Shoulders, Hair, and Tongue... Oh My!

There were so many things about Jensen that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. One of my favorite things to do was to sit on set when it wasn’t my day to film. Then I could just sit and watch without any other responsibilities. Sure, I could sit and watch him any damn time of the day, 24/7 if I really wanted to, he was my husband after all, but there was something mesmerizing about watching him in his element, on set, working. 

Jensen loved the days that I just sat on set, quietly observing. He knew it would lead to a fun night at home if he was lucky, and that fucker was always lucky. He didn’t show off with me there just watching. He was just himself which is exactly why I was there. I watched for obvious reasons and not so obvious reasons. Sometimes I simply sat back and watched him move. I loved it when he was shooting a scene in which he got to wear a single layer, particularly a black t-shirt. The way it stretched over his taught muscles, pulling over his shoulders and settling over his sculpted arms sent a shiver down my spine. 

I’d watch his team muss up his hair, and I’d feel a slight twinge of jealousy. That would quickly ebb away when I would remind myself that later that evening I would do a much better job giving him that sexy hair look anyway. I’d bite my lip and have to cross my legs to keep myself from acting on the urge to approach Jensen in those moments. Keep myself from showing them just how to muss up his hair the right way. 

But the one thing that drove me mad, the one thing that would inevitably have me begging for a little one on one time with my husband, was when he would do something that he was hardly aware that he did. Jensen had a habit of licking his lips, his tongue darting out over his top lip before soothing the bottom lip and retreating. I wanted nothing more than to capture that tongue with my own. In those moments, I needed to feel his lips move against mine. There was little more he could do to get me worked up more quickly. That was a sure fire way to work me into a frenzy, and today was no different as I sat and watched him walk toward baby, his tongue darting out between his lips, wetting them perfectly before retreating again. I sighed heavily and got up and started to pace. 

“That’s a wrap for lunch, people. See you in an hour,” Singer announced, and I quickly approached Jensen, my fingers threading with his, dragging him behind me. 

He laughed behind me. “Well hello to you too, sweetheart,” he said as we rounded a corner, heading down a shady looking ally. I had one goal in mind. “I don’t think there are any restaurants this way,” he started, but I quickly cut him off, shoving him against the wall, my lips crashing against his, my fingers splayed across his chest, his muscles responding to my touch.   

He smiled against my lips at first, but his tongue quickly darted into my mouth, lapping at mine, and damn he tasted like heaven. His tongue knew exactly what it was doing. Eventually he pulled away with a small laugh. 

“I did the thing again, huh?” he smiled, looking down at me, his hand resting on my face, his thumb tracing a line along my jaw. 

“You and that damn tongue, Ackles. It gets me all worked up,” you admitted. 

He tossed his head back in laughter then looked back at you. “Just wait until you see what it has in store for you tonight, babe,” he promised, taking your hand and leading you back out into the busy street. You smiled at the thought, your heart skipping a beat as you wrapped your arm around his. He winked at you, and you stretched up and kissed him quickly as you walked. That wink might well be the death of you as well.

You were lucky you married Jensen. It seemed that every damn thing the man did had you weak at the knees. Lucky for you, when he was the one between your knees, he could make you as weak as he wanted.