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she calls me in the morning
when the sky is still waking up
and says “this is the longest you’ve
stayed in one place since high school”
because she always knows which thought
is eating away at me like acid
she says “i’m used to you always moving, always restless
i’m used to not hearing from you for months. is everything okay?”
and i want to laugh because i have been broken for so long that
when i’m stable, she’s worried something’s wrong
i say “what is the thing you’re most afraid of?”
she says “black holes”
and then she says “i’m afraid i won’t make a good mother
i’m afraid that i’ll turn out like ours”
it’s a rational fear, a memory-turned-nightmare
our mother howling out against the world
she should have never had children and then she did
and we were the ones left to suffer
but all of her fears are based in truth, in history, and so
i don’t know how to explain to her that 
sometimes it feels like if i don’t keep moving
the world is going to just pass me by
or collapse, stagnant and failing, with me crushed by the rubble
the end of the world comes not as a giant meteor
or a plague or an ice age, but as this:
closing my eyes, leaving everything unfinished
sometimes it feels like if i don’t scrape my knees
on every inch of the earth, i will die feeling empty
a blank page where a novel should be
and she doesn’t have to tell me it’s narcissistic: i know
i’m a maze of existentialism wrapped up in skin
she says “are you happy where you are now?”
and i say that i don’t know. i never know, which is why
i’ve never stayed long
walk-weary and restless all at the same time
wanderlust and anxiety are water and oil inside me
existing side by side but never lacing fingers
the ancient greeks believed that human beings were born with
four arms and four legs, and the gods feared their power
so they split us all down the middle
and left us to wander the earth searching for our other half
“what are you looking for?" 
i’m looking for a place that doesn’t feel like a question
i’m looking for a place with a name that feels like "soulmate" 
i’m looking for a place that i’ve never met before but when it sees me
it takes me by the hand and says "welcome home”
—  3 AM intrusive poems
Mr Garrisons guide to making an Xboyfriend jealous

I have a gay feeling that Mr Garrison is gonna use Pc Principal to make Mr Slave Jealous (If he seriously still isn’t over Mr Slave… Jeez)

Yeah, Mr Garrison will force Pc Principal to pretend to be his boyfriend to show Mr Salve and everyone that he is over him!

If so…. Again poor Pc Principal…. ): As if sucking his dick was torture enough, now he has to put up with more gay homosexual harassment…. Even fu*king Stevens indeed….

I can imagine the horror now…

Mr Garrison is walking with Pc Principal, he sees Mr Slave and goes over to tell him the lies about his new boyfriend.  Mr Slave is not buying it at all…

Mr Garrison goes on about them dating for a while and that Pc Principal gave him a hardcore blow job! (Mr Garrison actually didn’t enjoy it that much… But he wanted to make Mr Slave jealous..)

Says how Pc Principal has a much better ass than Slave, pinching and slapping his butt which makes Pc Principal more scared than ever….

Mr Slave has a very bored face expression…

Mr Garrison also says that they fu** so goddam hard in bed… Nudging Pc Principal to give his line which he had to do….

Pc Principal would also have to say some lies himself to Mr Slave… How they love sucking each others cocks and other disturbing things…

All Mr Slave could say to this.. Is Oh jeez….

the way i see kpop boy groups
  • Big Bang: Trendsetters, synonymous with success, GD's hair is the honorary 6th member of the group
  • Block B: Zico and his backup crew
  • BTS: Talented memes, goes from lit af to depressing af, I still don't understand HYYH
  • EXO: They break records on a daily basis and have no chill, win every award, so much talent I cry
  • Got7: Jackson, dabbing
  • iKON: There are 5 other people in the group but the kpop scene only cares about Double B
  • NCT: So many members and subunits that SM is probably gonna fuck it up at some point, Johnny (DJ Jhonny) is the most popular member despite not having debuted yet
  • Seventeen: Bubblegum pop, still can't believe Vernon didn't win SMTM4, #Dark_Seventeen turned out to be #Regular_Seventeen with an Instagram filter applied
  • Shinee: Hella good dancers, memes, everyone's solo stuff is very sexual, Key is prettier than me
  • Super Junior: Throwback, made kpop an international thing
  • VIXX: Kinky as hell, Leo's falsettos shatter my eardrums