Freyja - How to honour and invoke her.

Herbs, Scents, Oils, Flavours, Foods and Drink

  • Strawberry (sweetness, love, desire)
  • Rose (love, romance, sexuality)
  • Florals (femininity, sweetness)
  • Sandalwood (sensuality, strength, desire)
  • Nutmeg (luck, love)
  • Rosemary (death, respect, passing on)
  • Vanilla (sensuality, sweetness, desire)
  • Mint (sensuality, desire)
  • Cinnamon (strength, warmth, assertiveness)
  • Thyme (magic, strength)
  • Ginseng (aphrodisiac)
  • Saffron (aphrodisiac)
  • Catnip and catgrass (cats)
  • Mugwort (magic, prophecy) [toxic in large amounts]
  • Wormwood (magic, prophecy) [toxic in large amounts]
  • Juniper (strength, power)
  • Charcoal (death, rebirth)
  • Red wine (aphrodisiac)
  • Mead (golden colour relates to her golden tears)
  • Cocoa (aphrodisiac)

Items that can be used in an altar dedicated to Freyja

  • Cats - statues, fur (not from cruel means!), shedded claws or whiskers, paw prints, plush toys.
  • Food and Drink offerings - see above list!
  • Weaponry - being a warrior goddess, a weapon is a great addition to an altar dedicated to her or as an offering. Letter-opener swords are perfect in size, but a kitchen knife will work just fine! Be careful of any children or other people who shouldn’t be able to access something that can be used as a weapon.
  • Feathers - Freyja owns a Falcon feather cloak that allows its wearer to fly.
  • Gold - anything golden. She likes shiny things.
  • Necklaces - Freyja owns the beautiful necklace, Brisingamen. Any other jewellery would work too!
  • Runes - Freyja is a witch (seidkona).
  • Other magical items - crystals, candles, tarot cards, wands etc.
  • Beauty products - hair brushes, makeup (warpaint!), nail polishes, etc.
  • Boars - Freyja (and other Norse gods) own boars. Anything relating to a pig would be suitable (often you can find crystals carved into the shape of a pig). A boar bristle hair brush would be perfect.
  • Things relating to feminism - There will be those who roll their eyes and get angry when they see this point, but it’s true. Deal with it.

Subtle and “secret” ways to worship

  • Keep altar items in a jewellery box. It signifies her magical necklace while still being able to be hidden away in case the wrong people see it. Same goes for makeup bags, handbags, other boxes, etc.
  • A bottle of wine can be placed somewhere in her honour. It’s a common sighting in many households, so there’s little chance of someone questioning it.
  • Keep a book (grimoire, book of shadows, journal, etc) with poems, songs, drawings, print-outs etc. dedicated to her. These can be easily hidden between furniture or in a drawer if need be.
  • Kitchen magic - use ingredients that are associated with her in your cooking. Just be careful not to include anything that can be toxic or make yourself or someone else sick.
  • Burn incense, oils, candles etc. in scents related to her. Many homes use these things as decoration.
  • Play music of a Nordic/Pagan/Medieval nature (or whatever you associate with Freyja!).
  • Wear perfumes in scents related to her.
  • Note: you are allowed to secretly worship, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Not everyone has the luxury/comfort/space to openly have an altar or place of worship in their home, and that’s okay! Your patron deity won’t mind.

Please note: mentions of Freyja being the goddess of femininity are not intended to belittle or exclude trans and non-binary people. Any one of any gender identity can worship her, and without having to explain or justify it to anyone else.


I opened my curtains to get some light, given it’s the middle of winter but very pretty outside.  Here’s some better lit shots of what happened with the new boar bristle brush (and this was just a super-cheap one), plus the oil treatment  a few days ago.  You can see that the hair towards the front that’s normally straight when not taken care of, is actually wavy.  And the whole thing, that I’ve gone my whole life with fairly dull hair, is actually shiny.  The brush is also helping the dry under-layers stay more moisturized.

Although I’d still be curious about any homemade concoctions people spray on their hair to keep it moist on an everyday basis.  I’m about to try one I found on the net, whenever I can get up the energy, but I’m still curious about suggestions.  (The stuff I have on hand is distilled water, coconut oil, and olive oil, but I could obtain other things if necessary.  And I don’t want anything that would lighten my hair or add highlights, because my hair color is already confusing enough to me without messing with that.)

