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Ask me a question

Leopard gecko: Where is your calm space?

Red-footed tortoise: What pets do you want to get in the future?

Rat snake: Why did you start your blog?

Bearded dragon: What is your favourite flower?

Nile crocodile: What kind of things do you collect/ want to collect?

Royal python: Would you prefer to live in the city? Or in the country?

Common toad: What kind of clothes do you typically wear?

Green tree boa: Where do you spend most of your time?

Pygmy gecko: Do you like insects? What is your favourite kind of insect?

Blue-tongued skink: Do you have any tattoos? Do you plan on getting any?

Crested gecko: Tea, coffee, or water?

Burmese Python: What is your dream reptile/amphibian?

Legless lizard: Where do you want to travel in the future?

Gargoyle gecko: If you have pets, what did you name them and why?

Painted turtle: Three words to describe your aesthetic.

Red-tailed boa: Do you have pet peeves? What are they?

Glass frog: What is the view from your bedroom window?


26072017 • revision x this week’s spread • 🎧 : No Matter What - BoA x Beenzino》

Do you want to know what screams disaster??? When i found the first part of my methods sac that i did today easy?? And i only did one hour of revision last night  👀 👀 On a side note I’m planning on uploading a bujo plan with me onto youtube sometime next week! So keep an eye out 😉 (open for better quality xx)

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Austrian German word list

So I have a friend in Salzburg and we chat mostly in dialect, so I’ve picked up a lot of the words she uses, and decided now to make a list for you guys. Her dialect is pretty strong so it’s possible that even Germans won’t understand what the hell these mean

Note, this is not comprehensive at all, and many of these will be spelt differently (or different words used altogether) depending on who you speak to. I made this list literally because I got bored. Do with it what you will.

  • a boa - einige
  • dahoam - zuhause
  • daratn - würden (i darat, du daratst)
  • des Diandl - das Mädchen
  • do - hier
  • eppa - jedoch
  • des Festl - die Party
  • fix - sicher
  • Gwond - Kleider
  • Hausei - Hausaufgaben
  • hea nemma - benutzen (i nimm __ hea, du nimmst __ hea)
  • hiaza - jetzt
  • neama - nicht mehr
  • nid - nicht
  • non - dann
  • oiwei - immer
  • onaschta - anders
  • oufmochn - öffnen (i moch __ ouf, du mochst ___ ouf)
  • schiach - hässlich
  • de Schui - die Schule
Enrichment for sand boas!

So Sand Boas are probably my very favorite snake, and too often I see sand boa enclosures that are very minimalist or just plain harmful. People think that because these snakes spend most of their time underground, they don’t need as much enrichment as other snakes. This definitely isn’t true! It is possible and quite easy to enrich a KSB environment in a way that keeps them happy and engaged. Disclaimer: All of this information comes from my own personal experience, tons of research, and the work of two small-time sand boa breeders I know personally, so do with this information what you will!

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Series Summary: Frank’s one-night-stands turns into more than he thought, and this girl is more than she seems.

A/N: Here’s a nice long chapter before the (short-ish) epilogue!  Sorry it took me an eternity and a half to write.  Hope you enjoy!

Frank Adler x reader

Word count: 1991

Summary: Frank rushes to (Y/N)’s rescue, but things prove a bit difficult with Paul in the way.

Warnings: fighting, mentions of abuse, hospitals, major injuries, hospital visits, mentions of surgery and rehab, explanation of sensitive situation


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I'm so upset one of my prof's left this semester because she didn't get tenure for the third time. She's got a doctorate and was brilliant as well as one of the only female anthro prof's. Do you think women have a harder time getting tenure in universities?

Absolutely. Don’t let the idea that anthro being female dominated lead you to think that there is not sexism in the field, especially in academia as a very patriarchal, heteronormative institution. Besides, what anthropologists do you read in class? Boas? Geertz? Weber? Bourdieu? Malinowski? Durkheim? Radcliffe-Brown? Marx? Levi-Strauss? Morgan? Tyler? Lakoff? Sapir? Whorf? Said? Farmer? Leakey? Harris? Boellstorff? Chomsky? CHAGNON?? 

It takes a professor with the initiative to even suggest women anthropologists - such as Mead, Benedict, Abu-Lughod, Leakey, Goodall, Rubin, Hurston, ect. It is difficult at even the basic level of publishing - women in the field do not proportionately get recognition in anthropology. 

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A prompt for Halloween. Kat asking Adena if she wants to go to a Scarlet company party and go in a couples costume? Much to Adena Sutton and Janes surprise.

