boa and sehun

[160830] According to the fans' expressions SM Idols divided into two teams. Green Team and Pink Team.

🍀 Green Team: Yeri, Seulgi, Sehun, Baekhyun, Jaehyun, Yuta, Yuri, Taeyong, Seohyun, Taeyeon, SNSD’s Manager

🌸 Pink Team: Doyoung, Amber, Suho, Ten, Mark, Taeil, Winwin, Leeteuk, BoA, Wendy, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Lee Soo Man

Why YG got beef
  • SM: *topping the charts like every week*
  • YG: *in a dark attic somewhere* we gotta let 'em out
  • YG: *makes a Big Bang comeback*
  • SM: *in a darker attic somewhere* aight then... Bring her out
  • SM: *drag BoA out of a dusty cupboard*
  • YG: *releases loser*
  • SM: ...
  • SM: you know what this means
  • YG: hoe don't do it
  • YG: fuck no, not the sebooty
  • SM: dies sehun black
  • YG: ...

BoA 보아 - Who Are You (Feat. 개코) Music Video (Sehun)

Sehun and comments

[Today 2015.05.05]

It’s announced that Sehun will be the male lead for BoA’s comeback music video.

Sehun suddenly becomes Instagram-active

He made two posts:

(The former being also posted in Weibo and the latter being deleted afterwards)

And then he started making random comments (majority are on BoA’s Instagram):

The comments seem to be amusing the fandom, and I don’t know when it started going wrong. Sehun updated his bio twice:

Some says that the fuss was all about some fans being jealous because Sehun makes random comments on people’s instagrams and comments replies to some. I am seriously disappointed with what happened today.

If you look at Sehun’s comments, those are mostly related to BoA’s MV. Can’t you tell? He is just being excited about it! But what did these people do? They RUINED the moment. As he said, he was just trying to communicate with fans. He is just trying to share the excitement, guys! But with his efforts, what did he get in return??? He felt so misunderstood. He felt like he’s being annoying. :/

I was so happy when I found out that Sehun is going to be in BoA’s music video. This is supposed to be a happy moment as Sehun rarely does solo activities. This time, the spotlight is on him, but apparently these fans are dimming this light.

Please let this be a lesson. Think before saying anything. Yes, you love your oppa and it will be great to get noticed by him but let us be sensitive with idols’ feelings too. u_u

To end this post, this is from EXO’s interview in Ceci magazine June issue:


Sehun’s user manual: If I’m excited, it’s hard to control myself. I would be thankful if you could understand even if I’m loud. I will become calm soon. Because my blood type is O, if I receive many people’s criticism at once, I get really hurt. Please look after me well in the future.

Note: It’s planned to do a massive commenting on Sehun’s IG: 세훈아사랑해 (Sehun, I love you). — please share


Sehun - 150506 BoA’s ‘Who Are You’ Music Video

Credit: Official SMTown Youtube.

EXO Sehun to Star in BoA’s Music Video as Male Lead

BoA’s comeback is coming up soon, and EXO’s Sehun will be joining forces with the sweetheart of Asia as well.

“The music video was filmed like a drama in order to properly express the fluttering emotions of two people meeting through a blind date,” they added. “EXO’s Sehun will be making a special appearance as the male lead, helping BoA out with her comeback.”

The audio and music video for “Who Are You” will be released on May 6th  

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