How I Brush my Hair

Now that we have clean boar bristle brushes let’s dirty them up again!

Le sigh.

Here is how I brush my hair to make sure the oils are being distributed evenly and the dirt is really getting out.

I will start from the top and go from left to right and work my way down from left to right too.

1. I start with oily, limp-ass hair.

2- I section off the top layers. Left side and right side.

3-I brush the bottom layer from the top a few times and move my way to the back and all around the bottom layer. 

4-I then brush under and do this a few times on each pass all around the layer.

I make sure the brush makes contact with my scalp-to really make sure those oils are making their way down my hairs annnnd because it feels good.

5-I clip off the bottom layer to the back and out of the way. I do the exact same brushing to the top layer. Brushing on top and then brushing on bottom.

6-No more dirty hair and a lot more volume! Another day I dont have to wash! YAY!

Everyone’s hair is different, you do not have to section off your hair like I do. I do this to make sure all my hair gets the benefits of the natural oils. I have finer hair so I just need to section it off top from the bottom. You might have soem crazy thick hair and need to section off a middle section. You might have fine hair and not even need to section it off at all! Do what works for you, this is just a suggestion!

You do want to make sure the brush IS making contact with your scalp and is brushing all the way down your hair….not just the surface of the section….if you brush a too thick of a section the bottom part does not benefit from the oils! This is also why I brush under….to really make sure the under parts get all the nutrients!

Hope this helps you no poo-ers out there or just users of  BBB. 

Have a great rest of the weekend!!! 

Sorry for the dirty mirror. Sorry for the poor quality in pics. BUT hey-I’m super tired and didn’t feel like cleaning it haha and Steve’s not home to take pics for me! But I thought since I was going to brush out my hair……I’ll show you how I do it!
1-my hair is kind of greasy (I washed Saturday but used too much apple cider vinegar in my rinse….see I still has mishaps this far into to no poo!)
2-I section my hair off-top/bottom
3-I brush the bottom section out. From root to tips to distribute oils all down my length. I brush over and I brush under.
4-I section off the part I already brushed out
5-I brush the top section just like I did the bottom.
6-my hair is “less” greasy and less frizzy. (“Less” greasy but not really same amount grease just moved down my hair shaft!

I section it off because though my hair is fine….there is really a lot of it. I feel like if I don’t section it off my brush doesn’t get to all the hairs and distribute oils properly.

Good luck with no poo! Stick with it and you will love it!!!!

My brush is 100% boar hair. I got it from Sally’s beauty supply :)

Devin Fakealiens’ Long Hair Tips!

·        Use heat styling as little as possible. You if you do use any heat always use thermal spray or some other type of heart protectant

·         Shampoo as little as possible. If you can, give up shampoo completely. It strips your natural oils and causes your scalp to over produce those oils making your hair look greasy

·         If possible, train your hair to go a week or so without needing to be washed. I know it sounds gross but if you train your hair it won’t get greasy for a pretty long time! Plus washing your hair everyday wasn’t even a thing til the 70’s

·         NEVER BRUSH WET HAIR. Use a wide tooth comb and start at the bottom and work your way up

·         In the shower you can use a wide tooth comb to distribute conditioner throughout your hair

·         Try to do a deep condition/hair mask once a week

·         Products containing argon oil, macadamia oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil (I’m missing a few oils but most oils are good for your hair) and keratin are your friends. Products containing sulfate are not. Never use shampoo that contains sulfate

·         Rinse your hair with cold water before you get out of the shower. It seals the hair’s cuticle which adds protection and shine

·         After heat styling blow cold air on your hair it’ll help seal the cuticle

·         Do an apple cider vinegar rinse in the shower. It promotes growth and shine and it helps get all the gunk out of your hair

·         Massage your scalp to promote growth

·         Brush your hair (with a natural boar bristle brush if you can) from scalp to tip to promote growth and distribute natural oils

·         Braid your hair at night. It promotes growth and can help protect against split ends

·         Trim your hair every 10-12 weeks to take care of any split ends. If you leave them you might end up having to cut your hair way shorter than you want

·         Healthy diet and exercise is good for your hair

·         Take biotin vitamins and your multivitamin. DON’T TAKE FOLIC ACID while it does help your hair, taking it in access can cause ovarian cancer and you get enough from food

·         Don’t wear pony tails to often and switch up your pony tail position once in awhile

·         Don’t put your hair up in a towel after your shower use a tshirt instead. Towels cause breakage and fizziness

·         It you wear extensions be careful. They can cause breakage and hinder growth

·         When you have knots start and the bottom and work your way up to prevent breakage

·   Try not to get chlorine in your hair very often it’s pretty damaging   

That’s all I can think of for now! If I think of anything else I’ll add it. I hope this helps any of you trying to grow out your hair!