I loved this, because I actually hate Halloween so I projected all my feels on Kat.

For as long as she could remember, Kat hated Halloween.  

Well, not actually.  But she did a really good job at pretending she hates Halloween.  She had a great feminist speech that she used every year about women being subject to the male gaze and how everything is expected to be a “slut costume”.  She used it so much she actually forgot that she at one point in time loved Halloween.  

Every year when her friends would beg her and annoy her to dress up with them, she held steady and stuck to her somewhat made up principles.  

However, what Kat wasn’t saying with her criticisms and annual rants about sexism and cultural appropriation, was that she actually loved Halloween.  She loved seeing what kind of creative costumes people came up with.  She loved people who did ironic political costumes.  She even loved some of the slutty costumes if she was being honest.  

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A New Type Of Loneliness ✷ Byun Baekhyun

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Warning: playboy baek, some heartbreak, mentions of sex


The girl he’d been flirting with yesterday slapped Baekhyun across the face, a red mark tainting his otherwise flawless skin. No one in the class so much as winced. No one wondered what was wrong with the girl. No one had empathy for Baekhyun’s cheating ways.

Your eyes darted up towards him when he snickered and joined his group, then returned on your homework. You perused it, verifying it was perfect before Mrs. Seo came and took it. The rattle of a chair distracted you, and you looked up to see a smirking Baekhyun, cheek still somewhat pinkish.

“Hey, Y/N,” his voice velvety with that rehearsed passion, a fake love to entice girls.

“Mr. Byun,” you joked daftly, “have you seriously exhausted all other options that you settled for me?”

He twiddled a strand of your hair between his fingers, a motion you’d seen him do to so many girls.

“Don’t be so deprecating, Y/N. You’re prettier than you give yourself credit for.”

“As if.”

You reclined in your chair, sending Baekhyun back with a shove as you informed him the teacher had walked in. He strutted to his seat beside Chanyeol and Jongin, and spent the lesson giving you winks and flying kisses. Unnerving, you thought. You knew it wasn’t his habit to let up easily, so you didn’t bother asking him to stop.

At noon, he broke away from his friends to eat with you, complimenting you all along. You stifled your laughter. You genuinely had no affection for him, and watching him try to make you accept to fuck him was amusing.

After school, he proposed to walk you home, and you nodded hastily. Having a personal bodyguard warmed your insides. Most days, you worried, for your apartment was in a secluded part of town, a den of junkies and gangs. Baekhyun smiled like a champion who won his trophy, but when you thanked him with a bow and abandoned him on your doorstep, his expression fell.

The next day, he waited for you at the school gate. A crowd of girls discussed among themselves about who the unlucky one could be. The ones who’d been played lowered their heads in predictive mourning, while the untouched others gossiped, thrilled. When you stepped in the precinct, Baekhyun slung an arm around your shoulders in a welcome of his.

You peeled him off you.

With a half-smirk, he followed you to the classroom, although it wouldn’t start for another twenty minutes. While you read over the last class’s subject, Baekhyun softly began braiding your hair, and you leaned away from his touch.

“Aw, can’t I be nice?” He pouted.

“I know your methods, Byun Baekhyun, and I’m not too keen on letting them get to me.”

He raised an eyebrow at that, a movement he knew for a fact every girl loved. Because girls loved everything about him, because every girl had given in to him, because he was Baekhyun, and it was so. And you weren’t about to change what he considered the natural order. “Oh, really?”

Over the next few months, he went out of his way to discuss with your family and friends, to learn about your likes and dislikes, to join in your hobbies and help in your difficulties. He saw it as a romantic situation, you thought you had the best friend out there.

“Baek, she has you wrapped around her pinky. You’re literally her manservant,” Jongdae pointed out one day, and Baekhyun changed his behaviour instantly.

His aid became sparse, solely when it was vital or you begged him. He stayed by you at all times, watching you with hooded eyes, grazing your skin with the tip of his lithe fingers, playing with your hair like he hoped to play your heart. Five weeks went by in a blink.

He noticed the stars in your eyes and the roses on your cheeks, the shy smiles you threw to the side.

“She’s falling for me,” Baekhyun boasted to his friends during a break, when you were too busy studying for an important upcoming exam to be with him. “I’ll get what I want soon enough.”

Chanyeol glanced up from between his crossed arms, head nestled comfortably.

“Finally. It’s been, what, months? You really should’ve moved on to an easier girl.”

