boar talks

For: icameinlikeawreckingboar

A quick sketch request from them mainly because they gave me something before which I really wanted haha xD (The LB skin if you guys remember that) and yeah ; u ; As a thanks for their kindness, I doodled them something they wanted xD

In my head the convo goes like, “Ayeee Ashe wanna ride my boar?” “But you don’t even have a boar–” “What are you talking about? I have one–” “I… God damn it Sejuani.” “You were thinking of something else, were yo–” “SILENCE!”


I really feel like Po and Tigress should’ve really met in Secrets of the Scrolls. I mean this one scene were Tigress went After the Scroll and Po went out to get the Trash out when they almost met each other was…heartbreaking for me.
I know later Po sees Tigress fighting against Boar….but still. I’m talking about a really maybe running against each other Awkward getting a teen crush meeting ❤
Please tell me i’m not the only one thinking this?