How I Brush my Hair

Now that we have clean boar bristle brushes let’s dirty them up again!

Le sigh.

Here is how I brush my hair to make sure the oils are being distributed evenly and the dirt is really getting out.

I will start from the top and go from left to right and work my way down from left to right too.

1. I start with oily, limp-ass hair.

2- I section off the top layers. Left side and right side.

3-I brush the bottom layer from the top a few times and move my way to the back and all around the bottom layer. 

4-I then brush under and do this a few times on each pass all around the layer.

I make sure the brush makes contact with my scalp-to really make sure those oils are making their way down my hairs annnnd because it feels good.

5-I clip off the bottom layer to the back and out of the way. I do the exact same brushing to the top layer. Brushing on top and then brushing on bottom.

6-No more dirty hair and a lot more volume! Another day I dont have to wash! YAY!

Everyone’s hair is different, you do not have to section off your hair like I do. I do this to make sure all my hair gets the benefits of the natural oils. I have finer hair so I just need to section it off top from the bottom. You might have soem crazy thick hair and need to section off a middle section. You might have fine hair and not even need to section it off at all! Do what works for you, this is just a suggestion!

You do want to make sure the brush IS making contact with your scalp and is brushing all the way down your hair….not just the surface of the section….if you brush a too thick of a section the bottom part does not benefit from the oils! This is also why I brush under….to really make sure the under parts get all the nutrients!

Hope this helps you no poo-ers out there or just users of  BBB. 

Have a great rest of the weekend!!! 


I really hate focusing on how much hair other people have and comparing it to my hair. It fucking sucks. I just want my hair to grow back and stop falling out like a bitch. I really hope this biotin and multivitamin thing works.

I also use a boar bristle brush to distribute the oils in my hair and it also stimulates my scalp. I feel that it really helps in calming me down and helping my hair loss a little bit. BUT IT STILL FALLS OUT. I just want to know why does this have to happen to me?

Day 70

So, I let my hair be all natural and didn’t use any baking soda for a while and my ends seem to be less dry. I made sure to brush through with my all natural boar bristle brush too (freshly cleaned!) to make sure that all the oil got spread. I worked pretty good. I just need to lay off all the baking soda for a while. 

Boar Bristle Brush - Shine and Protect Naturally

Getting yourself a 100% pure boar bristle brush can really improve the appearance and condition of your hair.

The first thing you need to know about a boar bristle brush (commonly BBB for short) is that it is not intended as a detangling tool. Before you use a BBB you should always detangle first to reduce any breakage tha may occur. If you don’t, you’ll find two things; 1, it just won’t work and 2, you’ll end up with lots of split ends from trying to wrench the brush through your hair.

A BBB is intended as a polisher so to speak. It imparts shine to the entire lenght of your hair by distributing the natural oils already there. It’s especially good for those who have dry ends as it carries the oil from the top of your head all the way down the hair strands. Not only does this give you amazing shine, but it also protects your hair. I’ve found a reduction in split ends, and overall my ends are much more silky since using my BBB.

You can get BBB that are not 100% pure - often these have nylon bristles included. I’ve only ever personally used pure and have heard mixed results about non-pure brushes. Some people say they work better on thicker hair, others that it tears their hair to pieces. If you have the opertunity it’s best to find out what works well on your own hair. I’d do more research or start off with 100% o begin with and go from there.

The Method:
There are a number of ways to use the BBB but I’ll just go over a few.

Always begin by detangling and don’t use a BBB on wet hair.

Once you’ve detangled, you then section off a small bit of hair. I usually start at the front. Run the BBB gently down the length of your hair from top to bottom. Glide the brush over both the top and bottom of the section a few times and then move onto the next.
Repeat this until your entire head has been brushed.

Another method involves bending at the waist or sitting in a chair and bringing all your hair forward over your head. Then lightly brush the surface of yoru hair top, sides and bottom. Bring your head back up and gently lift the hair back into a normal possition.

Solving potential problems:
Any tangles you encounter when using the BBB must be removed with a normal detangler before continuing.
You may find when you brush that your hair becomes quite full and fluffy. if this is the case simply wrap your hand loosely around the section you are brushing and run it down the length. If this happens to excess you may wish to try a moisturising treatment on your hair.
If your hair is like mine, brushing the scalp with a BBB can make it look so oily that it hasn’t been washed in a month. Unless I am not going out or am soon to wash my hair, I often avoid brushing right from the roots to reduce this.
I have also heard that a BBB may not work as well on curly hair. Wavey hair, it depends on other aspects of yoru hair type.

As the BBB is coating each hair in oil and laying the scales of each strand flat, it encorage the hair to stay where it is brushed to. It is this atribute that contributes to teh protection of yoru hair - with no nasty chemicals too! This effect can be quite handy in taming frizz or for use in styling the hair. To create a very sleek look one could run the brush over certain parts after styling.

If you choose to get a boar bristle brush, I hope it benifits your hair as much as it has mine!

