now because it has tons of resources as well as motivating pictures of well-arranged study spaces. But who cares about studying when you’re trying to de-stress? Look up on other pictures that suit your aesthetic and pin them onto a fresh, new board based on your aesthetic. After you’re done pinning, scroll through the whole board and then proceed to melt into a puddle of happiness.


I see that you’ve not been picking up your TBR books for a while now. You haven’t been drawing like you’ve used to. Put those books in your hand down at this very moment, and give yourself a little love by doing the things that you loved to do and re-discover the reason why you loved them in the first place. If you’re trying out a new hobby, please do not, do not, do not fret about not being good at that hobby. Everyone has their firsts and they’re not so pretty either. To make you feel better, you can always request to see my before & after pictures when I first practised brush lettering/typography/calligraphy. However, make sure you don’t spend too much time on your hobby! (And it’s best if you make your hobby making notes)


Whip out your bullet journal and look past the unchecked boxes. Turn to a fresh page, take your prettiest pen, and write “THINGS THAT I LOVE”. The rest’s pretty self-explanatory. But, you can always switch it to a different thing such as “THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY” and so on. Make it colourful if you want to, as well. Don’t focus too much on making it pretty though, it ruins the fun (but if that makes you happy, go ahead).


If you didn’t like the previous step or want to take it up a notch, you can always start a biography of yourself. Write your name in a pretty font and a pretty colour, list down things about yourself (nicknames, date of birth, likes, dislikes, best friends, hobbies, basically anything).

+ I remember back in primary school, almost every girl had a notebook full of different people’s biographies. We would exchange our books with each other to write and read other people’s. And I also remember that I always bought uniball signo’s metallic and angel packs just for these biographies. In retrospect, it was silly and stupid (and an excessive waste of money) but the experience was worth having to reminisce on. 

And there you have it, my first ever masterpost and six fun ways which you can employ to destress and have fun. Enjoy your mental-health-is-priority days!

Love, Jerlyn x

follower milestone♥

I can’t believe it!

Today I woke up to 40.000 followers. So many wonderful people interested in my content, thank you all so much! You can’t imagine how much you all positively influenced my life and motivated me in all aspects. Still can’t understand how I have deserved this.

Of course, I want to give something back to you! You get to choose between music/book recommendations based on your blog, text aesthetics based on your name or a collage/mood board based on your blog, interest, etc!


  1. must be following me
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  • book/music rec, OR name aesthetics, OR collage
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  • please add a [40k] so I’ll know it’s for this special! 

Please notice that I will be preferring non-anon requests!


Thank you all for your support!

OK… I updated the board game legend, based on feedback. Added the Lost Woods, cemetery, and the other passageway.

1. The Church

2. The Hastings House

3. The Radley

4. The Police Station

5. The secret passageway that leads from Radley to the church

6. Hollis?

7. The Hospital

8. The ‘Go To Jail’ spot

9. The High School?

10. Mystery Location

11. The Lost Woods Resort?

12. The Brew

13. Another potential passageway between the police station and the Radley

14. The Cemetery

anstarx  asked:

Hi! Just want to say that your poses are super helpful! I actually want to ask about your background setting- How do you get a clean background (white paper? White wall?) like that? Also the lighting, did you use natural lighting since I struggled to get a good lighting when I take reference pictures.

Oh dude, you wouldn’t believe how bad my setup is. ^_^;  I’m hoping maybe someday if I can manage the funds, I can put together a better setup with more flexible lighting options, a turntable, props, and maybe even a better camera.

Right now, I’m using a folded piece of bristol board as a base and backdrop, a basic floor lamp with two daylight CFL bulbs, and the camera in my iPhone 5s.  I position or tilt the floor lamp until I get roughly the results I want.  It’s a pretty low budget operation.

But what I lack in a professional setup and photography skills, I make up for in Photoshop skills! :D  I’m an illustrator/comic person, and I do art in Photoshop for a living.  I use the Curves tool to balance out the lights and darks and remove color casts.  If you don’t have Photoshop, most art programs these days have some sort of equivalent.

Here’s a before and after:

In this case, I also edited out some props and composited a second photo of Orange-kun’s tape-covered foot.  I always note in my post whether or not something’s been edited, so people can know what’s actually doable with these figures and what isn’t.

So I hope that answers your question!  If anyone wants more info on how to use Photoshop curves, let me know.

(and btw, a new pose is coming up in a couple hours!)


I was tagged by @sugasideup to do a mood board based on pictures on my camera roll. Thank you for tagging me! This was fun to make!

I went for a black and white theme and used my two biases because why not. They are art. Lol

I’ll tag: @kimi-mimi-rumi @yoongisnugget @jeylovestoblog @hiimcaroline @lattetae @panda0627 @jiminieee95 @thatkpopaesthetic @mart-art @kookies-and-kreme @jinssmile @kookiewithak @bubbl3tae @jungkookfortunekookies @kingpjms @bangtan-drug and anyone else that wants to do this! You don’t have to do it!

tactical-shrubbery  asked:

Is Dedsec doing a secret Santa type thing?

Horatio usually just tells me what he wants.