After literal years, I have finally figured out the proper way to search for new hair brushes like the one I currently use. Which I literally found while I was in college, then boiled at home to sanitize it, and have been using ever since. 

Boar-bristle (combination) hair brush. 

(even though my current brush is definitely not really boar bristles - it’s 100% plastic bristles in a wood handle)

My current brush is so full of fuzzies and dust… even when I soak and boil it, I can’t get most of it out any more. And the paint on the handle has cracked in several places, exposing the unsealed wood beneath, so I try not to get the whole thing wet anyway since I don’t want it to mold or rot or anything. 

It would be probably around twenty bucks to replace it. Not the cheapest brush, but not the most expensive I guess. Still more than I ever thought about (having lived my whole life before this brush using shitty plastic ones from the dollar store lol) 

Now I know, at least. 

No poo Dilemmas and How to Solve Them

So many times I have been asked why isn’t something working out, or why is this happening to my hair!?! Most of the time it is an easy fix like switching the recipe around or trying something else instead. Here are some No poo dilemmas you may face and how to deal….

Dry Hair

Your hair isn’t coated in silicones anymore so it is going to feel a little dry!

You need to try:

-using less baking soda in your wash solution

-using more apple cider vinegar in your conditioning solution

-adding 2-3 drops of favorite oil into your conditioning solution

-using raw honey in your wash solution and conditioning solution

-deep condition more often

-deep condition..period.

-using coconut oil, argan oil, or any oil your prefer on the ends of your hair

-wash less often

Oily Hair

-try adding more baking soda in your wash mix

-less vinegar in your conditioner

-not applying the conditioning rinse to your scalp. Just apply from ears down

-use your boar bristle brush to distribute oils from the root to the ends

-use dry shampoo

If you’re transitioning just stick with it!

Waxy hair

-Use your boar bristle brush to clean off the gunk

-Use a cap of vinegar in 8-10 oz of water and rinse with it twice. It will help get rid of the build up.It could be your hair detoxing. Use the brush to slough off all the build up

-If you use shampoo bars or castile soap they can leave a film if you have hard water. You need to use an acid rinse to get rid of it! Use the recipe above twice or use lemon juice diluted in water. You may need to boil your water or use distilled water (if your water is hard)


-Use less baking soda in your mix

-use tea tree oil in your mix (just a few drops)

-use the vinegar solution on your scalp

-use raw honey in your shampoo solution

-deep condition with aloe vera gel, coconut oil or any oil of your choice

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use castile soap, baking soda, or shampoo bars?

Use whatever you want. I love them all and they work for me. What works for me might not work for you. Know your hair type and read the ingredients lists of products to know what is good for you and your hair. If you do go the baking soda route do not use a paste! This will dry your hair out and break it. Wash 2-3 times a week at the most with the baking soda too….again it can be very drying if you wash it more!

I love Dr. Bronner’s castile soap and Chagrin Valley Shampoo bars.

How often should I deep condition?

I deep condition once a week, it works for me and my fine hair. Your hair might be more damaged or just dryer and you will need more moisture. I would say deep condition every week to every other week if your hair is not damaged. IF your hair is dry and or damaged I would deep condition once a week or twice a week. It just depends on your hair!

Can I use hairspray/gel/mousse?

You can do what you want. The point of no poo is eliminating the chemicals and build up. If you keep applying them you will have a hard time with no poo, but if you have no problems washing it out….go for it.

Doesn’t your hair stink?

NO. I wouldn’t do something that made me stinky. My husband would tell me if my hair was rank and he hasn’t yet! You can spray a mix of baking soda and water into your hair to freshen it up! Add some essential oils to make it scented!