“Heh,” Jongin said, “Y/N’s pretty. I’d do her if hyung wasn’t there first.”

The group burst into chuckles and elbow nudges, and Baekhyun thought of the next time he’d have two hours of free time with you, alone, no chance of being interrupted. Then, he’d make a move.

A week later, when the maths teacher who should’ve given you three hours of class fell ill, the both of you went to the library. As there were no urgent tests in sight, you picked up a book of excerpts from grander works, like Shakespeare and Goethe. You preferred compilations to full scripts, a guilty pleasure of yours.

Baekhyun sat by you, so close as to read over your shoulder, leaning in more and more as the minutes ticked by. His body pressed against yours and his hair tickled your neck. You leapt out of your chair, bowed repeatedly, and exited the library in a stiff walk, almost forgetting to put down the book.

Baekhyun smirked. Not too bad, for a first step. Not too good either, but his eyes shone at the red he saw growing in your face.

Over the weekend, he sent you a novel worth of text messages, each containing more kissy and heart-eyed emojis than letters. You answered the last one.

«Jagi, are you angry?»

«No, Baekkie, it’s nothing. See you tomorrow?»

His chest swelled at the fact that you couldn’t concede to your flustered state.

The next morning, you waved at him as he strolled in, glancing about for a hint of you. Baekhyun parted his arms and you hastened in them, with a half-run as if you weren’t actually dying to hug him. Grinning at this small victory, he carried and twirled you. You yelped, smacking his shoulder.

“Baekhyun!” You expressed, shocked by your own voice.

“Y/N!” He imitated your tone, adding a giggle as an audible exclamation mark.

You receded from him, vaguely pinching his sleeve to tug him along as you climbed up to your classroom, on the third level. He let you do, the certitude that he’d succeeded in his endeavour making his steps light and hopeful.

At recess, he found Jongdae and Jongin encouraging Kyungsoo to flirt with a pretty girl, and cut off their conversation.

“She loves me.”

Jongdae scoffed. “About time. You did her?”

“Not yet, but I know I’m close.”

“Yeah, hyung!” Jongin high-fived him.

Baekhyun then joined in boosting Kyungsoo’s self-confidence, reiterating times and times again that yes, the girl would like him and no, they weren’t saying this because they were his friend and no, he shouldn’t play around if he intended to hold on to her and yes, they were qualified to say this.

On Wednesday, you left school early and Baekhyun proposed to spend time at his house. You were suspicious at first, but eventually gave in when he played his «puppy-looks» and «study» cards. Even though you gripped his hand stronger than a boa constricting its prey, your heart beat steadily. You knew what he was doing; you knew it was calculated and you knew countless girls had travelled this path.

His home looked pretty to passersby, simple white bricks and an intricate iron balcony with flower pots — you never would’ve thought Baekhyun was the type for lilacs and ivies. But in your eyes, this house marked a cornerstone in the scheme of destruction the playboy initiated.

He took you to his room, shutting and bolting the door. You splayed out the documents, at least pretending to study, and Baekhyun rolled out a chair to sit on. On hand underlined each sentence as he read and demanded explanation about them, while the other teased your hip, walking around the hem of your t-shirt, lifting it. You shivered under his touch, skin burning where he grazed it.

“So… The conflict in both Koreas…” you tried to carry on the lesson, moaning mid-sentence when Baekhyun groped your breast.

“Hm? What were you saying?”

You sucked in your lower lip, regaining yourself. Breathe. Think. Breathe.

“Well, after the war, Russia and the United Sta —” you mewled as he leant in, and suddenly his heat was all over your body.

He decided to quit history altogether, his hands trailing down to pull you on his lap. His lips locked with yours. He moved expertly, as if he already knew the softness of your mouth and the curves of your body. And he’d known so many girls, you guessed it was bound to be.

You pressed your hand on his chest with all the strength you could muster to push him away.

“Baekkie, please… I know you’ll leave me once we’ve slept together, like you left all those other girls…” you breathed out as if you were resisting a sob, “but I can’t let you go. I like you, and I like us. I want to stay with you just a bit longer.”

He forced against your touch, leaning to murmur in your ear. “Then what do you propose?”

“I… I want a date. I know it sounds cloying, but I just want a date, with you, as a normal couple, loving each other — pretending to love each other.” You clasped your mouth around a large gulp of air, like it pained you to say the following words. “After that… You can do what you want with me. You can take me and dump me.”