Sorry for the dirty mirror. Sorry for the poor quality in pics. BUT hey-I’m super tired and didn’t feel like cleaning it haha and Steve’s not home to take pics for me! But I thought since I was going to brush out my hair……I’ll show you how I do it!
1-my hair is kind of greasy (I washed Saturday but used too much apple cider vinegar in my rinse….see I still has mishaps this far into to no poo!)
2-I section my hair off-top/bottom
3-I brush the bottom section out. From root to tips to distribute oils all down my length. I brush over and I brush under.
4-I section off the part I already brushed out
5-I brush the top section just like I did the bottom.
6-my hair is “less” greasy and less frizzy. (“Less” greasy but not really same amount grease just moved down my hair shaft!

I section it off because though my hair is fine….there is really a lot of it. I feel like if I don’t section it off my brush doesn’t get to all the hairs and distribute oils properly.

Good luck with no poo! Stick with it and you will love it!!!!

My brush is 100% boar hair. I got it from Sally’s beauty supply :)

My Hair Transition

A sneak peak about my Hair Transition process. Sorry if this blog entry is lengthy. I hope you don’t mind it on your dash, Tumblr people! :) I just thought I could help other people too.

I have naturally wavy and thick hair. It naturally looks coarse and dry, even though it is actually very soft and nice to touch.

I live in the Philippines, and the weather is often unpredictable.


  • I used to get my hair relaxed by a well known Salon, starting when I was in grade 4, but it doesn’t work on me. I almost cry every time I shampoo my hair for the few months because this treatment. My hair became really tangled and hard when I wet my hair. It is definitely a downer.
  • I have never been to a salon who really knows the right way to handle my type of hair. They all go like ‘Ohhh, you’re hair is messy and ugly, we should straighten it up so you’ll look presentable, and beautiful’. They are making me more insecure with what I have, but I gave in anyway.
  • I was getting my hair rebonded since 3rd year highschool, and then stopped 3rd year college.


Curly and wavy hair was trending, people can go with frizzy curly hair. I thought, well I have naturally curly hair. I could blend in! Well the feedback from people around me was harsh. The hair regrowth (natural growth), in contrast with the rebonded portion of my hair, looked out of place. People were like “you should rebond your hair right away”. Most of my friends, as well as my family even really took concern about the look I am going for. So far, all they saw was the 'ugly’ in my transition process. All I saw was the potential. I searched very eagerly in the net and have found that people are really getting into hair transitioning from treated hair to natural hair, all around the globe.


  • I relied on products like local hair shine products from Watsons brand and other small brands,  Finesse Curl Mousse, Loreal Paris’ Anti Frizz Serum, Suave Anti Frizz Cream. I even tried a curl boost cream from body shop, and their famous hair serum. I tried many hair treatment conditioners as well. There are many to choose from! I was trying to find the right product mix for my hair. A pretty expensive move, but I knew I had to struggle to take care of my naturally fragile hair, so its worth it.
  • Right now I am settled with(Staple products for you!):
  1. Ashley Shine Hair Treatment Cream(the Blue one) - MY MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER
  2. Lauat Hair treatment Shampoo. - MY MILD and CLEANSING SHAMPOO
  3. Pure Beauty Hair Care Oil Treatment(Camelia Seed). - MY MOISTURIZING AND ANTI FRIZZ BUDDY
  4. Paddle Boar Bristle Brush by Goody - MY MULTIPURPOSE WONDER BRUSH(100% Boar Bristle)
  5. Wide tooth comb by Paganini - MY TRUSTY DETANGLER(for wet and air dry hair)


It has been atleast a year. My hair is a lot more manageable now and people around me are getting used to frizzy hair, there were no longer negative feedback about my hair. But there are still people joking about my hair. Hehehe. I dont mind, I am still happy about it because my hair feels healthier than ever. There are still frizz, but it was SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. And my hair no longer tangles easily.


  • Prevent hair breakage, embrace natural curls and let it grow.
  • Do your research, be mindful that many other ladies are also getting through this. There are lots of infos you can get, no worries!
  • Trim your hair atleast once a month (I actually do it myself, nobody notices a thing anyway! HAHA. Get rid of your treated hair as you go through trimming once a month and make sure you treat your regrowths like princesses!)
  • Try not to wash your hair everyday, use BB(Boar Bristle) brush to clean your scalp and hair.
  • When you wash, always use conditioner but only use shampoo, at max, once a week
  • Never use any type of brush on wet hair, this is a perfect time to use those wide tooth combs
  • Use boar bristle brush 1-2 times a day.
  • If you’re not comfortable but you really wanna go through a transition. You can always hide your hair on a bun. No biggie!
  • Feel beautiful. :)

Zeus 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Outfitted with 100% boar bristles ideal for taming tangles and keeping hairs in line and topped off with a beautiful, warp resistant, pear wood handle with two grooves for better grip, the Zeus Beard Brush is the ultimate grooming tool for your mane.

The Wilkinson Sword Shaving Brush

At a cost of under $5. the Wilkinson Sword Shaving Brush is surprisingly made with boar bristles. It’s a little small with a plastic base.handle. It certainly can create some lather from your soap or cream and feels okay on the face. i wouldn’t want to use it as an everyday brush but it could be perfect as an inexpensive even disposable travel brush. You can’t lose at this price point!