If you don’t wash your hair everyday…do you not shower?

I love and adore you all and appreciate all your questions….but this is one I can’t believe ya ask me! haha. I shower everyday!!! I just stuff my hair into a shower cap or bun it up and avoid getting it wet! : ) 

How do you deep condition with coconut oil and wash it out?

I am able to use oil to deep condition because I wash them out with shampoo bars. If you use the baking soda mix you will not be able to rinse this out!  Use raw honey, egg yolks, yogurt, or aloe vera to deep condition your hair while using baking soda as your shampoo!

I hope that this helps you out! I hope that this answers some of your questions too! If not you can ask me anytime on here or on Twitter (@NoPooGal)

Good Luck!!!


13 Steps for the Witch Decluttering Spell

I am getting into spring cleaning this month in a witchy way. Most of the declutter plans out there are not for witches. They say things like get rid of everything that does not bring you joy…well what about curse items? They tell you to get rid of books you have already read and books you have had for a while and not read yet. Uh a lot of a witch’s books are reference books so they get read as needed. The lists tell you to get rid of all paperwork, what about all your book of shadows/grimoire binders/folders? I figured a cluttered witch needs a different declutter plan:

Step 1: Begin by committing to organization with a spell or charm at the full moon. For example, you might make a sigil or a charm based off of the latin and english word “organize.” In my situation I would use my wand and point it around my house and intone “or-gan-ize”

Step 2: Determine generally what kind of witchcraft you do. Are you wiccan? ceremonial? country? city? Celtic? Kemetic? 

Figure the same kind of styles out for your kitchen items, wardrobe, bathing and hair products/make up, art supplies, bedding and library. Are you a cook from scratch maven or more of a microwave george forman grill kinda cook? Do you use all organic products in the bath or all about the neon bath bombs? Goth make up or minimalist? do you read sci-fi, classics, romance? Don’t get too stressed about this labelling its just one key to helping you prioritize later.

Step 3: Make a schedule for decluttering and find a support website or app. Flylady, 40 days 40 bags, Brightnest, Unflith your Habitat, etc. It helps to be accountable.

Step 4: Get together stuff you will need to declutter. If you don’t have 40 bags together for 40 days 40 bags you aren’t gonna get very far. So get any containers like bags and boxes you will need. But do not buy furniture and storage bins for keeping more things and organizing your space yet. Figure out where you can donate locally that fits your values, I like Gaia Movement for clothes and shoes, Scrap for art and craft supplies, and Paws and Claws for household items, and friends of the library for books (most charities are mainstream religious and I have never seen pagan books on their shelves, but I have seen them at the friends of library sales and I saw something sort of new age once at Paws and Claws).

Step 5: Make a hierarchy of decisions about item, like a flow chart that suits you for each category of item. 

For witchcraft mine will look like this: is this (tool, herb, item, loose paper, book) pertinent and useful to traditional witchcraft and fairy faith? is it something I need and use? Is it high enough quality for my standards? then if it doesn’t fit any of those then donate, compost, gift, sell, recycle/re-purpose, use it up right away or throw away. 

For clothes I will start by setting aside two casual outfits for each season, two formal out fits for each season, and then I will go through all my clothes and decide if I can wear them to work, if not they go in a discard pile to divide up donate/rags. If I get anxious about tossing something special I will get a few save items at the end. 

Bathroom stuff. To be honest I am very minimalist here. I am no-poo so I don’t need many hair products besides my henna, natural conditioner, and my hair oil. I need a few combs, a boars bristle brush and hair ties. Make up I have a blemish stick, mascara and eyeliner, powder and a couple lip glosses and one lipstick to even keep. A few nail polishes for fun. Really its time I trash the rest I never wear it.

For library: I already got pretty minimal here but I am going to go through again and reduce again. I am going to do another pagan faire table in the fall so I will cut my library down to what I honestly really truly think I will read and sell or donate the rest.

For art supplies: this is honestly the most difficult area for me. I am still in the midst of my five year plan to make art and craft more of my income. As I get more successful I will have more time to use the supplies I need and less disposable income to buy more supplies. I am going to cut here based on quality. Get rid of art supplies I don’t consider high quality and donate them.