Baekhyun nodded, his touch disappearing from your body. He’d waited this long, he could be patient for the duration of one date. So you scheduled it, in a park beside your favourite café, at eleven. He swore he’d come on time and you smiled, a doubtful thought running through your head.

The big hand hit the stylised XI, Baekhyun stepped in the park. You were nowhere in sight, not even when he spun his head like a confused owl.

He waited for you. He could understand if you were five minutes late — you needed time to preen yourself, to prepare yourself, to come to terms with the reality that this was your last day with him.

As you weren’t arriving, he glimpsed at other couples. They had their hands interlocked, smiles bright, sharing cotton candy and more delicacies. Baekhyun imagined you and him together like them.

He dreamed of holding you and kissing you and feeding you ice cream and licking it off your lips. He dreamed of yellow flowers in your hair and romance in your veins, giving it to him in the best way you knew.

Three hours passed, the park ranger walked up to him.

“Yah! Young man, would you move along?! Why would you stand there for so long?! I don’t want any drug problem in this park!”

Baekhyun blinked back to reality.

“Oh, yes, I’m sorry, ahjeossi… I’m waiting for someone. She’s a bit late.” He gave the older man a coy smile and wrung his hands together like a shy child.

He seemed to understand, giving Baekhyun a firm nod.

“Ah, I remember being young and in love. All right, do as you please. But you should maybe get something for her, hm?”

Baekhyun bowed curtly and gestured with his hand.

“Sorry, ahjeossi, but I can’t risk missing her.”

“If you want, kid. Have a nice date and take care of her.”

Baekhyun politely bid farewell to the man, then turned to a bench. The park’s gaping door let hundreds of people in and out, families, friends, acquaintances, strangers, lovers, players and cheaters, but none had your proud figure and distanced gaze. You always seemed to live in a parallel universe where everything was off.

Being with him had made you better, not in the way of bringing you in this world, but as though yours had started smiling back.

He smiled when he pictured your eyes brighter, your heart warmer, your cheeks redder, your lips upturned… The sun slid down West and he still found you more beautiful than the pastel hues in the sky peppered with golden clouds and silver stars.

He realised he loved you just as he realised you weren’t coming.

When Baekhyun entered school on Monday, he raced to your classroom and slammed his hands on your desk — would have, had he still any remaining energy.

“Y/N…” he exhaled, tired from the climb and everything before.

“Mr. Byun,” you joked daftly, “have you seriously exhausted all other options that you settled for me?”

The exact words you told him when he planned to toy with you. His heart cracked.

“Y/N…” he repeated, out of words, “I love you. You — You love me too.”

“As if.”

There you went again. He could picture your first discussion, tepid and terrifying in hindsight. He stared at you, a desperate prayer in his shattering heart.

“Baekhyun? Go to your seat, Mrs. Seo is here.”

So he dragged his feet there. Between Chanyeol and Jongin. He asked them about you, and they seemed as clueless as him.

“Are you sure?” Chanyeol whispered when the teacher was scribbling on the blackboard.

Baekhyun’s throat tightened. “Of course I am.”

On the signal of the bell, he returned to you like a discarded puppy.

“Y/N, please. Why are you pretending you don’t know me?”

You strode past him, and he grabbed your wrist, tugging you back to him.

“Baekhyun,” your voice had a polite tone, but a clear warning not to overstep the boundaries. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“What are you doing, Y/N? Last week, you kissed me, and today… You don’t know me? What’s that?”

You observed him like an entomologist discovering a five-foot long ant.

“Baekkie,” you began and for a millisecond he hoped you’d dropped the masquerade, “I know you fool around with girls, but do you believe I’m that easy? Try something else, playboy.”

The first boy to try and sway your will was Chanyeol.

He punched the wall beside you as you trekked from history to maths class, a raging fire in his eyes.

“Stop this now,” he ordered, seething, controlling himself not to hurt you — yet.

You raised a confused brow.

“Erm, what’s up with you? Did you forget how to flirt?” You had an epiphany. “Oh, it’s about Baekhyun, right? Is he well?”

“Is he well?” Chanyeol mocked with wrath in his voice, “Is he well? Have you fucking seen him lately? You made him miserable. And I can’t fucking help him. You’re responsible and you won’t fucking do anything.”

“God, what are you even talking about?”

He shook his bloodied fist under your nose.

“You know very well, you fucking selfish monster. Live up to it. You can’t just pretend you don’t know about Baekhyun — for fuck’s sake, you spent the last five months together!”

You observed Chanyeol for a long while, until he felt provoked and wanted to harm you. Then, you burst into loud, genuine laughter.

