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if Sabo and Law fought against each other who do you think would win? Also Boa and Doffy

Hmmm lemme see

Sabo vs Law

I think in a pure physical fight Sabo would absolutely wipe the floor with Law, no doubt there. Law relies 80% of the time on his df powers, while Sabo before he had the mera mera no mi fought with nothing but brute strenght.

But if both are allowed to play all their cards it’s more tricky then, Sabo is more powerful then Law and presumably even more experienced. But it’s not always the stronger one who wins the fight. 

Law is probably more intelligent than Sabo and (again presumably) more ruthless. Give Law enough preparation time and he could seriously screw with Sabo making sensible moves with his df powers, he could also provoke him easily because Sabo has some temper and less restraint than Law, but like I said Sabo still has more pure strenght, power and experience and a lot better training, so I think he would win. 

Personally I think smart money is on Sabo

Hancock vs Doflamingo

This is a really tricky one

I consider both Hancock and Doflamingo to be immensely powerful both in brute strenght and in how they mastered their df powers, and it’s honestly hard for me to weigh who now is physically stronger/who has better control of their devil fruit. And even both of them have King’s Haki!

I think they would give each other hard time, because I believe they’re more or less evenly matched but in the end Doflamingo would definitely win.

On the other hand they might not even get to fight all that long, because there is the possibilty of Hancock simply pulling a one-shot move with her love beam attack, which would probably work because Doflamingo is canonly attracted to women and kind of a perv.

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Oh good, I'm so glad to know you're still writing a lot, in the sorta haphazard way that you've always been (or so it seems to me) :P I would come off anon but I don't have tumblr, and you don't know me anyway; we've never met and I'm from halfway across the world. I just used to read your writings when you were an emerald boa (XD) years and years ago without ever reaching out. Got curious recently and googled your email (that's not stalker-ish is it :O) How've the past few years been~?

HOLY SHIT, that’s a long time! you were reading things i wrote in high school!

i’m going to guess from context here that this means you probably, uh, “lost touch” with me sometime around 2009-2010? maybe 2011 at the very latest. BOY HAS A LOT HAPPENED TO ME SINCE THEN, most of it kind of a trainwreck, but hey, what else is life? and 2009- present is really about the full span of my adult life so far…a lot of things i’d consider pretty formative happened between then and now, although i don’t really want to go into most of them on my drawing blog. i can tell you:

- i left college, like, 3 different times, and ultimately Dropped Out For Good without graduating. so far, i don’t regret that decision AT ALL– mostly, i just regret feeling like i Had To go to college in the first place, like it was my Only Valid Option in life besides, idk, dying in a gutter somewhere

- i’m gay! (though single right now, for several years past, and for the foreseeable future)

- i haven’t lived with my parents since 2014, although i lived with them for a few years after dropping out of school, partly because,

- i have a lot of the same brain problems i’ve always had (learning disabilities, sensory processing differences, etc.), but about six or seven years ago i started having pretty severe Mood Disorder type issues & some other stuff as well. this culminated in a giant breakdown around fall 2011 (i ended up in the ER), and though i got past the absolutely batshit crisis part of that fairly fast, i was really, really, really Not Okay and Not Really Functioning for about two, maybe two and a half years afterwards. i wasn’t able to have any sort of real job, handle most of my own affairs, or live independently during that time period, i lost or lost touch with most of the friends i’d had, it was Bad. things got a lot better for me in 2014 and 2015, although i’m still not stable (and probably never will be), still getting my bearings, still trying to figure out some things most of my peers already figured out during those two and a half years i spent being a crazy person as a full-time avocation rather than just a hobby like usual, etc.

- after i got un-crazy enough to obtain a job, i worked full-time as a hotel maid for nearly a year. that…was interesting. weirder than i expected. 

- right now, i live in rural florida with two friends and a lot of animals. a tree fell on our house recently, which sucked. in 2015-2016, i went through a year-long comics program (SAW) in gainesville, and it was EXCELLENT, maybe the only positive experience i’ve ever had with school in my whole life, two thumbs up, Would Recommend, etc. i’m trying to get a learner’s permit so i can FINALLY learn to drive a car. i don’t really know what i’ll be doing even just six months from now, but i think i’ll figure something out. :)