Step 6: After making your flow charts on how to determine what to cut from your possessions, divide everything up very strictly based on those charts. Have an area for each category where even stuff you are having reservations about getting rid of goes–but don’t get rid of anything permanently yet.

Step 7: Cleanse and banish attachment to the piles of to get rid of items. I suggest using a spray of alcohol with cooking sage and/or salt infused in it. Spray this in the air above and around your items while instructing the items to be cleansed of possessive ties. 

Step 8: Now sleep on it. As you go to sleep do a divination with your favorite form and ask for any items that your true intuition knows you will need to appear in your dreams. In the morning if you had any special gut feelings from the divination or dreams to keep a few things go through the piles and remove those few items and put them back to keep. Likewise if you dreamt of items you should dispose of and haven’t add them to the dispose piles. 

Step 9:Take the cut stuff to their new homes (recycling, donation, trash, gifting, or listing for sale) and do a final banishment and cleansing perhaps this time if possible with smoke, I suggest using a dried herb like juniper and bundling and smoking around the items outdoors or in your car as you take them away.

Step 10: After your first cut of things wait a month til the next time the moon is full. Take inventory of how you have done. If everything you have left has a place to go then you can call it all a success and stop however, if your home is still too crowded its time to go through again with new strategies for cutting items. If truly one or two pieces of storage furniture would solve your problem its okay at this point to get them, but this is really only if you don’t have enough places to put things that are reasonable for you to keep.

Step 11: Truly cleanse your home. Do floor washes with cleansing herbs in the soap and sprinkle salt and herbs in areas that can’t get wet and sweep them up. Dust. Organize your books in order (this is one last chance to get rid of excess items as you are cleaning them.)

Step 12: Commit at this point to not buying anything new for a month. Enjoy what you have and go through and read books you already have, wear things you already own, and use things around the house you already have. Now of course if you run out of toothpaste go get some, but I mean don’t go and buy twenty new books this month. Take a break from adding to your clutter and find a center in your clean home the way it is now so you can make it a habit to keep it that way.

Step 13: Celebrate! Have a little party for yourself celebrating and blessing all your items (well of course except curse items) and your home. This is a great time to make new house blessing and protection charms and fill the home up with your joy and magic.

Hair Magic

Oh my goodness this stuff is fun. I’m a hairdresser by trade so come on, you know I’ve got at least a few things for this. 

Lets start with the mundane. 
Want healthy, shinny, happy hair? Get a good quality brush, like boar bristle, and brush your hair. Charge your brush with things you associate with strength, in the smoke of incense that reminds you of your favorite warrior god/dess, something like this. Add in a chant if you want, about the strength of a boar, the shine of the gods, whatever feels right and boost your bodies natural good oils and energies into some power protective hair! 

Tea tree shampoo is an amazing product that will clean and love your hair and scalp. I also use tea tree for spiritual cleaning. So the help cleanse away negative emotions, the dirt from a emotionally hard day or the grim from a all over rough night suds up some tea tree shampoo, feel its bright, clean energy as you work it in your hands, scrub deep into your scalp and feel all the crap you’ve dealt with wash away. Let the peppermint most add as well perk you up, wake up your energies for a new start. 

Check out conditioners, they fill in the damaged gaps of your hair, seal the cuticle down and help protect. Find something that smells or feels or has something in it that you associate with protection and work with its energy. Make a shield for yourself for the day from your hair or add in the brushing magic to make a better shield.

Okay so that got a few basic concepts for hair care to add magic to. Lets move on to styling! 

Again we have may protective, shield making type methods we can do. For short spikes you can energize them to scare off people out to make your day suck. A light tussle of a pliable paste can help you flow with the day, and making yourself relaxed and ready for anything but stable still. 

Color hair chalks, sprays and gels work great with ‘notice me’ glamours, working with the energies bright colors and placement to attract attention from the type of person you’re interested in.

Curls can create chaos for those you don’t want around you, help you get swept up in whats around you when you don’t want to be noticed.

Flat irons can seal in any kind of intent but work great for a sleek, commanding presence. Use a heat protectant to add a boost to that 'you can’t fuck with me’  vibe.  

A pony tail can help with control, wrapping that tight band around your hair while thinking of, picturing, yourself in control of an important situation. 

Braiding a vibe, mood or energy level into long hair works great, add in a flower type with matching energy or use a specific colored hair tie for an added boost. 