“It isn’t fucking funny!” Chanyeol barked.

“Oh gosh… Oh yes, it is.” You wiped a tear from your eye. “You’re convincing me to like Baekhyun again by using the exact same phrases every other girl you dumped has used on you. Sorry if I laugh, but this is all kinds of hilarious.”

His eyes widened, blinked, and while he remembered his misdeeds, you absconded to your next class.

The second boy was Jongin.

He slapped a USB key on the page you were reading, turning away without a word but with a hard glare. You never watched it.

The next day, it rested on his desk. A familiar note glued to it: «You left this. I don’t want to see you or your stuff again.»

Jongdae was third.

He casually strolled up to you, hands in his pocket, and talked, not quite expecting an answer.

“Baekhyun has been feeling terrible lately. But he’s thinking about it, and you, and himself. He says he understands. He says he apologised to all the girls. He says he’ll change.” Then his eyes bore into you with the intensity of a scorching sun at noon. “I hope you’re proud of your achievement. You broke Baekhyun down to his core. Congrats.”

He offered you a cynical handshake, pocketing it back as you remained paralysed.

You never got to meet Sehun.

You never saw the boys flirting again.

When school drew to an end and the last celebratory class lived to its high, Baekhyun dared to talk to you once.

“Y/N, I think — those will be my last words to you. I know you remember us, even if I don’t know why you gave us up. So I want to ask you why. And I want you to admit it. Please.”

You sighed. Of course he was right, and over the last few weeks, you’d thought about confessing.

“Baekhyun, it’s a story you won’t want to know once you do.” You warned him, and he gave a positive nod. “First, do you remember the girls whose heart you broke?”

His mouth went dry. “No, I don’t.”

“Of course not. Well, one of those girls was dear to me.”

“Ah… I hurt your best friend, so you avenged her?” Baekhyun’s heart constricted at the idea that he suffered for such a puerile motive.

Your stare became glassy. “Best friend? Yes, I guess you’d call her my best friend. My best friend and my sister. She was a bit of the popular type, didn’t mention me at school… But home, we were thick as thieves. Completely inseparable. I loved her with everything I had.” You smiled a crescent moon at the memory. “Then you approached her. I was concerned, but she said she loved you and you loved her. So I left it alone.”

Baekhyun winced at the reminder of his mistakes.

“You were a jerk, a playboy. You fucked her and left her without pride or honour, or will to live. She stopped smiling, stopped eating, stopped going to school… Even then, she still asked about you. I lied that you’d changed your ways, that you were committed to a girl you treated kindly. But she was withering away. She didn’t get better. Eventually, she died from lack of self-care. Famished.”

Baekhyun paled, all paper skin and alabaster bones. His words coarse as sand. “I won’t say I understand… But I swear no one will go through that ever again. And I do feel guilty and I do wish I could turn back time. But I can’t pretend I understand.”

“Thank you…” you measured your words, “for the closure. And your honesty.”

He mustered the first honest smile in a long time.

“Then… Would you say we can start anew? I still love you. Maybe you do too…”

Your eyes had never been so cold and absent — you were immersed in your world, the world that smiled back when Baekhyun died and where your sister lived happily.

“No, we can’t.”

Going To Halloween Party With Peter Parker Would Include:

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A/N: 2 posts in one day! 