Most of these are pretty general, I can make more specific chants, of even sigils to put on brushes if anyone wants. Since most of my brushes are round brushes that would only work on the handle for me. And would wear off. That sounds like work. But paddle brush styled ones would do lovely for that. Mark the back, it’ll charge as you use it and charge your hair. 

Lots of fun ideas, I can even give you guys specific product recommendations for different used if you guys want. Just ask! 

Boar Bristle Brush - Shine and Protect Naturally

Getting yourself a 100% pure boar bristle brush can really improve the appearance and condition of your hair.

The first thing you need to know about a boar bristle brush (commonly BBB for short) is that it is not intended as a detangling tool. Before you use a BBB you should always detangle first to reduce any breakage tha may occur. If you don’t, you’ll find two things; 1, it just won’t work and 2, you’ll end up with lots of split ends from trying to wrench the brush through your hair.

A BBB is intended as a polisher so to speak. It imparts shine to the entire lenght of your hair by distributing the natural oils already there. It’s especially good for those who have dry ends as it carries the oil from the top of your head all the way down the hair strands. Not only does this give you amazing shine, but it also protects your hair. I’ve found a reduction in split ends, and overall my ends are much more silky since using my BBB.

You can get BBB that are not 100% pure - often these have nylon bristles included. I’ve only ever personally used pure and have heard mixed results about non-pure brushes. Some people say they work better on thicker hair, others that it tears their hair to pieces. If you have the opertunity it’s best to find out what works well on your own hair. I’d do more research or start off with 100% o begin with and go from there.

The Method:
There are a number of ways to use the BBB but I’ll just go over a few.

Always begin by detangling and don’t use a BBB on wet hair.

Once you’ve detangled, you then section off a small bit of hair. I usually start at the front. Run the BBB gently down the length of your hair from top to bottom. Glide the brush over both the top and bottom of the section a few times and then move onto the next.
Repeat this until your entire head has been brushed.

Another method involves bending at the waist or sitting in a chair and bringing all your hair forward over your head. Then lightly brush the surface of yoru hair top, sides and bottom. Bring your head back up and gently lift the hair back into a normal possition.

Solving potential problems:
Any tangles you encounter when using the BBB must be removed with a normal detangler before continuing.
You may find when you brush that your hair becomes quite full and fluffy. if this is the case simply wrap your hand loosely around the section you are brushing and run it down the length. If this happens to excess you may wish to try a moisturising treatment on your hair.
If your hair is like mine, brushing the scalp with a BBB can make it look so oily that it hasn’t been washed in a month. Unless I am not going out or am soon to wash my hair, I often avoid brushing right from the roots to reduce this.
I have also heard that a BBB may not work as well on curly hair. Wavey hair, it depends on other aspects of yoru hair type.

As the BBB is coating each hair in oil and laying the scales of each strand flat, it encorage the hair to stay where it is brushed to. It is this atribute that contributes to teh protection of yoru hair - with no nasty chemicals too! This effect can be quite handy in taming frizz or for use in styling the hair. To create a very sleek look one could run the brush over certain parts after styling.

If you choose to get a boar bristle brush, I hope it benifits your hair as much as it has mine!

Day 70

So, I let my hair be all natural and didn’t use any baking soda for a while and my ends seem to be less dry. I made sure to brush through with my all natural boar bristle brush too (freshly cleaned!) to make sure that all the oil got spread. I worked pretty good. I just need to lay off all the baking soda for a while. 

My Hair Transition

A sneak peak about my Hair Transition process. Sorry if this blog entry is lengthy. I hope you don’t mind it on your dash, Tumblr people! :) I just thought I could help other people too.

I have naturally wavy and thick hair. It naturally looks coarse and dry, even though it is actually very soft and nice to touch.

I live in the Philippines, and the weather is often unpredictable.


  • I used to get my hair relaxed by a well known Salon, starting when I was in grade 4, but it doesn’t work on me. I almost cry every time I shampoo my hair for the few months because this treatment. My hair became really tangled and hard when I wet my hair. It is definitely a downer.
  • I have never been to a salon who really knows the right way to handle my type of hair. They all go like ‘Ohhh, you’re hair is messy and ugly, we should straighten it up so you’ll look presentable, and beautiful’. They are making me more insecure with what I have, but I gave in anyway.
  • I was getting my hair rebonded since 3rd year highschool, and then stopped 3rd year college.


Curly and wavy hair was trending, people can go with frizzy curly hair. I thought, well I have naturally curly hair. I could blend in! Well the feedback from people around me was harsh. The hair regrowth (natural growth), in contrast with the rebonded portion of my hair, looked out of place. People were like “you should rebond your hair right away”. Most of my friends, as well as my family even really took concern about the look I am going for. So far, all they saw was the 'ugly’ in my transition process. All I saw was the potential. I searched very eagerly in the net and have found that people are really getting into hair transitioning from treated hair to natural hair, all around the globe.


  • I relied on products like local hair shine products from Watsons brand and other small brands,  Finesse Curl Mousse, Loreal Paris’ Anti Frizz Serum, Suave Anti Frizz Cream. I even tried a curl boost cream from body shop, and their famous hair serum. I tried many hair treatment conditioners as well. There are many to choose from! I was trying to find the right product mix for my hair. A pretty expensive move, but I knew I had to struggle to take care of my naturally fragile hair, so its worth it.
  • Right now I am settled with(Staple products for you!):
  1. Ashley Shine Hair Treatment Cream(the Blue one) - MY MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER
  2. Lauat Hair treatment Shampoo. - MY MILD and CLEANSING SHAMPOO
  3. Pure Beauty Hair Care Oil Treatment(Camelia Seed). - MY MOISTURIZING AND ANTI FRIZZ BUDDY
  4. Paddle Boar Bristle Brush by Goody - MY MULTIPURPOSE WONDER BRUSH(100% Boar Bristle)
  5. Wide tooth comb by Paganini - MY TRUSTY DETANGLER(for wet and air dry hair)


It has been atleast a year. My hair is a lot more manageable now and people around me are getting used to frizzy hair, there were no longer negative feedback about my hair. But there are still people joking about my hair. Hehehe. I dont mind, I am still happy about it because my hair feels healthier than ever. There are still frizz, but it was SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. And my hair no longer tangles easily.


  • Prevent hair breakage, embrace natural curls and let it grow.
  • Do your research, be mindful that many other ladies are also getting through this. There are lots of infos you can get, no worries!
  • Trim your hair atleast once a month (I actually do it myself, nobody notices a thing anyway! HAHA. Get rid of your treated hair as you go through trimming once a month and make sure you treat your regrowths like princesses!)
  • Try not to wash your hair everyday, use BB(Boar Bristle) brush to clean your scalp and hair.
  • When you wash, always use conditioner but only use shampoo, at max, once a week
  • Never use any type of brush on wet hair, this is a perfect time to use those wide tooth combs
  • Use boar bristle brush 1-2 times a day.
  • If you’re not comfortable but you really wanna go through a transition. You can always hide your hair on a bun. No biggie!
  • Feel beautiful. :)

Zeus 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Outfitted with 100% boar bristles ideal for taming tangles and keeping hairs in line and topped off with a beautiful, warp resistant, pear wood handle with two grooves for better grip, the Zeus Beard Brush is the ultimate grooming tool for your mane.

This is my underlayer after another spray of the homemade moisturizer.  Very happy hair.  And my hair is so soft and easy to brush now between the moisturizer and the boar bristle brush.  I really think it needed more oil, between my natural oils and the oils I mixed in with the water to spray on.

(And now my cat is making it impossible to type, by sitting in front of my face.)


I really hate focusing on how much hair other people have and comparing it to my hair. It fucking sucks. I just want my hair to grow back and stop falling out like a bitch. I really hope this biotin and multivitamin thing works.

I also use a boar bristle brush to distribute the oils in my hair and it also stimulates my scalp. I feel that it really helps in calming me down and helping my hair loss a little bit. BUT IT STILL FALLS OUT. I just want to know why does this have to happen to me?

The Wilkinson Sword Shaving Brush

At a cost of under $5. the Wilkinson Sword Shaving Brush is surprisingly made with boar bristles. It’s a little small with a plastic base.handle. It certainly can create some lather from your soap or cream and feels okay on the face. i wouldn’t want to use it as an everyday brush but it could be perfect as an inexpensive even disposable travel brush. You can’t lose at this price point!