  • So some popular kid at school was throwing this Halloween party
  • So why not go, right?
    • “C’mon Peter, it would be fun!!”
    • “Parties aren’t my thing Y/N”
    • “Pleeeeeease! For me”
    • “Fine.”
    • “Yes!”
  • After convincing Peter to come you needed costumes
  • Taking a trip down to your local costume shop was….a bit of a challenge
    • “Well what do you wanna be?”
    • “I don’t know…maybe we can be zombies?”
    • “Thats kinda…not creative y’know?”
  • You two walk through the costumes
    • You put on a masquerade mask and a boa
    • “What do you think?”
    • “You look great Y/N”
    • “What about we be cops or something?”
    • “Mm maybe”
  • You’re walking down an aisle and all of a sudden Peter pops out of no where
    • Wearing a really weird skeleton mask
    • “GEEZ Peter! Don’t do that!”
  • So you two finally agree on being an angel and a devil
    • Peter’s the angel obviously
  • On the night of the party you go over to Peter’s wearing all red with some devil horns and a mini pitch fork
    • He’s wearing white jeans, a white shirt and halo headband thing
    • “Well don’t you look nice there, Parker”
    • “Looks like red is definitely your colour Y/N”
  • When you guys head out Aunty May drives you two to the party
    • “You kids have fun!”
    • This place is packed
    • People are dressed up as zombies, ghosts, you name it
    • “This place is packed!”
    • “Yeah! Lets see if we can get drinks”
  • Making your way through the crowd you find your way to the snack table
    • After getting drinks one of your favorite songs start to play
    • “Lets go dance!”
    • You grab Peter’s arm and pull him into the crowd
  • He’s so happy when you two are dancing
    • Even with all those people crowding around you, he’s just so happy
    • “You alright Peter?” You say over the music
    • “Uh..y-yeah…just enjoying this”
    • “Good”
  • After a while of dancing you and Peter take a break
    • “Peter there’s a photo booth! We need to go!”
    • This time he grabs your hand and guides you towards the photo booth
    • “Lets do a pose!”
    • You two go back to back making finger guns
    • Then make funny faces
    • And lastly Peter puts an arm around you and kisses your cheek
    • “These turned out pretty nice, Parker”
    • “Yeah, they did”
  • As the crowd died down you two got ready to leave
    • “I’m glad you came with me tonight”
    • “Of course. It was really fun Y/N”
  • You grab some lollipops on the way out and pass one to Peter
    • “Here. Cheers”
    • “Cheers”
    • You two enjoy each others company and your lollipops while waiting for Aunt May
  • Sorry this is short!

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If Law loves Luffy does Hancock love Corazon then?

Hancock : I dont know any Corazon, what are you talking about? Now…

Hancock : Why… does my room look like that anyway ?

Jinbe *bouf* : … Hah?

Jinbe : Did you finally ask for a brain, Boa? Nice! Wejejeje

Moria : Behave, Jinbe, it’s not a way to speak to a lady.

Magic anon 4/9

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Red tail boa?

Red-tailed boa: Do you have pet peeves? What are they?
calling harmless snakes danger noodles!!! Ball pythons are not danger noodles! baaaahhhhh it drives me crazy

as an aside i also would like to bring back the use of “lukewarm” to describe mildly venomous snakes like hoggies


queen jiyong seducing like a seductress ≖‿≖

Project Paris ♛ BoA & Daehyun

“So what do you think? You game, kid?”

The kpop queen and successful businesswoman leaned back in her seat as she twirled a pen between her fingers. Sure they hadn’t been business partners for very long but still. She trusted him with this upcoming project. Even if he hadn’t actually yet agreed to it. Of course if he refused or turned her down, she’d have to find someone else but she much preferred him. His work was great. It was going to bring something new to the table and completely change things.

He was a game changer. A play maker. And that was the kind of person she wanted in her arsenal when it comes to the battlefield against her competition. No one else could have him but her. And being the queen meant she could almost 99% make that happen. Because while she didn’t want to have to resort to bribery……she’d cough up the money necessary to keep him. It would be worth it in the end

“I’ll of course give you time to think about it. But trust me, you won’t want to pass this up. Paris may be in trouble right now with security but it’s so worth the risk. And we’d be safe. I have plenty of my own security. We could do our business and who knows, if we finish early, we could enjoy the sights. Paris is absolutely beautiful. Totally worth a trip up the Eiffel Tower. And fireworks. The food. It’d all be on me, of course.”

She knew it was probably a lot to process but she just really needed him to say yes. And of course……there might be a small microscopic ulterior motive……

He was gorgeous.

Why on earth was he not in front of the camera instead of behind it??? She’d never understand but this boy was going to take part in some of the furniture shots whether he wanted to or not……

But of course she’d still give him a choice to decline…..but banking on him accepting.

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So, I have a funny story. The other day, school was ending early but I had to wait for buses to show up so I waited in the band room. Mulligan (band director) has been wanting me to start bass clarinet so I asked if I could take the book home to get a head start...he literally did a cringe smile and whispered “I don’t have a book yet...” and I went “MR.MULLIGAN! WHOS MANS?!” And he was like “IM SORRY IM GETTING IT OVER BREAK!” like we accidentally switched roles cuz IM the one missing my crap

Also, I told my guard instructor I was getting a bigger makeup case and she was like “You’re not taking that to BOA.” So I went “YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO AJ!” And Mulligan Just turns around in his chair like “Actually, she can” so yeah I’m getting that case and making it my carry on just to spite them. I need that thing at all times

lmao i love how he’s the one that’s unprepared, and yes, take that case everywhere, no matter where you go, just…take it


Let’s never forget about this iconic moment…